Potholes 'Robin Hood' Fixes Mississippi City's Streets

Jackson, Miss., citizen steals asphalt from the city to make road repairs.
1:59 | 07/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Potholes 'Robin Hood' Fixes Mississippi City's Streets
Mississippi there is a real life Robin Hood on the loose but instead of stealing from the rich and giving it to the -- this Robin Hood is taking the city's asphalt and paving the way for -- smoother commute. Meg -- reports from our station in Jackson. Aren't the shovel and spray paint a Belle haven resident who goes only by Cheney has started a pothole crusade. It's not hard it probably won't last forever but. Part of her one -- fumbled team obviously deals. Friday before meeting Cheney we -- driving to this city we noticed fill potholes and all had a message spray painted on the street citizens six. We get out of the car -- walking finding dozens more. Good -- surgeons. Yeah one more down here. Neighbors we talked to work cited about their streets finally getting some attention. Same pictures -- and I'm glad to. My six and -- we've had some you -- folks from the neighborhood fixing our potholes and quite honestly I gotta give it to people. After knocking on a few more doors neighbors directed us to Cheney the camera -- may -- behind the shuttle spray paint and stolen asphalt. We -- what the -- -- -- like Robin Hoover files and -- -- still some asphalt from city. And you put it in the holes and when you finish with busiest freight train you for the big circle around it. Sort of day -- where I dared to help the city see the potholes. Cheney says he started his -- -- pothole patrol Memorial Day and so far with the help of his girlfriend. Has -- 55 holes and Belle haven and finder and. We decided -- would just keep going she's making 12100 potholes. And -- the revolution idea is to get other people to do it behind us. And that -- says Cindy. Jackson crews have started to get behind Cheney completely -- six of the holes that this self proclaimed Robin Hood. Got to first. Them. Very young -- showing up the city which is gonna make the city actually probably go we better start doing something.

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{"id":19626324,"title":"Potholes 'Robin Hood' Fixes Mississippi City's Streets","duration":"1:59","description":"Jackson, Miss., citizen steals asphalt from the city to make road repairs.","url":"/US/video/potholes-robin-hood-fixes-mississippi-citys-streets-19626324","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}