President Trump says border patrol 'had to use' tear gas on migrants at the border

U.S. Border Patrol uses tear gas on migrants during border clash over the weekend, General Motors to cut 15 percent of salaried workers and close down 5 plants.
29:16 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for President Trump says border patrol 'had to use' tear gas on migrants at the border
And. And welcome to the Rivera my Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday hope you had a very good and great get Adam Kelsey Europe political reporter. Bob busy week back from the break congress is back in town and a crisis. Unfolding over the holiday weekend at the southwest border in California with Mexico that's what all attention is today including over at the White House. In the Department of Homeland Security where those thousands of migrants had a mini them. From the caravan showed up on the doorstep. Over the weekend the Homeland Security Border Patrol taking the extraordinary step of shutting down and the busiest port. One of the busiest ports in the world border crossing is there at the San Ysidro. Crossing just outside of San Diego. And we saw these unbelievable pictures of US Border Patrol agents firing tear gas at many of these migrants in families. As they were preparing to cross attempting to cross some of them. Many of them also Seeking Asylum to president. Just asked about this moments ago on the South Lawn of the White House here's what he had to say about those riveting images tickle its. That not as you know that not that bad he is because there will be able rush by some very top people. And that they used tear gas is the bottom line nobody is coming into our country unless they got mad lately. And joining us by phone as ABC news contributor and former Homeland Security advisor John Cohen John great to have you with us. I hope you had a good holiday these images. Are so Syrian to see in many cases women and children running through the tear gas on the Mexican side of the border. You just heard the president say there are say the the US military US Border Patrol can't simply standby. What's your response to that was this an appropriate show force in your view. Well where I have a lot of concern about what we're saying arm. Yeah be the administration greater number of steps to make it more difficult for people to ensure. The United States along yeah after the southern border but not includes people who are fleeing violence and persecution. And seeking legally. The protection of the United States city asylum crop so what we now see. Did a large group of people who have Carlo last in Tijuana based a large number of them wanted to come and you're using illegal crop. But they're living in very adverse. Very uncomfortable. Living conditions here men women and child who are children who are hot who tired. Who are becoming Pope feeling increasingly hope less. And that causes people that desperately and so as a law enforcement end and some of it spent a lot of time worked on border security issue included. And Homeland Security. You can't just stop the comic because we didn't ramp up the resource it. Along the port but I'm trade that would help but more expeditiously. Spot that. Eat out those shouldn't be coming into the country to expedite entry for those who are here. Ali started to set up barriers and and not leave in my experience to people trying to Eric. Find other ways to get in either by entering the country illegally. Or bars. It's becoming more. You're seeing more civil armor to the gap in what respect. And it certainly seems to be a very tense situation. Particularly given the deployment of active duty US military forces. On the border by president trump just a few weeks ago let's go to the Pentagon now for little more on that we Martinez. Covering this the whole way we can bring us up to speed on the latest what you're hearing from pentagon officials. About how the troops have been involved in what we saw play out over the weekend and again this morning. In those in supporting that Border Patrol mission of keeping the border sick here. Seven could the key message here is that the US troops who are on the border are there in a back up pearl. On they are not there to be the primary law enforcement that is the duty of Customs and Border Protection CPP. That was the images that we saw yesterday it was CBP that was likely tear gas it was if they were the ones that we. I'm dealing with putting out the pepper spray they were the ones that were in for right here behind. The port of entry there at San Ysidro the US troops that are have been assigned to this primarily military policeman. Their job is protect the US forces. That I had have been setting up the Harding of these facilities but they have WASL as of last week but given the authority. To protect the CBP personnel in case they are overrun. That did not happen yesterday so again you are the irony primarily. I'll back up role they're not going to be armed that's it's something that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has stressed to us last week. That these MPs who are backing of CBP they're not armed. If anything they're going to be looking like this EVP other going to be having those plastic shields I'm going to be having batons to push back anybody. With the need to temporarily detained. Looked in these matters gave this example if he sites let's say somebody military there's never saw a CBP officer being pummeled. Then that military service members now authorized to go and pull back on that assailant they hold them until a CBP the circuit at that point. Of arrest them because again they have law enforcement so even though he's US military personnel were present close by. On yesterday at San Ysidro they were again in a primarily back up role just to defend them. But again not armed just they're pretty much in the same capacity as the CBP right here and of course the press. And it's easy in on all of these images Louis that you're talking about with the military they're the border protection they tear gas line. He's clearly watching cable Adam he was just talking about this is something politically. That he is sort of going to be seizing on now headed into this fight over the border wall funding. With the government shutdown looming in just two weeks time blossoming the president's been talking got since he first. Enter the presidential race back in 2015 but we actually got some interesting numbers and we had our exit polls during the mid term election just a few weeks ago. 48%. Of Americans and that the president's immigration policies are actually too tough. Only 32%. Said that they were just straight. 16%. Said they were not tough enough so we're seeing that the president's base of support particularly on this issue of immigration. It is where a smaller than those who feel opposed to what she's been doing and certainly he's images we've seen in the past couple days on helping. They're not helping in Jordan Phelps at the White House covers president from force was just out there speaking with the Monday. On the South Lawn Jordan what are you hearing about how this crisis that's unfolding right now could play in that border wall fight. And the funding fight which is tied to it. He had seven we heard the president just last week say now would be a perfect time for our government shut down. We're heading towards the prospect of a Poe potential partial. Government shutdown when the government is set to run out of finding her a few departments on December 7. And those images is really giving fuel to that president to make this case that these caravans are really. Rushing the border now of course the images we shot yesterday that act on Sunday this is only. Part of the story we know that he started as a peaceful protest and only a limited number of them actually tried to rush the border. But this gives the president I imagery and am out to make this case that now is that time we need to approve his ball. His wall he's asked for five billion in funding. For that wall and now DeVon were locked in a bit of a game of political one ups man ship. We've got the president on one side saying now's the time to find this wall and we've got the Democrats on the other. Digging in their heels not wanting TU. I you know just give the president his way without getting some heat concessions and DeVon at the end of the day you know with these government shutdowns it comes down to. You won't be blamed if the government does in fact Ted. To a partial government shutdown. And the debate over that border wall is certainly get a only heat up in the next week week and a half toward Phelps at the White House thank you so much John corner ABC news contributor turn us by phone as well thanks to John. Meanwhile speaking of politics we're in the final sprint to close out the twenty AT and mid term season down in Mississippi this is the final race. It has been undecided at this point that's senate race in Mississippi Adam this could decide whether Republicans there will have 52 were 53. Seats in the US senate. This is a big one and president trump has there tonight we've got our Tommy Thomas down in Mississippi joins us by facetime Tom great to see you've been down there covering the race where things stand today what are you watching for in these final hours. We're. That's. What curtains below its adult were angered when Tim Brown because at the sun glare. But why don't we won't be while. From. The market is. Walking more right now to get this rally went reasons why. What does it swings. Slogans about his. Seat like a little even though she is Bieber here's some Berry red state but the Democrat like. Roads and don't really heights. Along the way that India and election like this special here over its past and these people. Are racist. Also broke Purcell is that people it is racists as well let's import the race now the big development that's. Apparently bounce abuses. At the State Capitol in Jackson the CB. Not trouble events or your ex and we are too low multiple seat but that's some traction that news because might speak. Eric in and Americans liked it in Mississippi since reconstruction. So beaten issue race. What considerate it in this. Before we let you go just want to ask you about that in that issue of race in behind Smith's gaps. The noose is hurt her affiliation with some of those confederate symbols it sort of mesmerized. The online world we see it exploding on social media people talking about this. But as you know what really matters is what voters in Mississippi think do these affiliations on her part to her comments are those getting as much attention there as they are are getting nationally. Find out. About it that's what at first but at some of the voters here. But thing here that that does motivate both sides to this big ones I'd. The Republican side centers city arts that people who. Who say that you know she she may be still with her words. But which she's not a racist anyone a lecture and other people who think she is a racist and and started and it had to the polls. About churn up for more turnout could be still important. The Democrats believe it will return a wrong turn out here really just watch Mike. All right Tom Thomas forced down in Mississippi to trump rallies and I'd just like the good old days Sunday at 316 campaign trail Tom thanks so much. So big race tomorrow night we're gonna have full coverage here at ABC news that are common and ABC news live it out and you're going to be watching a couple of things closely at what's interesting down here is that the only reason that we're in a run off to begin with his because there was a somewhat strong Republican challenger in that first round of voting earlier this month Chris McDaniel running to the right of Cindy Highsmith which some people find hard to believe given some of the comments she's made in recent days that have been. Are really appealing to that Republican base but. He was somebody who was campaigning on the confederate flag and making sure that it remained a part of Mississippi culture he was giving speeches to the Sons of Confederate Veterans so. Cindy height Smith what what what. Might be gas and other parts of the country that might be her plane to be Chris McDaniel formal right side of the Republican Party now may be wouldn't actually ends of putting her over there. C is Thomas in interment turnout is of course the big factor tomorrow night meanwhile another big headline in the world of economics and business and politics today would General Motors announcing. They are closing are turning off line rather five factories in North America. At the expensive as is north of 141000. Jobs several thousand here in the United States let's bring in our David Curley transportation correspondent. For more on this David what's behind the cuts in do you think we could see more. Our auto makers following suit. So that's a good question what is really behind the cuts now according to GM and this is could be ticket. At face value whatever. Part of this is the restructuring of the way they make cars knowing that they're going to go to more hybrids and more electric vehicles and therefore some of these plants. They don't need some of the plants are in Canada. And of course the tariff issue has come up in fact Mary Vera the CEO of GM said before the terrorists were put into effect. That it could have an adverse impact on jobs not just Canadian jobs that American jobs jobs all across the world. So I would be economists and some of the auto analyst we'll have to tell you exactly. What's going on here but this is certainly a retrenchment by GM trying to right size according to some. We've seen some of this activity happening in the auto industry. And politics. That's something you talk about on this program. And I think it's a valid thing to talk about as these cuts are looked at it's a number of jobs to. This is a significant cut in the number of folks who be working for General Motors. It certainly isn't a straight strikes me and you know better than anybody David that this these car companies retool every feat few years with. Changing consumer preferences I was struck primary Veres comments are making and many more suvs now virtually no sitting hands. I'm in this country which is striking but just a few years ago was it was the flap. Yeah and it's the same thing that happened with Ford. Ford basically is getting out of a lot of the sedan business as well it is suvs and trucks which is the big sellers and with gas at the average of 260 something a gallon. People aren't that worried about buying a vehicle that's going to not get the best gas mileage. It did it's it's. They're they're they're dealing with consumer demand at this point even though in the long term I think all the car companies noted. Autonomous vehicles and electric and certainly hybrid vehicles are a big part of their future vote right now with the consumer wants. With oil prices I think they felt lesson about fifty dollars a barrel. The consumers are looking at. Climate change and anything else other than the fact that. I can get that big suvs or the big truck. And it's not gonna costing that much to run it. Therefore the car companies are trying to satisfy consumer demand. And sending some of that smaller car production to Mexico China Poland in some cases the president. I've seen in David just said he is not happy about it here's president trump waning just moments ago on the GM news to listen. Well I don't like good guy believe they'll be opening up doubly outside. I was very tough fight club was we're tired there was blood thing. And I said you know that Scott he's done a lot but General Motors you better get back there do about Ohio and you better get back get there soon so. We have a lot of pressure on them after senators you have a lot of other people lot of pressure. They say the exhibit rooms is not selling well. I'd say while they get somebody get a card that is selling well and put it back again. So I think you're gonna see something else after that but I'm not happy about that bars not selling well. So they'll put something else I have no doubt that they've got to visit your kid up but something else they better puts up video. So not happy about it or not clear he can do much about him. But this is you know he's he made it a reference to the fact the GM was bailed out by the federal government. You know four did not take bailout money but GM did and I think that's his point if listen. When when you were really hurt and after the Great Recession. It was the United States government that came in nature that you didn't go out of business and this is the way you pay as fact by cutting these jobs. So it's obvious that politics are involved in this decision. And as we've seen the economy and the stock market over the last couple of months there's a lot going on there that the president's not really happy about. And this is another. An area where it is not good news for president Donald Trump and what he is said he's going to do for America. Try to steer transportation correspondent Tim Curley thank you so much for company reaffirmed David all right. We're not another major report that popped over the weekend in May have missed it just after your Turkey dinner on Friday the White House released a stunning new climate assessment. It's called the national climate assessment 16100 page reports required by law. And it might surprise you find out that the trump administration. Had some pretty shocking things to say about the state of the climate in this country and around the world. You see so they excerpts here it said to avoid substantial damages the US economy environment and human health be. The world the US must take some pretty blatant action pretty stunning action to curb those kind of change is one of the authors. Of that report joins us now Paul. Which announced he's one of the coauthors of the national climate assessment he's an engineering professor at the University of Colorado boulder also. Someone who is studies the impact of climate change our professors Nazi thanks so much for being here in the briefing room. You know we've all heard didn't seen these reports over the years from the UN environmental groups heard the warnings about climate change. What makes this new report from the US government different. I think the thing that makes this different that's really important for people to understand. Is. This reporter puts the impacts on an Dee Lee pieces. How it's going to impact us in terms of our routines. And what the cost is actually going to be this is no longer about. I little science and very abstract what's gonna happen in fifty years it's a boat. How is it going to impact you driving across town or getting the packaged and you expect to get there. It's real dollars today and I think that's really the differences. We have impacts that are happening now and not just later. So what are those impacts the people are feeling now and and how can. How can people really who sort of try to put their minds around some of these huge numbers that are put out reports like this 10%. Off the US economy over the next eighty years of climate change continues to evolve mean that's a big heady figure. But you are you view of senator Doug your teeth into. Some middle ground level impacts what what are people actually gonna feel at home. Well enough to great issue when we talk about a very large numbers it gets very difficult for people to understand very literally sealed. So let me try and put it in to something that people can really proud wrapped their arms around. And that's things like. Your road so we're used to in the east potholes and are rather lose. Or so in the south east we deal wash outs well imagine that our roads start degrading much faster. And we're going to deal with roads with. Potholes. Or were going to deal with increased wash outs of preaches. These are gonna beat tangible things that are starting right now from temperatures increasing or more rain. Or even things like allergy seasons hitting longer. Because our growing seasons are getting longer and warmer. Or something that's really tangible many of our homes this order of schools don't happen air conditioning. Because who has always worried about heat. Well we've been talking now way hot summer we just went through the magic that's been either do normal what's going to happen to. Eight year old kids who are classrooms in the end of August or beginning to September. When it's 9500. Degrees out. And there's no air conditioning. These are things. We timlin gap to eight in certain new reality we have to figure out how we can start paying for at least that is. Are things that were used to. Are no longer going to exist in NASA vary individual impact. Our culture now ski with the eight University of Colorado boulder also one of the coauthors of the national climate assessment it's quite a read. I have yet time to make it through the 16100 pages certainly you can read the executive summary on line up Paul thank you so much for being here with us today in the briefing room. I'm Adam is you know very well Democrats can sink their teeth into this is well they're gonna have some hearings on. Some of these climate impacts when they take over the house. In in January yet we're already hearing about the reboot of the select committee on energy independence and global warming may want a change that name given the that the jokes that prison terms and making about that phrase global warming but some of these young Democrats Alexandria Kaiser Cortez outspoken on climate change as she says she wants me apart in the developing a green new deal will be interesting to see if she and some of the other. Young members of congress are new members of congress and how will we can get some more today. And in the democratic congress for sure finally today we have a closeup look at the new book coming up from two president trumps closest allies informal advisors former campaign aides Dave bossy corn gluten when Dow ski out with a new book tomorrow trumps enemies how the deep state is undermining the presidency. He stopped by the briefing room a little while ago to talk about why this administration is at war tickle us. Guys let's let's talk a little bit about your book and paints a pretty ominous picture you talk about a war against the administration enemies embedded within. Hot infiltrated you save from the first days of the transition by these enemies you name many of them in the book a lot of them I was struck fire Republicans a lot of them appointed by the president. What do you think it's motivating these people and why has it been so hard for the president to root them out. Well DeVon I think you know when you look at why some of these people came to the government we call them members of the November 9 club meaning they didn't support the president's agenda. When is running for office likely didn't vote for him on Election Day but then one to come. And have their own agenda to enrich themselves to profits year after they left the building and that's what's happened and what we've seen and what we heard from Bob Woodward's book. And what we address and our book comes enemies. Are those individuals who came. To try and stymie the president's agenda weather is Gary Cohn removing documents up the resolute desk. Or rob Porter you know subverting the president through slowing things down. These are the people from within the government they're tried to stop the president from being successful and he's got rid of many of them think. And who who in who is in the west wing now Korean Dave who. Is their business closest protector of the president on these things is there somebody can point to and say. Here's someone who's fighting the good fight waging the war if you will in your words right now from inside. Third there's plenty of people who are on the president's agenda who are working hard and and it would be. Maybe. You know not fair to just name one or so but I think we we what we want folks to recognizes. That this presents up against it at every turn. Whether it's the leadership in congress whether it's the Democrats in congress whether it's. Did the mainstream media for the most part. He is folks across the board that are working against him it happened since his election. All voices including that transition period that he had he can we just saw just a few months ago. The anonymous letter by someone within his administration we still don't know who that person. Yeah dated April ever you surprised are you surprised that they haven't been able to find that person they want unity Jeff Sessions with supposedly get off. The lead the charge on snuffing out the writer of that op Ed it's it's it's been several months now. Well I'm not surprised because the coward. Whoever this person is his hiding you know behind her desk. And an undermining the president which is a problem that we have and we outline in. Our book trumps enemies we talk about. Just that it would we ever interview. You wit the president the first interview he's done since being president of the United States with. He did is published in a book is in in Trump's enemies and he talks extensively about the mainstream media about his enemies in congress and up and about. Those enemies in the administration. That at that are undermining him at every at every turn. Court talk a little bit about that's the theme actually have your first book which was let trump. Be trumped them both of you have been. Missionaries if you will of that whole idea of letting the president be himself it's what oh lead to so much of his success. Both of you his are I have argued. Until you know. Chief of staff John Kelly a specimen you both being critical of first sort of counteracting. That approach. Do you think when Kelly leaves his has been reported he needs to president trump needs to basically be his own chief of staff to be even need a chief of staff. In this west wing. Why I think this president is a man who wants to have information brought to him directly. And not through a filter and there are too many people. Who think that they want to limit the information the president yet and only give him information that they think is important. He was exceptionally successful as a business executive as an author as a television personality. And in so many things that he tried to do before he got into politics and now the politician to change the way. He consumed information is a mistake and it's a Koran from entering Garrett of the gate and get rid of the gatekeeper well look what as a gatekeeper good gatekeeper limit your information and look what you need is you need people. Who can report directly to the president. He of the Hulk of a wheel and you bring four or five or six people who reporting directly to him guys like. John Bolton and Larry Kudlow and Jared Kushner and Kellyanne Conway and senior members of his administration that can all committed present their ideas and he of the final arbiter. I think you mean much more successful in that type of environment. Are both of you guys have been in the president's ear your informal advisors your his allies on the outside. Obviously were entering a critical period with Democrats retaking the house he gets the sense the president has a plan. I in this new political environment in Washington nurse he scrambling right now. The president always knows which direction he's going in that is. Bringing forth his America first agenda and continuing on that he is going to over the next two years how do. Deal with a Democrat led House of Representatives and that means on a public policy standpoint on budgets but also and the Democrat leadership is going to have to figure out what they're going to do with these fake investigations whether this. We you know ridiculous. Russia collusion investigation is it comes to a close with mr. Mueller and we'll have to see what ends up happening there over the next. Weeks or months. But it will see what the Democrats do now that they have subpoena power deposition authority are they going to overs over reach and really try. 20 undermine this president and the and his presidency and really make the American people. You don't understand why they shouldn't be doing. Jasmine Q president heads to Mississippi tonight two big campaign rallies you know better than anybody has been barnstorming. Not a country in the past few months is there any chance though that he doesn't run for reelection in 220 any chance at all. There there there's no chance whatsoever look we've had many conversation with the president. He get a look in our book we ask him are you happy with the decision to run for president he outlined how important the most important thing he's ever done. Everything else there's just no secondary. He has so much work to do for the American people there isn't all with all the success he's achieved in the first two years. He can't get it done in four years he will run for reelection in 20/20 and you'll have a larger margin of the Electoral College in 20/20 that he didn't when he sixteen. Our rights and be busy couple years I have a little bit of a guess you've got to be involved in the campaign in some way but we shall see Dave bossy Korman dusty thank you both trumps enemies how the deep state is undermining the presidency comes out. On Tuesday thank you guests thank you thank you for haven't. And our thanks again Dave in Korean thanks for you for watching this year the briefing will be right back here tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time for the latest on these and more stories. Download the ABC news out policy and for now on Devin Dwyer Washington's policy and it's not.

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