President Trump denies new sexual assault allegations

The president claimed his new accuser E. Jean Carroll is "lying" and not his "type."
2:58 | 06/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump denies new sexual assault allegations
President trump is facing new sexual LaSalle assault allegations from New York Times writer. 1995. Making her one of over a dozen women who have accused the president a sexual misconduct. And president trumps response quote says and I'll say it with great respect and number one she's not my type number two. It never happened so I want to bring in Mona Kos are at the at the White House. Not monus. Let's just start with this comment that she was not his tight that's not the first time he's criticized in accuser like that right. Kimberly it's not it's now the first time that he is rejected claims of sexual misconduct or sexual assault. By saying the accuser is just not his type or not attractive enough. For him to engage in such behavior back and when he sixteen at a campaign rally the president said of a woman. Who accused him of groping her on a plane that she would quote not be my first choice. Now in response his latest comments Carroll laughed off the president's remarks and said I'm glad I'm not his type but she said. That she believes in those five minutes some 23 years ago she was the most attractive person at that new York city department store in her. Book and her forthcoming book Carroll describes the alleged assault writing that trump was quote forcing himself on her inside that dressing room. She says he's the Lander head against the wall. And that I struggle ensued and she was assaulted before running out of that dressing room. Now Carol says she never reported the incidents of police. But ABC news how spoke to two of her friends who said that she did confide in them shortly after the alleged incident. But he did want to remain anonymous again the president denies. Carroll's allegations and says she is just trying to sell her book. And how that Republicans responded to this end and where does president from go from here I mean obviously it's campaign season. You know this might impacted in some degree. Right the president hasn't but sad that the president has been revisiting his point sixteen campaign and just lake is my sixteen campaign it seems there is another allegation. That sexual misconduct or sexual assault. Republicans have remain a largely silent on Carol's accusations but. Moments ago we heard from senate majority leader Mitch McConnell we heard from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy both saying that same thing. That they believe president trump. But again they're silence hasn't gone unnoticed because NN Washington Post op Ed. George Conway Kellyanne Conway husband said that. It would be hypocritical of Republicans who believed would need a broad Rix allegations against president Bill Clinton who was then governor. To not condemn Tron so a lot of latest waiting to see what kind of reaction. Republicans have so far the two top Republicans in congress have sad that they believe president from. A right Mona costar Abbie at the White House thank you for joining us today we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"The president claimed his new accuser E. Jean Carroll is \"lying\" and not his \"type.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63934927","title":"President Trump denies new sexual assault allegations","url":"/US/video/president-trump-denies-sexual-assault-allegations-63934927"}