Not My President Day protests in LA

ABC News' Olivia Smith is at the site of protests against President Donald Trump.
9:13 | 02/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Not My President Day protests in LA
Lengthy hearing on me. Here. On the ground when he can't count on the end Clinton now. Make any. Not my right. Rally in. Thank you. Now why yeah. We can't enjoy not. Here mountain. Here and then I am I not. Demanded an elegant color. And long and I yeah. Gentlemen. I don't know why. Yeah yeah. Tired. More here. Not the majority might. No matter what he's. Kids yeah hey Aaron dot manage themselves more and remember there's a lot of he had signed here. I say about his future hand my. Want to know. And we want to resign here again. Like Vatican City Hall on. It comes back at rallies he put out and they want to. They're rallying said. There's no just. How I've heard you want to tell him that we. Accountable for. The next four years. He is representing. 300 plus new. He needs to do better. Yeah yeah. I think he remembered him I would just say that for the longest time these type does struggle until parades have been led largely. Ability. Stand up and would be the head down so for me personally I'm on the attitudes are an event that they home and headed summarized in. Economic and this is not dependent. And we need to do not. Not so much. Now yeah. Not if you're. City head count on me. Rob. Problem. They can't and I Harry's apology. Beat with a lot of time here. Mary and and I'm out my. I. Many that yeah. Say paying. Decades I'll let is. Heaven and that Clinton. It might limit. I'm an OK but yeah yeah yeah yeah. They hated him at me. Yeah. Yeah. And how the bush and talking. Women are. We're live honey OK greens out at me. And it out why you're out how you heard it this rally why you're all. Greg. Giuliani. In the mail. Amy Palmer Arjuna. OK it's weird way it okay yeah. Hey I hung on like hired. And that he and your heart and I think many on the front OK and OK. My. I know that hey hey what's going on OK and yet you know that. Yeah. Ridiculous that they had good hands and the pain that I think I'm painting. Yeah Rob Murray again. The plane and you yeah. And I can't write hate me yeah. Around. Yeah yeah. How many. Hall in downtown on its. Happening here. Friedman on the Internet calling her problem and I. I am hearing and actually start marching. And it. I think being here I am I cannot reach every parent company on being yeah Larry. People. Very. And here and it any different I'm he went have to hang on. Reigning. And here they really are calling. Make love not hate me very angry. The Bill Handel. In angers me a lot of I think I'm different yeah. Ali yeah yeah yeah I'm Angela yeah. Will be. President fat content in the not big.

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{"duration":"9:13","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith is at the site of protests against President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45617675","title":"Not My President Day protests in LA","url":"/US/video/president-day-protests-la-45617675"}