Protesters rally in opposition to Trump's family separation immigration policy

Activists drive for hours to demonstrate against the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" policy that separates immigrant parents from their children.
4:47 | 06/19/18

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Transcript for Protesters rally in opposition to Trump's family separation immigration policy
Administration. Zero tolerance stance on illegal border crossing of course that's leading to thousands of families being separated. At the border we're joined now by deal when the pistons down there are now that's detective work in the compressed out there today Geoeye doormat. Hey Zachary gets an incredibly hot day here but even so all of these people here are getting ready to march for a mile and I want to show you some of these signs here because. Obviously they're here because right now in this country we're talking about 2000 kids who have been separated from their families. And I want to see some of these sides here keep families together we've. Here Stanley belong together humanity. Cannot come here. Citizenship or green card and you could hear these people. Talk about three are children now about their chanting hang out because they're hoping to martz now miles and it looks like more and more. Joining us Mort. And they're going to be here for a while they're going to be marching because they want to send this message to Capitol Hill they won ascended to White House they want to send to Washington. You know TO I understand that lawmakers are expected to vote on the bill this week neither a few bills neither bill is expected to deal. With children separated from their parents that's problematic on a couple levels. My question for you is you've seen this facility in May gallon taxes I understand they're they're running out of room there is that right. Yeah and you know we have video I'm not okay. Up but we actually saw this and they'll come in yesterday and a reminder. Journalists are going into the facilities would go wild to me how we're not actually amount to. Good were not allowed to take over. What's happening is that it. These video. Photos so what we've been seeing lower. Thousand ends out there to McAllen facility we're talking about a 1001000. Man that we hit it. Those young children at an earlier in the those you know what I looked at the pages and now. One more quick question from GO I understand that right there every day people are now raising. We're these family. How little backward because. Every day people yeah go ahead and donating. Their. But these bodies. Donate to these different groups that are helping these migrant families so one couple in California in particular in just three days raising more than three point six. Million dollars worth that number keeps rising 84000. People have already go to. On that FaceBook. GO I'm wondering if you can speak to some of the folks behind you maybe pick one of them outing and let us hear from them and in in. Allow with a little better understand why they're routed. Didn't make short. We have micro already that we could do go ahead let's let's try to do that's okay we could talk. So let anybody here. We're talking about families. Families together will live on ABC right now. Hi there so you're saying oh yeah thanks families belong together what is your message right now we have to. Although there is no reason that there's no justification since he had to stop right now and I have to stop I have nowhere yeah. And you're a mother to another clearly look at me and I'm out of your morning that's coming. Skeleton you know years from now how yeah we did what we do here and we don't put up with this how long and then it will not four hours. He threw for only at the hearings. How important I was there's more people hear me thirty million people here who don't actually feed me. My community much every Wednesday at all. I'm sorry and am willing to mr. Kendall's looking at every other signs here so we could see. There's those just six. You know right now I really believe this is just a pivotal mortgages in America that it is an. It's been lead ultimately how did poultry. A familiar what I'll tell you it's when they see these pictures. On television. Our children our very loudly argue over the counter people that. I think he's well we'll see if there are I think to some extent so clearly people are up slightly from all over the place and Al. New Mexico four hours away. To be here. Three are children Nelson and. Do you believe this was there now that's a great job this morning on GMA NB 52 gotten us today. Or maybe seems like they're great did you.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Activists drive for hours to demonstrate against the Trump administration's \"zero-tolerance\" policy that separates immigrant parents from their children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"56004946","title":"Protesters rally in opposition to Trump's family separation immigration policy","url":"/US/video/protesters-rally-opposition-trumps-family-separation-immigration-policy-56004946"}