Why Puerto Rico is in a state of emergency over gender violence

Protests have broken out after the alleged murder of pregnant 27-year-old Keishla Rodriguez
7:47 | 05/13/21

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Transcript for Why Puerto Rico is in a state of emergency over gender violence
It has been more than 100 days now since Puerto Rico declared a state of emergency over gender violence the last it was the first time the government set aside funding. To address this rise in violence against women Deb wrote Peggy Hernandez an analyst for the observatory for gender equity. Is here with more on all of this Deborah first off. Thanks for being here and walk us through how big of an issue this is. Four people on the island and how things got so bad there. Well look different invitation for making on this issuer bid civil mesh and why. I'll do it isn't very dire situation com there organizational was feminist organizations and that being call an attention to this issue for the last three years. Especially after a big hurricanes need not on money because the situation. Or crisis. Instant increasing gender violence on waste we saw Nutting Korea's. And was a need to. Making collecting data so that we could actually prove to the government that they increased less and eat because they Goran was not producing numbers. Amin did you mention that album senate million dollars or requests that an allocated to come back disintegration are to deal with this situation goes I don't like that they'd be out of work. I'll metaphors. But it. And it is the we should mention that problem that all our site is called sidebar initially denied seven million because we aren't colony where a territory of the United States and this is our site or I should say I'm the by dead pumping iron and gives those renovations that that we're not percent they're out an emergency and meet us arms to be able to. To create their menus aren't being a new common and allow all ages since two. Deal correctly would be Asia and it is kerrobert site denied those still sponsor and own a reason why they outdated that mount. It's because there are many stations went on blistering someone and winds of the street sense that it. You know protests being. What happened and that situation. So what are later they're hoping that this new seven million dollars and approved funding will do to help. Well what we have seen since the declaration of all emergency is that the bend don't wasn't competing in the ninth got me if I don't. That has been discussing com is up. Doesn't that agency needing. Where many several organizations nonprofit organizations that work with woman and have knowledge of first time issues not gender violence. I Simmons and other aches Simon and was going on in the system. That what we can see is that album. This fifth and is not working. Every agency in the system needs to make changes and a lot of those changes require additional funding because many of dead reasons there. The Monday and our income. Provided is. That there isn't enough funding to hire. They didn't need Ed personnel. And also that they reason enough funding to provide the adequate training. We also about a lot of the funding also is supposed to golfers public campaigns which can put very good that hasn't really being. Many come pains to talk about gender gender balance doesn't really need to create this educational campaigns that talk about. What to end their violence is and what we can do to avoid that to change the way we look at gender and the way we're look at and so on social worlds a woman in society so that we can. Preventing not just I don't what happens that prevent was going to this this violence against women. And chance people. Abbott and the state emergency has been declared for a hundred days now so. What else's bin does that do to help address this problem besides this now new move. Providing a sector funding. Well actually a breather and went to the table it actually create up I need and un. I can't afford to actually try to make changes and all of them all day lenses that are sitting on the table have not Symbian is set together with the disposition to actually make changes in and the pass. And that's when we really needed this is and that's what this is really provide an and it's providing there for a day and this hum. Convicts to be able to say well this is something that needs to be taking care and we can just say oh we're gonna take care of within the next year at night has to be taking care of now. Like we saw you're talking about the case of Kish not dying. But actually are being assassinated that same day another woman was assassinated and that case that case a London area. Actually show them how bad the system. It's actually how much is failing women because in this issue did everything anyone will ask a woman that is in a city commission agenda balance. Gone to the police. Go until the courts they would quit a protection order. I'll try to get a conviction for this person to did everything and she was denied every step of the way. And this became obvious the word Allah record inside an audio recordings where she was hug and about how the solutions who was on the system Hud had felt her. And we also wearing them to seize some transcripts of what the judge actually setting here here is. And it was just devastating to see how how long this woman was within the system and does the title. You know doesn't I don't doubt convicts and behavior than used to be changed and is not easy changes I'm gonna happen overnight but. But we really need this gender perspective medication. And training and for the system to action to develop appropriate Oracle's to act in this situation it's. So can people watching right now what couldn't. What can viewers at home due to help. Well I think what people can do to help is talk about the issue in their homes took about the issue with their families would that partners. I think a lot of what the movement is talking about is also the role masculine in December all of the men in this fighting can not only India but fighting. Old woman alone. Men need to recognize where they are and what are they play in this process it and if it's not active me. Nelson just do to make sure that consumed the bed to halt accountable the institutions. That they add ten to especially Daryn place is a privilege. Because we need to be highlights too of the woman and isn't below that electrons that but I am not in a place a privilege to actually be able to protest and demand that the rice be held up on. For example we just cut out legislation turned down Billiton legislation that come. We weren't trying to a stop and prohibit any outcome prayers some therapies. For people who are crimes or are buying or are added two new communities does something none is still indicted and is being done. By religious communities. But also by a bomb professionals mental health professionals are doing conversion therapy and where it's basically he's heard your territory in dumb people. But did not cheat and stunned there's of gender identity I want to. Could proclaim a different gender identity and this insulation. Let's not pass and what it doesn't just stayed brave bias that day called struggle lives that. I'll need to be community is dawn I doing something that is not right and that is that type both believe. That prejudice its people. And allows this gender violence to replicate so doesn't let them things that people can help help us aside from that of the stations that prohibit. Intolerant behavior that prohibited racism that prohibit its. Being prejudiced against Communists and the TBQ I wells communities. Right observatory bird gender equity analyst Dan wrote Peggy Hernandez we appreciate your time today thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"Protests have broken out after the alleged murder of pregnant 27-year-old Keishla Rodriguez","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77668482","title":"Why Puerto Rico is in a state of emergency over gender violence","url":"/US/video/puerto-rico-state-emergency-gender-violence-77668482"}