President Trump targets migrant caravan at Texas rally

Caravan is an "assault on our country," Trump said.
2:41 | 10/23/18

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Transcript for President Trump targets migrant caravan at Texas rally
Let's get to it then the president addressed the caravan on the campaign trail already calling it a national emergency Karen Travers is at the White House at the latest. On that angle Karen. As and the president is going to be talking about this caravan from now until the mid term elections two weeks away and this is a way for the president to try and rev up Republican voters about an issue that is very critical to his agenda. And the Republican base illegal immigration but the president. Is also using it to stoke fears and use that as a way to get people out to the polls. Presidents making some false claims as well Diane said yesterday that the Democrats. Had something to do with this terror Manning he says they're now saying they made a big mistake because people are seeing how bad it is there is no evidence that the Democrats are behind this and the Democrats or anybody. He's paying these migrants to make that very dangerous journey. President also said yesterday that there were middle easterners that were part of this when asked several times yesterday to provide evidence of that. He told reporters go down there get your cameras inside them caravan in you'll see it but wouldn't say any reason why he was using that as a statistic out on the trail. And Karen early voting is already underway in several states are we getting any indication of how that's going. Yeah it's going to be bigger than it was at this point in 2014 so are ready it's going to be a bigger turnouts at there are people who are tracking these early voting numbers and they say that. In some of those states 34 states and the District of Columbia that offers some type of early voting they're seeing large numbers 20% more. Then this same quick period four years ago. The important thing to remember with early voting and this is what strategist. On both sides will tell you is. Whether or not this is gonna signal a bigger turnout in general a bigger turnout in total support this is just that people are so motivated on either side that they were aren't going to vote and they want to get their vote locked did so. Doesn't necessarily mean that there will be more people voting in the mid term elections that more people are doing it sooner because they have the ability to I think that I am one thing it does show is the importance of getting out on the campaign drowned now that's what you see president trump. Out there are the very aggressive schedule because he was in Texas last night he can say get out and vote you can do it here seeing. Former President Obama former vice president Joseph Biden even Hillary Clinton hitting the campaign trail in Florida. And this is all a way to try and lock down that baze and get them to the polls because you know like the same politics. Squeeze the potential in October surprise for October 23 you know that it happened over the next week so they wanna get their people out and get them voted and get them locked and you know. And it's the home stretch that's for sure Karen Travers and the White House thanks Karen.

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{"id":58694540,"title":"President Trump targets migrant caravan at Texas rally","duration":"2:41","description":"Caravan is an \"assault on our country,\" Trump said.","url":"/US/video/president-trump-targets-migrant-caravan-texas-rally-58694540","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}