The potential end of DACA?

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to DACA recipients Guadalupe Ambrosio and Yatziri Tovar about the potential effects ending the DACA program would have on their lives.
13:49 | 09/01/17

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Transcript for The potential end of DACA?
Hi everyone I'm on the devise lied in New York while. Amid new reports this week that president trump could make good on his campaign promise to end to doc. That is the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. There a lot of new questions about what that it would actually mean not just for the nearly 800000. Current recipients but also for the rest of the country. So we've put together some gas to try to keep you a better sense up what that conversation it. With me first are two recipients. Dot here in the studio with me. It's Guadalupe they Ambrose you thank you for being here is wrong and joining us via Skype is another guest yet theory told why it's everything picking it out. Can't have any. So you guys have agreed to come here and share your stories you've already been very vocal about your personal stories bodily damage to start with you. Tell me a little bit about how you came to be part of the talk a program in the first place. I am and documents and like I can't thank you can pick. And I thought that either pack a program when the near future leadership council and as an inflation. Of undocumented folks. Was putting up back at clinics for clinics to get help people apply just learn about the programmer possibilities of such program I'm so my dad took me an action in with threatening to guns and formed. And I have to be applied. There was a very. Nerve wracking experience because I never tested but the government are tested just in general Lee. And me systems. I'm that senate immigration status because of the Mimi human events the group. But because my dad really believed in this and because a lot of undocumented you to put in a live from the injured. I felt like you would have been. Make a but you know turning my back on them if I didn't apply for this program and tiny ability that your family how old were you when you first arrived in the US with the circumstances that brought you here in the first place and fight my creation it that on the economy in my. Hundreds of Mexico and we're not the past. I'm senator Kirby with survive. My finally make it here so I reunited with my father here my mother. And I ST is many very yet when I. Andrea Terry what about you tell us your story. Luck ran down Tony ideas all vikings their country when I was so so I've been here living eniac it's who banking. I went hope on the education system here and I recently graduated from comments from the city college of the like. With my political science I am me. So. Let me ask you this now when the program was first announced. Under President Obama. What did that change for unitary why don't you tell me first what was actually different about your life pre doc covers his post aka. Well we can golden vegan bride and just say over on the Kiki electorate see each card which meant that after I graduate act actually forced my cardiac. And whack and that feel that I want to write and it also global small things such as like state identification card you know with out. That got out in pool with to get a state and PM Wimbledon again a driver's license. I wouldn't be able to get into like of a building because it would act these persons act rightly so. It provided meals that safety that what is true hero. At teens out will erase a safeguarded from B creek nation. But I you publicly estimated at city I think. They just kind of created stability. And some sort of format. To create a foundation for us tonight is muffle it. They gave us or permanent she talked about but it also I think for both of us we were able to. Leave the country and come back. With a lot like lawfully present lawful presence and so I was able to go to them and I mean they had my grandparents after turning. Here is I'm not seeing them. And he gave me so much more cope. I'm an also link reenergize you to go back to school and also opened up a lot scholarships for other students. Wouldn't necessarily have that axis of financial aid for that family support for the taxes higher education. So we were able to get a job right go to school annals of partisan feelings. And feel safe for doing so because he was not. They'll be good. If there wasn't a program that there was no safety from deportation or are work authorization. Or stick ID permission. What would your life be like right now. There's been by the isn't that the program has been. Going on in an. I am actually haven't thought about it. It took notes that took him of course. But I think it. I can honestly say that because of baca also economists politicians were battered. I'm relative attack that health care of these night. I'm an incident to feel it meant to halt their offensive. And got that supporting needed because before that I also see Marion lake. Down from need to go to college to finish my degree because what was the point of it because you didn't wanted to know pinnacle days of NB a waste of in my in my opinion it with the money. Doesn't come out of my pocket yet. And I thought at that that was necessary. Flicked its hidden until it. A lot of holes of depression. Amen I'm with it what's come out of it so lenient acts in question is that it's seen as of additionally Allen also contemplating suicide. So I don't eighteenth I don't eat your a year ago from the things that I. And I think that that's a for the important talk about them to haunt us but. That this program possibly also kind of thing I've. Intentionally. My path because of the emotional instability in all the answer. Tee it forces people as young as well as young as children. In in many many cases it's very let me ask you about this so because we're talking about this honestly because this program could potentially come to an end. And I'm sure if you both have been following over the last year and a half then candidate Trout now president trump has pledged. That he was going to end this program that he would reverse the executive order that put it in place under President Obama. Hockey been processing what does that mean to you what would it mean for your life it if it were to come to an end today. And I think on items from them we wouldn't focusing on is on the economic aspect of things and how we would not longer of the over the wecht. But I think it's also went and slew very human rights issue and threw me. To you know feel that in out at could be separated from Tammany my two younger Brothers citizens are not exactly what and then this core of doctor. Would mean though that means that I'm going to be in deportation proceedings. Does that mean I'm going to be deported and be sent back to Mexico what exactly it's going to happen. I'd I don't know and I abandoned and kind of not want to be consumed by fear Yang I'm very much and aspect of what went on to be keep on fighting the kindness of away but he says out from now into September said. And we should point out both yet Syrian vital to pay you work in the advocacy community as well it's your you work with a lot of immigrant communities. There have been more and more voices speaking out their been rallies recently amid the talk that the program could come to an end. But I want to ask you about coming out and sharing your status as undocumented. Because. Even doc does not provide permanent solution that's right it's still you have to renew it every two years there's still a lot of unanswered question is. So get teary just over to you first on this have you ever worried. About coming out and publicly declaring your status knowing that there's still uncertainty ahead. Definitely I don't think when I first thought is speaking out and saying that was documented and afraid. Part of me was though they afraid of what was going to be going what's going to be happened me. Our people are going staple for me I mean that we don't get that part of AM in front of fake and that each. You know join me on that and say that we do get a lot of messages left knee that until act and that they do you know because you are human beans. And I do feel them very much part of this country not understand my other people you know. Constant me you know commie lengths in front illegal and an enemy and then and things like that so that that can hear it it won't happen temple became mean. Now I can police say and unafraid because I think there are sharing your story. It adds saying passable and helps other people that I begin with but the pressure and that are so it's afraid and kind of art that voice for. I am in no way in making that up to you and say that apple maybe you're not ready to come out but we're here -- Garnett you know make your voice be carried. We won't be excited and parents even though you're still you still afraid that other people that they're gonna keep on fighting. So finally they let me ask you this because when you apply for doc I think a lot of people carry the misconception that it's as simple as showing up at. Handing over a piece of paper and thing I'd like this it's an incredibly lengthy. An involved process and the expansive and expensive how much as a hostile and I that was 165. But I think it's gone up because. It. A lot of application fees recommendation. To the time and you providing great deal of information to the authorities as well right what is adding what is that encompass. Actress. Previous. Does everything that's like our history our history here so we're just giving them all of our information basically annually here now and so even and we didn't come out of the shadows with ice fractured story. Would that come out to apply to this program. Well let me ask you about that in the context and -- having this conversation today to say that it is with a simple executive order that president trump could legally and the program. Could happen today if he wanted to he chose to do so. What does that mean to you I mean how how do you even begin to process. I think percent premium and on and and I don't out of Ohio it since his election. And it's been of the heart to process that we've been waiting I think every sense that the aid for that executive order to commence in it no longer. But as I've always known that meaningfully to be very strong resilient. And I think that's another reason why no we're gonna continue to organize continue to assist and cooking at the whole community fraiche and so in the Condit having others like we may be anxious about it. But is not the and the we're gonna continue to let him as an organizing for fifteen years in Moline. Many think that think that the effect me at being unafraid at this point is that a lot of I commitment not Switzerland. Her trust in our community members gets it let me ask you about that. I'm before I let you both go here there is obviously a legal argument here right that they law was broken. In weather and illegal entry was made or other legal visa was overstayed. And the argument is that you shouldn't blame the government for enforcing the laws he should blame your parents or whoever governor from guardians brought you here in the first place for breaking them in the first place when you have to say to that. Now my aunt my parents are not crewman ons and Alice that I that. All the time my parents sought that they were looking for the best for me they wanted about it Matt from the Atta met in Mexico that was why aren't they saw that I was not going to happen and and then that the poverty and Biden and that was happening lab was born and they went out immediately give me a better life. And the only option blessed me and the company United States. Yes people say oh why they don't Wayne why getting comes a legal way one it's very expensive and too it takes years years for a prayer legal past races to come to the United States and those yes my parents could enemy. And I'm. Science and bad after I'm Laurent my parents are not criminals and it we're looking for the best. From me and and profound and company Shaq. And many people. That came yakking on long comment on at this same motivation that given them the country and it states. Just because my parents. Didn't you know wait all of those years you didn't have the money on to wait all of that time does not make them criminal. It's silent they'll give you the last word here you had a message for the president today and you can act that crash did you yet announced how Dicey this nicely well. Would you like to fend I elect a fact silly disease and there. The reality is that there is no path to citizenship for us either way so with a lit up the program we're still here. And then we with expertise partition. And what I with the president as a fact we gonna continue to pray and I organ music it's not gonna stop and I thought because of executive order. When not relate we are anxious about it but we're not a favorite Connecticut. And we're gonna come out of this okay. And if anybody needs support maybe two outs in the organization. Organizers that are already in the community. Here in New York avenue you're seeking leadership council. Just and lines while the accident instant damage as follows day that information coming to it's absolutely given that it. For the enemy of information. And I think what I would tell other folks don't support us than it is to donate to that they directly affected incisions. There are being let undocumented folks the click on occupy lack again and Wyeth wealthy families for freedom. I'm back fighting against secret teaching them which would justice to. Gotta look Sam Garcia and it's very tow bar thanks so much for being here today.

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{"duration":"13:49","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to DACA recipients Guadalupe Ambrosio and Yatziri Tovar about the potential effects ending the DACA program would have on their lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49572466","title":"The potential end of DACA?","url":"/US/video/potential-end-daca-49572466"}