Potential eviction ‘avalanche’ looms as millions of Americans struggle to pay rent

Evictions resume in New Orleans in the middle of the pandemic, with an end of COVID-19 aid in sight.
4:42 | 06/30/20

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Transcript for Potential eviction ‘avalanche’ looms as millions of Americans struggle to pay rent
For decades systemic disparities in this country have fast and often ignored but. This endemic has exposed all that many of the ailments that band aid's failed to heel problems it disproportionately affect poor and vulnerable communities of color like. Access to health care food and most recently. America's housing crisis an increasing number of renters across the country now face some grim realities as emergency eviction moratoriums run out. Housing courts reopened. For the unemployed and up to 600 dollar week cares act unemployment checks they run out at the end of July. As a result tonight on this the final day of June millions of Americans are now in win though as they struggle to maintain a roof over their head. In Louisiana moratorium on evictions ended June 15. I don't want people who love is actually have to leave it this is real life like. People are actually gained he's got mystery. Families in the Big Easy are facing impossibly difficult decisions as this pandemic enters its fifth month of its fans by. Brain dead or that you have nowhere to put the forward action Kyra Phillips believes an apartment that she says the ceilings have always been leaking but it's home. She has a six and eleven year old and has been out of work for nearly three months since the clothing store she worked at closed and now she has to worry about eviction. Every day and you get help from radio turned to we can't. Turn to a shelter anymore we'll you can go home you're doing anything you can afford. You have nobody's about to look up to no family members visited the scary. A new estimate found that she is one of about 28 million Americans at risk of addiction. As this covad fueled recession is creating economic Havoc across the country. Cherie New Orleans the eviction rate is twice the national average a study found less here than in some neighborhoods it's even four times higher. Now as unemployment four times higher than before the pandemic in New Orleans. And the federal boosts in unemployment benefits expiring at the end of July the Louisiana fair housing department fears that the city is on a collision course. Folks here know what's coming down the pike we unfortunately have had. More than our share of experience dealing with disasters and governmental failures. Shaun Hill and her staff are working tirelessly to keep people in their homes. 53 year old lawyer Winfield. Is one of them. You know there's a certain calm for. And having this so please. I can't. Imagine. Being without. Southeast Louisiana legal services has seen a 100%. Increase in their eviction cases. And 41% of Louisiana ranchers say they didn't think they can make June rent. Home going crisis was really not treated as a crisis. Now it's being pushed into the loop where it must be treated as crisis. Because. Pandemic. Housing rights advocates fear what's coming next we're really concerned that we're going to see an avalanche. Eviction and as the courts open backed up. And landlords are also hurting I think it's gonna. Killen and I think it's gonna kill the city can Darlene has been a landlord for nearly twenty years she's never once had to evict someone. Until now I'm not a bad guy and I really like my tenants and take care my property. But you've got to understand that you know certain people are taking advantage of situations. She's currently in the process of trying to remove a tenant who she says has not paid rent and has no legal pimple. She wasn't able to take any action until the moratorium on evictions expired. In the end. She anticipates losing 151000. Dollars and she still has to pay her mortgage property taxes and insurance. In bingeing evictions. Have the city on edge and health leaders are taking notice. Every economic impact has a public health impact and so certainly putting more people out of their home. A problem nor wants Health Department director has long been trying to solve I didn't telling anyone who listen we need help them and we're gonna need it's. For so many mothers like Phillips and the dream is simple. Want to raise my kids were nice little fans in the front yard where my dog can run around. And I have the way about the need a shat running now. It's out of reach an army and make sure I leave this city in your reward Celine. Hopefully they'll. You know whitworth ABC news Moreland.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Evictions resume in New Orleans in the middle of the pandemic, with an end of COVID-19 aid in sight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71546026","title":"Potential eviction ‘avalanche’ looms as millions of Americans struggle to pay rent","url":"/US/video/potential-eviction-avalanche-looms-millions-americans-struggle-pay-71546026"}