President’s tweet called witness intimidation

Democrats call President Trump’s tweet towards Marie Yovanovitch an act of intimidation.
4:15 | 11/15/19

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Transcript for President’s tweet called witness intimidation
Here in DeVon a loved to bring you all back ending get a sense from. A do you think of the Democrats actually move the needle at all today. Into the first not okay here's what we're talking about and we get this kind of backed up to how you actually in two road into last. Once again the president changes the narrative changes the headline because he tweet it. Wednesday he wasn't tweeting and so we stayed focused on the impeachment inquiry. He sends out a tweet. About Marie Ivanovic everywhere Maria I'm united each went turned bad she started off in Somalia had a back than fast forward to Ukraine where the new Ukrainian president spoken favorably about her in the second phone call. With him so a patent and that creates this whole discussion between Democrats and Republicans and you heard the Democrats jump on that and say okay see here you go he's books he's intimidating. Witnesses he intimidate Michael Cohen called him a rat now he's intimidating Marie Ivanovic in saying she was terrible at her job. Does that pattern of intimidation witness intimidation lead to obstruction of justice and then you just heard Republicans there in the presser saying okay okay. To stop getting distracted here let's focus. Act on the impeachment probe and the late in the ground work. That Ivanovic laid to this negotiation that was going on with Rudy Giuliani and Ukraine to investigate the bike. So I think to the extent that people were watching this gavel to gavel or even five minutes and that there is a sense I think based on people I talked to. In the wake of the first day of hearings the people will take away from this it compelling person. And interest you witness and something was wrong here maybe they can't put their finger on how this is connected to bribery but here is a very credible. Compelling foreign service officer witnessed bad behavior witnessed bad behavior and who was attacked by president trump she was fired by president trop and today she was attacked again and I don't think the question. I'll why she was pushed out and why she was attacked has been answered because she certainly didn't do any attacking the president from today. I think that will give some people some pause although I don't think it's a smoking gun that Lindsay answer your question. And I do think they're people with sort of take that into account as they wait all these facts. So no smoking gun miss Jack Kinney give us a lay of the land kind of what's on tap for the next few weeks. We actually talked about well I'm looking forward to listening to the hearing with league in a big witness yelled representative Earl Alexander thin and want we start. With cam. I mean just back up lieutenant colonel. And Inman was the first White House official to testify. And everybody remembers the optics of that day he shows up on the hill full uniform he's in a rock that. Purple heart recipients he Denise greens credibility he is the one that had concerned. About that phone call he was on the phone call and when he got uncomfortable with what he was hearing. He reported not only once but twice to his superiors that he was concerned about the conversation that the president was having with the president of Ukraine so that. That testimony. Really created a buzz and being able to hear from him in a public. Hearing definitely will be interesting decorated military officers someone who was inside the White House says this was going down we're getting closer to the president Manzi I'm focused. On these hearings on Wednesday cordoned Simon what testify who's that that's the president's. Ambassador to the EU a major donor to president from get a million dollars. I think his inaugural committee this is the guy at the center of the alleged pressure campaign he was the one actually. Doing the pressuring alongside Rudy Giuliani. As to the chance to hear from him a political person so far we've heard from these career officials esteemed officials. I'm hard to impugn their character more important some and is it different dot key is somebody. Who was handpicked by Donald Trump and has politics in mind and so perhaps we'll see some more fireworks on Wednesday that. He is a key figure and on this and I'm certainly going to be watching that very closely on Wednesday. We'll Devin named hero wanna thank you so much for your coverage because of the ultimate cliff notes senate taking a viewers by the hand walking us all through this moment by moment.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Democrats call President Trump’s tweet towards Marie Yovanovitch an act of intimidation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67053025","title":"President’s tweet called witness intimidation","url":"/US/video/presidents-tweet-called-witness-intimidation-67053025"}