Former prosecutor analyzes Ghislaine Maxwell case

Law professor and former prosecutor Jessica Roth says Maxwell's prosecution will center on witness testimony.
5:05 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for Former prosecutor analyzes Ghislaine Maxwell case
Let's is more analysis on this case and bring in Jessica Roth a former New York federal prosecutor and professor at Cardozo law so much for joining us tonight. So we'll ask you about the timing of mr. ressam and this is a year after Ratzinger was indicted in after the FBI had been tracking her for months so what do you make it that. The tiniest certainly intriguing that we here we are a year. Or Epstein has charged an arrest and Allen were all Al. About two weeks out crime Jeffrey Berman having an Alice it is this attorney in the southern district of New York. So those are very important points of reference they each I'm not sure what to make and then yes I think we're still going to be watching to see what we learned. Mother who's from milestone events that I noted today inking an isn't doing some research included getting out in June. A judge Trudy compensation fund are the victims of Jeffrey Epstein. Better was put together through litigation brought by the attorney general Virgin Islands. And they think that finally went into effect June seek teen. This is interesting to get out of Paris prosecutor. And I take comfort from knowing that actually is up and running to compensate the victims regardless of the outcome in any criminal case and I am actress you now that's an interesting thing about again context. And then of course there's the ongoing civil litigation involving well. Including the ongoing release of documents from some of the civil litigation filed against church a couple of months back a second Circuit Court and she'll rule that some of those documents. To be released to the public and there's been this steady released and those documents. Were filing yesterday. By lawyers or Maxwell. And opposing their release some of the news documents. In the tutors so their handlers for each year because perhaps they thought that the release more damaging information from Asia and when you motivated. To actually I remorse and then. Four and axles and lightning covers a time period in the ninety's but Epstein instructors covered a much larger period so is that significant. Certainly. In her. Right. I want to welcome with open rent and praying for Epstein is to Chile 2000. Spat and there's no reason that nothing more aware to suggest that parting ways between those time periods so I think it's quite interesting that this district focused charges an earlier time frame at a press. Prince today. Strap is the acting US attorney in the southern district and he works here drag charges prequel. To the Epstein arrogance and just like that we can't exactly this and I learned conduct I just how. Happening at an earlier point I just of. Prequel Candice is being handled by your old office how would you prosecute a case like this and what kind of key facts you need to establish. It mean the most important evidence in this case is going to be testimony or is building dams. And certainly many of them are already on record accusing. Having been intimately and all. Jeffrey Epstein crimes. And raised in the indictment that was filed today as being groomed them at any communication and set up appointments and even happened being physically present for and participate in each center this sexual abuse that testimony and as victims or be critical and it be working with it tends. Acting on their mission they are. And we are your testimony but then be looking for corroboration and there should be plenty of that here in the nature of documents which they are Latino asking me your money being around in her slain plane trips and pour this into an art and the charges here is engaged in the interstate transportation. Of miners at the per cent criminal sexual acts as an anti Arab records. Should phone records. And then of course and Alder. Corroborating testimony not his pilots and other witnesses keepers people who would have had first hand knowledge. Or if not direct and circumstantial. And given your history I'm sure you've seen and heard at all what kind of defense do you think that you might get from Maxwell. She already. Used in dams are lying and I expect her defense in the civil litigation that's been brought against her seeing it this just. And what's interesting here is that two of the charges were filed against. Perjury charges alleging that she lied under oath and Freddie sixteen and in a deposition. In the context and that civil litigation but she effectively denied having participated in this criminal activity so I would expect it. The first line of attack is simply. Actual denial upper involvement. And perhaps suggesting that Jeffrey Epstein who is now Dan and was solely responsible. Now and not her all right Jessica Roth thanks to so much we really appreciate talking to you.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"Law professor and former prosecutor Jessica Roth says Maxwell's prosecution will center on witness testimony.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71588024","title":"Former prosecutor analyzes Ghislaine Maxwell case ","url":"/US/video/prosecutor-analyzes-ghislaine-maxwell-case-71588024"}