Puerto Rico in turmoil amid governor scandal

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló is rejecting calls to resign after his profane private messages were uncovered.
3:41 | 07/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Puerto Rico in turmoil amid governor scandal
Removal on two Puerto Rico. Demonstrators continue to protest outside of the governor's mansion calling for. His resignation the reason it's a scandal where 900 pages of conversations were leaked showing the government manipulating media stories in trying to discredit negative press coverage it also revealed sexist and home phone with hope homophobic language so I want to bring in. Carla mean net from the center of investigative journalism. Carla Kinney just break down what's going on here on an explain why the people have been so upset over the last couple of days. Well. Our center for investigating your journalism. Qualities last Saturday morning. Com. 889. Pages chats. Between that govern our and eleven copies most of those. Operators and secretaries. And it shows. Besides all be missed in a stakes. Joseph Sam and insults. To journalists could bode create years to our days and two. His own cabinet members. Com it shows that. These collaborators his brother's ass he calls them. Realize political. Party ward built green working out worse that were paid with public funds. And you know ask for us these. Chat show's. Sole scenes Ben. People. I'll have been expressing. Their frustration. Their reach. A home. There embarrassment. About this govern our and he is closest collaborators. And has come to protest people happy in protesting in scenes Saturday. And Carla dean thinks that this has anything to do with B. After math and rebuild on after the hurricane. Of course it has to eat house it is created. In some exchanges in the chat they talk about they would build. Process India Thailand. You know very. Disrespect till. And disrespectful afternoon light weight. Bay City. In something's that's there's. Com big heck they aren't looking for someone to blame on this loan is of their recovery. They talk about the debt people. You know. The daily ferry to the rebuilding process and a you know very histories. Extra weight. An end just before we go I just want to un and hear your opinion on where Puerto Rico goes from here this is obviously devastating. It is. Eighties. In a way. It is good that the king's life experience. I kind. Public officials that we have. Leaving the country people are probably right to know that com. In being you know on the other side used is very sad it's frustrating. People been for five case now in on the streets. And I think it's an hour. End badly eat there you go Bernard doesn't currently signed. Irate in parliament net where we're keeping our eye on this thank you for joining us today we appreciate everything. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Gov. Ricardo Rosselló is rejecting calls to resign after his profane private messages were uncovered. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64370206","title":"Puerto Rico in turmoil amid governor scandal ","url":"/US/video/puerto-rico-turmoil-amid-governor-scandal-64370206"}