Purple Heart Reunited With Family 30 Years Later

Ronda Stone found Lowell L. Reynolds' family after buying his medal at a 1979 auction.
1:57 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for Purple Heart Reunited With Family 30 Years Later
It was 1979. When Rhonda stone was struggling in life. She lived in would -- at the time and went to a storage unit auction hoping for a sign. I -- Florida if there's anything you want me get in one of these boxes flip Mino. So the first fox went from he bought it in in the second box came up. And nobody said anything -- to the owners. Two dollars for two -- she feels are worth so much more a Bible with encouraging hand written words -- side. And a purple heart I had -- Responsibility. To get back to him she tried looking in the phone. I've tried. Veteran organization. Without success then years later in 2006. Tragedy struck her beautiful home -- up in flames. Among the -- the purple heart remains it was tucked away in the -- somewhere where it fired -- it. She kept it safe for several more years -- right there until finally another sign. I just happened to see -- with false to say it she -- advertisement on FaceBook for a nonprofit organization purple hearts reunited. Within 24 hours the nonprofit learned private -- L Reynolds died in France in 1944. During World War II. But his son is still alive -- it finally gonna happen. And that this purple heart is actually don't get back to Wear the purple heart is now on its way to Boise Idaho with a copy of this letter from Rhonda. I am grateful for his service to our country and the ultimate price he -- Rhonda says shall miss that purple heart in a way. It's encouraged her all these years that she knows it belongs with the man who lost his father had just two years old I just hope that just holding. Would get him some kind of connection with the -- and thinking. In can be Eric announcement -- -- news.

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{"id":18764481,"title":"Purple Heart Reunited With Family 30 Years Later","duration":"1:57","description":"Ronda Stone found Lowell L. Reynolds' family after buying his medal at a 1979 auction.","url":"/US/video/purple-heart-reunited-with-family-30-years-later-18764481","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}