Protests against President Trump continue in Los Angeles

ABC News' Olivia Smith speaks with the organizers of the 'Not My President' protests in L.A.
19:24 | 02/20/17

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Transcript for Protests against President Trump continue in Los Angeles
Yeah. In their content it. Here on the on the Morgan. Yeah. On yeah. And rally. Yeah. I mean the end of the women's minds we are inspired by Angela. I didn't want to wait and I'm Smart yeah and other big rally yeah. As president in the coming decades and the holiday and very island. Your social media and in current and now we at any campaign on its feet but right now we're on mountain people aren't. Leon. And another patent. Nothing the idea and then we enemy remains Al and the and I'm not all of our friends Damon who I am Mike I guess it's. Men and at different city. And then they also made amends. And we end up happening Holland and England the city's name to anybody wanna help us and I knew a lot of women are. Look around and I. I'm they didn't get Oliver sesame incoming president. I'm we then no Nelson and a lot of people. It's. In England and using asks I'm not my cup. I've written. And so we're planning on staying up. Where we're getting all of the rally in the the rallies it's hanging. Great yeah. Dialing 9:30 AM. He's sorry I got here on the corner an American pilot namely that aren't. It's definitely look really think. It's not bringing you profiles and it's my program. Ultimately the night. Can anything it's coming out. Clearly you can't. He's not yeah like many every night in. Again. I'm eyewitness parent my new technology spending the night people want. Where about nobody yeah. And organizing a rally. Yeah. It is. They're right now. An inning here. I'm very proud today and he'll bring can't count on me. Clinton makes me. I'm. Here a lot of I'm in a yeah yeah. Like a lot of yeah I'm not happy. You're not. Yeah. But. My head and I talked a lot. Healing time. I'm him. V zero. I'm exiting. I don't know what that meant yeah. Yeah. Are you right. I'm not. Added. Right now. They up. Three. I don't mean he's pouring rain. Comment my. I. Our like you're biking company. I. Yeah yeah. Carefully. Running him. I'm not a bring I think. They might not mean. My main that money behind him. Around them and now we don't want. And yeah he's right. Can't they are yeah. Mean yeah. Great things. Crap yeah yeah. We definitely. Feeling yeah. It's funny. Can't you. Call it. Of the world. People from pre holiday here and those people. Yeah god yeah. Coming. He has. Yeah. He oh yeah. Why you're here. A man as he does not present. What we think it's. Not good in the first. Britney look up. Now let. Conan Craig and but now. And like yeah yeah Adam hadn't eaten and. Have a it didn't I'll begin at night. Eat good men at any bank. Nothing about take. Didn't. None. They waited yeah. He says. DO yeah. Until well into the matter the hope and the and unite did you hear people in the Lehigh and thank god made me in the great. Out on the night club and now the. Oh no they're not doubt though he didn't get. Eight and he didn't mean he killed him in. Good morning good. We can't. Yeah. Mean not against him from little. The government has served in the hearing who. I. Yeah. You know. Do. Unheard. Mean yeah. City Hall in the handling. Then again we're. Do you wrap and I'm. Where you're hanging it made its people around. Mom. Grace yeah. I enough. I only okay. In the letter. A it happened again and it had. I'm. Okay. I'm it OK again rally in mock. He's taking a different time maverick yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. And maybe you can. Okay. Okay. Okay. I can't help okay. We're. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. We're okay. And they're calling it yeah rally. Thank. Nothing quite.

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{"duration":"19:24","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith speaks with the organizers of the 'Not My President' protests in L.A.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45617874","title":"Protests against President Trump continue in Los Angeles","url":"/US/video/protests-president-trump-continue-los-angeles-45617874"}