Not My President Day protests: DC's DuPont Circle

ABC News' Serena Marshall talks to organizers and protesters in Washington, D.C.
20:55 | 02/20/17

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Transcript for Not My President Day protests: DC's DuPont Circle
They're really. I wrote. That it Maradona. I'm you're. He's Serena martial hearing due. We aren't. Yeah. Yeah. Right now. Here was that it is getting out out yeah. Think about who gets underway now on I'm and all my opponent not my heart good. You've got. Perhaps at any time and there hurting and Evan how often I can't imagine it and ended up getting an outlook. Our president anyway yeah grammar and parent you keep it. I'm that represented the United States even god now. And I think he's dead because I don't around the country I'm like yeah. Yeah. AM I don't think that we end yeah. I we wanted to yeah. Mine and Anna yeah and I say yeah. Out. Hello them yeah. Yeah. Isn't looking on. How many do you think back underneath the tree and I'm very well there are injured from Indian rallying. And even then there pressure coming and the rally started after another one not my. We're excited that he yeah Iranians so this is this a partisan credits. With dean passed as the lights Clinton supporters are happy. He's seen it's really representative have a lighter rains. The nonpartisan rally tags work I personally I don't find the Democrat. Yeah not a political up. Action you know we have people from all different backgrounds. Political parties and there is a Paula and housing he and to punish that we're united against on the front. So I'll get. Or is this weekend had. For. Its rally yeah. Yeah yeah Italy I'm hearing. It's going on you know I'm an area that we're likely we'll let you guys. He didn't really good Johnson. I think there isn't it an act on you really continued to cater towards the borders and if you ignore any sort of opposition and and that's my route there's going you know well different at ground zero yeah. Thinking yeah yeah all of us. And vowed that this is just. Here it's it's yeah. It would happen. I'm we don't have. Another rally yeah. I'll let you get back I know they are not yet learned here at this. Happening now Alex event taking a look around you'll be hearing. Circle Washington to his right and not my. He's looking 900. Here. And I'm yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And it is not a and okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. We have every. We're okay. Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I. That. I. We aren't being leaked. I cracked black. Yeah a. Martin Lee Carter and hot rod remembered how delegates this yeah. Yeah yeah. It. I got you I don't know. And. Okay. That. And we're on the air just say that not. Isn't. And the impact. All about enough of this administration. That's part of considering that only I don't have brought. About month. We've seen that it's in that month. And we're not about. And on our neighbors and we got at. I'm sticking out his back and let. And this all throughout this entree. We're. Yeah. The travel ban that this. But so ballot on damp backpack I'm neighbors and we aren't happy. It's. Not with the drag us all that's out there and I'm. Pat. I. Weeks art. No I don't expect. That would have it. Oh. Bartlett related. But I have not and do at this step down he got the business break up exploiting our. Which apparently it was a little too much even for a public. And. We sent out facts aren't out loud. So it. Folks in this administration. And the Republican Party. Organize and collectively bargained for well it's. At it. Not. Puppet but not. Together and let people out that they're viable alternative. For this Audrey go forward. Sure that you don't hear us but not but not and then came out. Job. Glad that witness not a pleasant but that's Arnett wouldn't and not but not. And that went out and that would have got to protect everyone. Back in time and click here eleven it. Okay. Okay. We've never thought. And now. When we say that's another strategy and get help. Millions of Americans. And not thought not and then we got. Because we cannot wrap up. And so we are not about whether helped edit that let them know that now cannot afford it because I thought. I. When wouldn't see. On our economic security. And the other I prefer not and then Donna. What about the lack spoke out showed another Levitt. The and a. Okay. And that's why I've kept the Iran for the Virginia house of delegates. Because Burton. And not about and all. People don't live happy that our lives. I'm tired of all forms of government that thought I am local. Not enough and if we can carry that message forward it will let people know. That would cargo lines as that would appeal that would all the winds we're gonna protect you. We have got to change birds may 27 game. A and we got a lot that's. And all across this country it. We are gonna pay. Now White House bids. Okay. Not enough. Him. I I. And political act I ball. And went cables that together and realize that a court system and how it. Provide just as you get up. Well now we have not. The government wouldn't let her brother and wouldn't not for that not com. Yeah. My brother for the Virginia house of delegates and I hope Tulsa I wish I had this one last time end. I. Okay yeah. Yeah. It's not my husband didn't protest. Morally yeah many as twenty or is starting to get pregnant how can. Outlining how. The operative and. Yeah. And come. Well I don't. I or. A. It. Okay. Yeah okay. Okay. It's incumbent whenever we get a chance to. Especially when I did in this audience and I realize that you probably are. Is it we honor our ancestors. Today the first thing I have to say to you. I do not speak. Scorer Paul native Americans. One that comes up here today isn't necessarily speaking for all. Quote look like we're live like. Having said that I'm gonna do my best rep Stan how we deal. What our position is. Not just dot com. I want you to understand. What our position is and has been and then for over. 400. Years. Okay. Right call is that we spend on at this moment. It got away nation. My people not to punk. Pot luck. Companies are North Carolina. Well I'll mix. I wrote about it it's called on that dress with a the premise of the column but it's also all about. Her marriage but red light and let it go. And at that time this card that was pretty much most people. What we call United States. Now that's. That's one reasons I'm here and act this happen. While I explain to you. Last. I celebrated my sixth and went her own mother aren't. So. They're coming neighborhoods anymore and what I saw in the fifties and that's me that I have never seen again. And again. As violent. And well and god and man. All ladies and can't hurt claim. Swing at him at 10 o'clock. Standing rock reservation. And September. I was there and our problem. I saw this month alone. People burned out stomach here today who have no clue what's going. It's going on like it was born on. April. June. Cleaning up well. Yeah that's. And human beings and why not an act. Out this golf anachronism. That no longer exist. We don't all look like Graham Greene or sitting well we're megs. What we are represented by how we live not what then don't look like him. But are. And his call quality that thought and standing gotten every single. Purpose. And right. Yeah. What is because we haven't. Economics and that we don't have numbers. Her name only. Argue we're all thinking yeah. I don't know about. Let Altman. On. I'm. The what's growing on the hunt is we were okay we were sickened and apparently that equals the odds. Certain. Death toll down quite well. At. A yeah the guy. But just wine. At a court of justice that's not bad understanding what ever. And I are. Yeah. Are. Then yeah but my. Calling Tony. Washington DC went up twenty currently on around the country on this President's Day. Me out here protests against president and policies as he in the paint and classes for an office.

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{"duration":"20:55","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall talks to organizers and protesters in Washington, D.C.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45618816","title":"Not My President Day protests: DC's DuPont Circle","url":"/US/video/president-day-protests-dcs-dupont-circle-45618816"}