President Biden touts pandemic relief, highlights need for infrastructure plan

Biden is set to meet with key lawmakers as relief funds roll out to state, local and tribal governments.
5:44 | 05/10/21

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Transcript for President Biden touts pandemic relief, highlights need for infrastructure plan
President Biden. He's rolling out billions in funds for state local and tribal governments as part of his Covert relief package she says the American rescue plan is just that a rescue plan. To get us out of the crisis in back contract but he says it's not nearly enough. And that that means congress needs to pass the American jobs plan is second chapter of his administration's program. To win the competition with China the rest the world how he described a White House correspondent Karen Travers is joining us live. For more now carries over a where exactly will this money from the rescue plan being going to and why did it why didn't need a presidential. Qaeda. Kick in the rear to get him going out there. Yeah it's not to announce that it's finally getting out the door this 350 billion dollars Terry. That was included in the one point nine trillion dollar co amid relief plan that the president signed into law back in mid march. So you're probably wondering why's it taking so long and sixty days to get this out to states are coming up against that deadline. So out it goes the money goes out to the states at local governments and tribal governments. This big sticking point that during the negotiations of this legislation earlier this year because Republicans said it wasn't necessary that states were in that dire straits that they needed the money. Democrats insisted on it so 350 billion dollars will start flowing. Out across the country and it's good to long list of things a couple of gum coated mitigation efforts hiring back public sector workers people who might have lost their jobs last year. In government or public sector jobs that because of the pandemic. The last a good to providing government services. A for Frontline workers small business assistance and for education funding. Now a you know another thing too is going to be how you make sure that this money is going to what it's supposed to go for it isn't very big big challenge for the federal government. There's an effort to treasury and dead kind watchdog it through the Biden White House to make sure the money. Is being used appropriately but Terry that is a a lot of money 350. Billion with a B dollars. And there's more coming at president Biden has his way out there that really is a question right now in Washington is navy's. Presence had a busy week of meetings ahead to negotiate this two trillion dollar. Additional money for infrastructure. And jobs bill what do you watching for as these negotiations go forward. That we are going to be reading the tea leaves over a series of meetings for the next couple of days the president today is sitting down with senator Tom Carper of Delaware his home state a very close ally of his. And senator Joseph mansion of West Virginia Democrat who is. So critical and rub voting senator right now in the middle of all of these debates about how large packages should be how much bipartisanship there should be so paying close attention to see where Joseph mansion thinks about all of this and whether or not. I Democrats even do this alone without Republican support or the president will be forced to go that bipartisan group. On Wednesday Terry I'll be there at the White House says the pool reporter when presidents and sound for the first time with congressional leaders from both parties so we'll speaker Nancy Pelosi. Chuck Schumer Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell took first time all five of them in the vice president will be in the same room together. Infrastructure is on the agenda and then Thursday another big meeting with senate Republicans. To talk about infrastructure. And Terry I think the thing we're all looking for is you know for now of the White House is saying 2.3 trillion dollars we want to pay for it with increases to the corporate tax rate. And they need to meet us somewhere in the net on the Republicans are saying that number is too high they don't like how it's going to be paid for. But they're starting at least some little clues that perhaps Mitch McConnell might be coming up from. The number that Republicans have thrown out there but it is nowhere near close two of the White House would like to say. Lot of work to be Jenny given a good grilling when you're in there and there's I know you and I know you will so all this comes after Friday's really disappointing jobs report. President Biden says were moving in the right direction and some months ago and exceed expectations others fall short. Even talking to people around the country about this. What are you hearing. Good question over to. Days now and doing conversations with anchors on ABC radio stations across the country. Is that what happened and why does that projection from the economist one million jobs last month hearted also short 266000. Jobs that's a big big miss. And what should we say about in the next month's projection how confident should we be. The other main thing is wire people not going back to working I think a lot of people are hearing in their local towns and communities and small businesses are having a hard time getting people to take jobs. And if all these jobs are out there wire there still so many people out of work and in the big criticism right now that the administration is getting is that. 300 dollars in weekly unemployment benefits that were part of that co been planned signed into law two months ago. That this is a disincentive for Americans to not look for a job to stay at home as Republicans have been saying keep collecting a 300 dollars a week of additional benefits. The White House Terry has pushed back very strongly last week Treasury Secretary today the president saying they just don't see any evidence that is that that's what's happening. And it is much more complicated than that. Yes people are getting extra help that they were not getting a couple months ago. But you also have to factor and is the president said today. The concerns about health that when these numbers were crunch did the vaccination numbers were very different than they are today. And also child care and that it's is still too volatile for so many Americans right now I'm kids aren't in school whether in hybrid school. They can't get back into the workforce in the White House says it's just not as simple as you're getting a check exceed our work. And maybe there with the wages could be harder entice people back to work that's what a lot of good sings well Karen Travers as always at the White House. Thanks very much thanks.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Biden is set to meet with key lawmakers as relief funds roll out to state, local and tribal governments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77607524","title":"President Biden touts pandemic relief, highlights need for infrastructure plan","url":"/US/video/president-biden-touts-pandemic-relief-highlights-infrastructure-plan-77607524"}