President Carter's March on Washington Speech

Jimmy Carter says Dr. King would be disappointed by today's voting laws, gun culture and prison rate for African Americans.
6:34 | 08/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Carter's March on Washington Speech
-- -- Well I'm greatly honored to be here. And I realize that most people know them. It's highly unlikely. Any of -- three Obama right. Would have served in the White House. I'll be honest platform and had not been a partner the king junior and his movement in his crusade for a civil right. So we are grateful to him was being here. I'm also proud that I came on the same targets then south as he did. You know the lost contact. The that that folks back home. -- was -- Tennessee garbage workers you know but he gave his life to a racist bullet. Are -- number I was back in those days. Other -- -- imported through April college in the navy. -- and I came home. From the submarine duty -- -- put on the board of education. I suggested to the other members. Believe that that -- -- choose an accounting. They had never done this football. And they were elected to go let me. Police found a dead head. And we have found that white children had three nice brick building. But the African American children had 26. Democrat elementary student accounted. -- -- -- In front living rooms and a -- and Barnes. They had so many because there are no two buses. -- African American children. And they had -- -- within walking distance. Of where they went to class. This -- books out loud dated worn out. And they're one of them had a -- child's name. In the front of the book. We found it. Well obtained some buses. And in the state legislature -- The front fenders. Be painted black. Not even -- two buses. Could be a quality job. One of the finest moments -- live was ten months. After dark got a case famous speech right here. When president Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. I was -- -- four. When McCain -- adopted me. As their presidential candidate in 1976. -- -- -- -- -- We're dedicating. Every hug from Coretta. -- -- -- million Yankee votes. Dedicated prayed at a Democratic Convention. But what Obama much. I Colorado within a hotel room with me and Roseland when I was elected president. -- presidential medal of freedom cite identical red. -- what Doctor King said and I quote. He gazed. At a great -- segregation. -- so that the power of love. They bring it down. He made major strong job because he made it better. Whoever -- create a national historic site where doctor king live work and worship. It's next door to a broader senate. -- together. Just walking path. In other daughter's seven we try to make it -- that we -- follow. The same event. If a study peace and human rights. -- -- That dedicate shed. Too many people -- Martin Prado live like people. It throws but you have to create all people. And dedicating and it. It's not enough to have a right to -- a lot of down on you -- can't afford -- Bob -- And he also said -- get -- it still looks the same. Even from the front seat of a bus. Perhaps the most judges David -- the K -- Lives and I quote. The crucial question of -- time. Is how to overcome oppression and violence. Without resorting to do oppression and bound. It is Nobel Prize ceremony of 2002. I set them up fellow Georgian. Blogs and I quote again. -- greatest leader that -- my natives today. It has gone native country has ever produced. And I would not excluding presidents. And even the founding fathers would have said yes. I believe we all know. Thought Doctor King would overreacted to the New -- Clemens. Jewish -- certain voters. Especially African Americans. I think we -- know how dedicate would have reacted to the Supreme Court striking down. A crucial plot of the voters rights act -- originally a pass overwhelmingly by congress. I think we all know -- -- king would have reacted. Still unemployment among African Americans being almost twice the rate of white people. -- -- teenagers. At 42%. I think we would all. But god -- would have reacted. -- today awash in guns. -- the -- and more states -- stand your ground law well. I think we know -- -- -- would have reacted. -- people of the district of -- Colombian. Still not had a close -- -- right. I think every well no I got decaying body reacted. -- -- -- 830 -- thousand. African American men and president. Black -- as many as when I left office. And -- 13 of all African American males being destined to -- at present in a lifetime. Well. -- a tremendous agenda ahead of us. It I'm thankful to -- the king junior but that is drew me -- still alive. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"Jimmy Carter says Dr. King would be disappointed by today's voting laws, gun culture and prison rate for African Americans. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"20098303","title":"President Carter's March on Washington Speech","url":"/US/video/president-carters-march-washington-speech-20098303"}