Politicians push for gun control after 6 officers shot in Philadelphia standoff

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kinney urged lawmakers to "step up or step aside" to combat gun control.
5:57 | 08/15/19

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Transcript for Politicians push for gun control after 6 officers shot in Philadelphia standoff
Wednesday was a heart wrenching day for the city Philadelphia. As you know six police officers are struck by gunfire. In others were injured while responding to the scene of an extremely dangerous accident. I'm very grateful that their injuries were not life threatening. Lex van police commissioner Richard Ross. And the brave officers of the thought police or. They are careful and professional response which stand. Seven hours insure the safety of their fellow wrote officers and the residents of North Philadelphia. In the face of what could have been a horrific tragedy. The peaceful resolution of the incident marks one of the finest moments in history that Philip which part again and again and very proud. If each and every officer involved in crown all officers and our force. The fact that our officers found themselves under such an attack while trying to carry out a basic function of their job is reprehensible. Seeing an entire neighborhood put in harm's way was nothing short of that the state. We can and must do more to protect our officers and all horses. Of course this incident is a reminder a harsh reminder of the devastating reality Americans face every day. Whether it's a mass shootings like we saw last week at El Paso and Dayton. Guns have flooded American cities leading to senseless. And preventable violence so I say our state and federal lawmakers. Step up. We're step aside. Help our police officers help our clergy and help our kids. And if you choose not to help us in get out of the way and allow cities like Philadelphia that struggle with gun violence to an actor wrote solutions. I gotta tell you is truly harrowing experience. For all those hours. To know that you have not only two of your officers tracked. Upstairs. From a gunman who was fired multiple rounds. From a an assault rifle. But you also had citizens their up there too. And not knowing. Whether or not this gunman was when it decides to go out with something called the blaze of his own Laurie. And in decide to basically charge those steps and try to take those people out upstairs. And so for a long time last night. I know our collective hearts were not fruits not just at that scene but probably for many people not knowing how that was going to end. And I have to be honest with you. In the beginning of that scene being there I did not think it would in nearly the weight. I mean it was Diallo. That was being presented to us at the scene that suggested this this man was not want to go back to prison. And yet made that clear and we knew he had it weaponry. He was firing while I was at the scene and certainly home before I got here continue to do so and so. The swat operation. To. Detective to meet Brooks who. Bit me every line he won it needs it to give in negotiations. To. Many officers who arrived on the scene and is my officers have told me to the heroes that most have not thought about believe it or not with a two offices upstairs. There were officers who knew they were trash naturally wanted to go in immediately and get him this is before swat got. And as I understand it these officers were student often wise enough and brave enough to say do not come in here. Do not come in here if you come in here you will be met with severe gunfire now think about what it takes to do that to know that your threat. In the building yourself your natural inclination is to say help them get but they did the ops. And that speaks volumes of what we see each and every dates that we we were dealt. A hand that nobody should be dealt. Thankful that no one died from it all our officers were discharged from the hospital but dealing with a violent felon who told me himself. Doing negotiations that he had an extensive a restaurant. And that he did not want to deal with prison again and he wanted to do and get some deals which you know obviously didn't happen. But I just want to think you know all those officers and tell them that if you feel like you don't. And you're not appreciated trust me you are. And I know I speak for everyone up here and probably most in the room you know you may not always feel like you did. The respect in the do that you deserve but you there are many people. Who respect what you do appreciate which you do because most people could do what you do. So no we haven't how will the pads may have not done everything we're supposed to do we are derelict. Look at our duties and has become the majority caucus is afraid of the NRA but refused to call a vote on the legislation. There derelict in their did you think. Well it may be part of bets on the people that were murdered and where will they turn it back what do people shot our communities. Every day they turn it back some people are killed Allentown and reading at York and an eerie and Jeff they turn it back for the people of North Philadelphia including its police department who should not. I have to go get people who have firearms they can shoot and it did it fire weapons and a fire weapons at rapid fire. So we haven't quote we have work to do we have everything has members you know we have upwards specials that. Have topped with that process we can debate and argue every kind of thing there's legislation has been offered we have not. Public hearings and legislation we have not held both in that legislation. Even come close to doing what we've moved so the next. Time one of my colleagues offered their thoughts and prayers and pretend found out that there are people up. Sex so that worked the effective date.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kinney urged lawmakers to \"step up or step aside\" to combat gun control. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64999023","title":"Politicians push for gun control after 6 officers shot in Philadelphia standoff","url":"/US/video/politicians-push-gun-control-officers-shot-philadelphia-standoff-64999023"}