Prince Michael Jackson on how others can give back

Prince Michael Jackson, the son of the legendary late singer Michael Jackson feeds the homeless at Port Authority in New York City and gives advice on how others can give back.
8:37 | 03/06/17

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And it's like you said it's good W. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Hell yeah. Yeah. It's really get the code is even though they haven't seen too many people in the game. Need at all it is absolutely dealing yes yes street. We GE and have a lot of people are being captured. Land. Inside. Help on days like this really doing their job Bennett. I thank you want me. Good if you took the fifth. It is given up more west south of Cairo would. Wow. Sounds just like LA how right. I'll go to memory though they do. I had my world I live all firing. Police ambulance there. I'm way more starting. I don't. We have roughly. The premier from McDonald's. Now right yeah notre midday nap. We're not great but life. Yes yes. A. Breezy. I got out of crazy stuff out of all the things homeless spikes and if she knows. They move homeless population up from underneath bridges and governor and I like and don't like for like pyramids yet to you can't wait. Hammer out what place did but I remembered as a very big thing. Tonight looking to uphold the. Last laid out. Freely. They're coffees are. They're amazing. Undergo an IMF. They'll say we can help anybody out here. I'm Russian had a ski mask show. I know right. I'm. Worse and bettered its with a double edged sword here you get the wind you know. And ahead of exercise. I'm might you'll just leave the bus Pelletier. Just go dozen bags we don't have anybody here. So we knew at. In LA sometime this leave. So we leave it outside there at tent. NATO's door and now that sandwich is would you like one. All right all right. What is this this is. It's an intricate contraption. Home is. Yeah. It. All I like helping people out and so some people understand they don't want who is a much that they're busy doing nothing but if they want to its good. To help somebody out give them a meal. Sometimes Khatsava conversation people like how you doing try to staff the cold you know it. Yeah yeah exactly because people forget that you can help people but they are people so it's good to treat him like people are talking as if they are people. Also addressed. You go. Dignity throughout our right. Yeah Madonna once that was left in here. All right we got one left in. I have nowhere tenets of sound without a license. You go man. If you have a good day all right. Conductance out of nowhere and nothing sandwich is not. I'm right. And it. They. I. Yes. You could anger some wonder if there's various ways to go but the positive is that so much better than a negative. That it's a risk that you it's worth taking I mean you should make Smart decisions and usually it's a dangerous area. It's going to a large groups like we do with our student organization it. But it's always important stuff just talk and as long you just explain what you do like you know listen we're handing out who would like some lot of people who is amazing I love. This so people lot of people just. We'll be happy about it I think thank you all out of its funk. I'm. Talk to people at halftime and went down you know it. And in room. Long way BI I try to inspire people either my younger siblings or cousins. And I try to. It's. There's giveaways to materialistic we help people because they are in need of food clothing and stuff like that. But also people are in need of human companionship communications. Conversation. And sometimes I can make somebody's day long lived through it. A normal conversation with them talk about them. And for. When he had concerns when it's crazy and they do you thank you. They break here yet. My father had always raised me talking is a very important thing QBs are. We are handing out. Which is exactly I got one all right I'll write. So communication is very important part of solving any type of problem because you can fight it out you can argue it out but in the end. You only come to a compromised by talking. So it's it's very important to understand that but even wars are ended with a compromise and communications. And that. It's fate it's part of who we are people that earth yes.

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{"duration":"8:37","description":"Prince Michael Jackson, the son of the legendary late singer Michael Jackson feeds the homeless at Port Authority in New York City and gives advice on how others can give back. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45938531","title":"Prince Michael Jackson on how others can give back","url":"/US/video/prince-michael-jackson-give-back-45938531"}