'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin dead at 76

The legendary singer known for "Respect" died in Detroit Thursday.
27:38 | 08/16/18

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Transcript for 'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin dead at 76
Good morning I'm alone enemy koskie and you're watching ABC news live were coming he would breaking news Aretha Franklin. The queen of soul has passed away. We've been hearing some airports for the last couple days that she had been sick gravely ill. And it a lot of friends were coming to her bedside to come pay their respects and so now the reports. Al this morning are that the queen Exel hasn't passed away and we're going to our local affiliate in Detroit now to see more about. The amazing singer and her life. Detroit while she may have passed Aretha Franklin we'll always have the key to our hearts that is certainly a very true statement. And we do have a bit more now on Aretha Franklin and the legacy that she leaves behind in Detroit. She captivated Ford Field back in 2006 when she sang the National Anthem at the super ball. But before she did that I resent sat down with our Diana Lewis for an interview she stunningly saying without warming up. Mesmerized Deanna and our entire. I'd like either just give me a little something something that can we just hear Aretha Franklin just a little of the National Anthem a spiritual. You would love to just Treo loyalists literally happened. I don't know what my voice sounds like really. Usually warm the last thing better than anyone in the world and I think but with. You. What. All of saying can use these. Hasn't gone. It's. Let's show Brad. You each day Hayden. And the slap its demands mean. A. All right all I'm buys anything god bless you. Bless you thank you know much I've lived. Wow what a moment Aretha Franklin always so amazing onstage and off Detroit. Would not be the same without our queen of soul again it. We're back here now with ABC news live I'm aligning koskie and recovering the breaking news Aretha Franklin's death. Joining me now is Mike news he's an anchor on serious a radio and a pop culture expert Mike good morning to you. And get more and eight. Of course devastating news. Here that the queen Hansel has died topless about. What this woman meant for four the world of music. Samantha made things for the world to me take a particular our readers Franklin was the Kirstie about you Europe one or 100 billboard titles on the billboard charts. Our Richard Franklin look off soul has given us such great music and soundtrack. I try to integrate contracts and iconic movie sparkle that was remains by the greatly Whitney Houston. We need our department are the first team I'm doctor I didn't hear the rocker all the change. Scandal and anger about a reader right into that knowledge that we've known her for reforming these mesmerizing renditions. Brent Obama and other inauguration in the but what did you think about that though what you read write and always had to try our and it reader prank on what's always known to be changing with the late great dark reverend doctor Luther king junior. I not a cute she looks warmed up. This funeral and so there is always good connection with the recur again Litsch making history and being I Kadish and being a voice that people would help or rendition and four octave range that she added each being able to eat it she just felt that they aren't a candle. And they get in Turks growing up in each show. It's always been that power and pitched at new taken as you know music it would unite music would make that come together and Eric something uniquely special. A powder respect her ability to really use that gift (%expletive) At this intersection of politics and pop culture and should be catalytic crystallized when it became remember Chiat mesmerizing performance epic Kennedy Center honors. Which he thank you that you still like a mom and daddy are honoring Gerald king inched Carol Ryan are present Obama Cragg Intel. That was big that they reach their garlic and leave behind but that's it. Her powerful gift of music at our staunch an herb hurt our ability to be moat and connect with our audience in ways that we wouldn't never ever have. What our generation. Yet that that the strength of that voice one that is recognizable the entire world over. It's something that you know we'll stay with everyone I think it gives everyone does bonds anytime and Aretha Franklin song comes on. And as you mentioned so many milestones hidden her career eighteen grammys the first woman in the rock and roll hall of fame. She was gifted the U prison presidential medal of freedom she performed at Obama's first inauguration as well as president Clinton's inauguration. That this tied to politics that you talk about. Obvious issue at a background in the church through her path through her father. How does that connection come in especially when we talk about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Countless interesting because a lot of big rate. Fingers but then that American community she always got Eric start with in the church. And there's something to be said about connective tissue or getting dark in the church and singing Whitney Houston another one the late great got her start in the church. And they're the nose and what you read that record being a father being a reverend and on that issue the law and towards the church and preaching. And when you really think about this civil rights movement. Really got its start start with in the church the church kept. Spirit the right move calling and the civil rights movement entered dives through the soundtrack and ending up at notre shouldn't. To really cute. Protesters spirit and morale up so it will remain on the outside seem unusual but when you wanted to get this thing about it what is it and that took a precedent for her. To be able she should partner with government to change until comfortable and that Beijing to release and that rendition going. Eliminating about where he comes from and to beat Detroit there's this this statue in the city this this man ever could that this spirit of Detroit X and the fighting to match in Detroit bench patted each at its spine at each rated fighting to be treated as strong city. He mutual in this state ever built on the back the blue collar controlling what mr. never built. Really cute black population and so that spear that are yes peace each each. Really it what that comes from a teaching that rendition comes from that took this driven to the right move which it comes from the spirit of the fittest and that Detroit Michigan and it comes from. Being within that church and a radio of these bishops in the street church preaching on Sundays and getting the crop star or two words. And she was able do that song and lyrics and buy it that way really are carried the civil rights movement much further a mark and that. Also to be part of her legacy. And Mike stay with us I also just want to bring in Chris Connolly his ABC's entertainer reporters. Chris thank you for joining us and talk plus a little bit about what we do know. When it comes to the circumstances surrounding Aretha Franklin's death it seems like she was very private. In her life and only in the last couple of days were we having reports come out that she was gravely ill. He. Her life you always hurt our focus on the music but what a life that I think the law. Tutors Ehrlich and keep its network but it is well I'm sure of the date the couple learned more about the last tutors and collect. Certainly there were many collectors about what are the different word in the last few years. You look battle of number of medical situation. Parry that way and party. It could recruit was to find out more about what was going on workers are. You know whether defenders of the music group withdrew from the it is an epic life and one. Still with great achievement and and certainly Lubbock put a look back here and more coal and everything to keep it also accomplice. And even in the last few days when that news was coming out that she was gravely ill we signed outpouring of support. On social media. From beyoncé -- easy at their concert that they were giving in Detroit we heard that Stevie Wonder and others were going to visit. Her in Detroit two B of by her side and to really pay their respects. What else have we've been hearing from people when they just talk about what Aretha Franklin has meant to them how she's influenced in touch them with her music. The April figures in popular music of collapse killed 75 years you would say the Frank Sinatra. Your remote and political finger of that period here are so many people who looked better while we're at the marker. So from every boy who here aren't American Idol Horry. Two. You know who create like a lately Korean pros who amazing singer Mary replies you all know that they come from. Decree in blue book or article. And after that you interpret thoughtful and what is that would record or what are people in politics and party it loot. You know they were very struggle Clinton on thoughtful review department recommended Hillary crane who well you're. Google Voice that there are many thought and it at all or was he knew it would it was not the what like agreement correlate. With what is it couldn't hurt who was aboard the blues. Standard and who would reprimand and and culture current approximately and then could look African Americans it was. You know call the action and all new. Are a collector who will. Since the respect the concern about the. And three Aretha Franklin songs are actually currently in the iTunes top 100 just when we talk about the influence the staying power. Of a woman like Aretha Franklin in the music that she's made those songs are respect. Natural woman and a say a little prayer. You know Mikey can you talk to us to have that. Place Aretha Franklin forests in the second half of the twenty sit twentieth century what it meant to be. A black one trying to paid your way and and really being at the top of her game in the world with music. You know China is raising question led that you brought up with. What every there was really known for what her identity and knowing who she is and being on apologetic about it righted eatery called. This to bring to levity to the conversation are having right now DiSpirito temporary us you'll walk out and stayed in the amazing expert actually it is known that an. No matter what vacation was the matter what the move was we were all we've Knology which. Be an expert or to be an amazing out you're amazing you're in the U would change you destroy on the ground. I read it should be our apologetic about it at. They got as we move into around mark a black women and that had to act black romantic and as we are to bring out of the general aspect. And an event and what does that mean to be at that minute and what did it mean women to only one. They're narrative and owner identity. And that in the twentieth century in the second half a red light I think there is no greater example back Bennett leader Franklin right true. The way she culprits are with such confidence in each she didn't care you know sometimes we'll listen know if nobody cared she didn't care at being competent. That she had was rich fresh. Right and this say that you could beach you're authentic selves or I think or are black women and what women across. The world to see that type or so on and she her own church and the way that she did aid I think it's really what. People can take away from or legacy Apache licked her right. And tech and Everett right. And attribute standard repeat quality hear it and the gas dispute remains in what she meant to music as well that's been had and even humans and Barrett advised. There's so many people who example her music are from our hat to orchestrated a deal that camera I'm Jamal dec. You know latent prints it did recover by her I could mean they'll listed both on and on of individuals. Who really have re interpreted her music and rear we have match in her music until. Even at her musicals on it continues there will be other that was sample it. So that others can still be introduced her to another generation pecan this particular and that it. Yet incredible influence that she's had and you know we're just showing images and video her over and over here you're you talk about. The fabulous furs of the content issue warming she was the original diva right. Yes you well as she was here but they written a Veba and accurate Carla confrontation brand. I had a chance to go to the White House do present Obama when he did it 8:8 specially evening or armed when bit of soul. And I remember about that there are Abercrombie plot to read that was forming it are remember we had to wait in the transition. Through that part says. As they had a how bad to cover it. But are we there had her own bed and didn't tell you what do they have a break so that how to make it go away to rethink her bring her own band out. I just loved that aspect that would aid nobody in my way date or read that banter reset because they'll let. She deserves the right to have whoever you want to perform behind her ailing you can tell both individual that did occur for years it and so that is go shoot. The respect level up her and that people there her on her identity even inside the White House makes you make sure he's basing ourselves. Builders you know are attacking it was tragic street just she got behind this ain't Africa but I think that of the net via my mother. Lauded or bring my mother at the gap Brett actually. About or a market be there. And I that's always been every batch and I will always share. Now we haven't our a lot of the recent days. While you're good son first of all for bringing your mother to that event and and like you says it's a testament to. Aretha Franklin does demanding excellence demanding perfection. Because she had to had attained that level and knew that he could. And you know Chris are we getting other any other information in this morning and we heard anything. Belts from her publicist her from her family. Ought what I've heard so far is there are no official announcement that there's something so I think. I think certainly in the hours and days to come or will you learn about. It also marked the Seward you know and of course we have around. With supper and that it went through it later won it certainly. And her parents but it was not the kind of person who could and or other. Was the route one that aura. Her life partner uses it and when duke burger. Don't order triumph and joy and freedom. And do her part time commitment that white people spotted with sir I don't like what things. There are darker he went her word about that. They were they were during their lives. You know spoken about. You know export in the middle school uses its it would have been. And I actually want to read the statement here that I have from the longtime publicist Aretha Franklin's from Gwendolyn acquaintance that it is with deep and profound sadness. The we announce the passing of a wreath at Louise Franklin the queen of soul. Franklin 76ers. As we said Franken with 76ers all when she passed away. And another thing that was said here is in one of the darkest moments of our lives we are not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain in our hearts. We have lost the matriarch and the rock of our family the love she had for her children grandchildren nieces nephews and cousins knew no bounds. And we have been deeply touched by the incredible outpouring of love and support we have received from close friends supporters and fans all around the world. Thank you for your compassion and prayers. We have felt her love for a wreath and a brings us comfort to know her legacy will live on as we grieve we ask that you respect our privacy. During this difficult time. And so that of course was the statement. Put out by everything Franklin's publicist. And that's statement issued by her family in knowing she was surrounded by annaly. And loved ones when she passed at her home in Detroit that's what we're being told. Again Mike you know as we just talk about. Every to Franklin and the influence that she had. How how how else do you see you mention Mary. Aretha Franklin and kind of the the impact that she had. I think one of the good. Impact that we began to. Celebrate her life and celebrate her legacy has really began to look back on all that Gingrich is accomplished. Un security chief who is going to shoot emerge as this next round up iteration and power fingers using their voice expert good right I'm thinking about that moment when a reader frank Landis side you'd read get re main hurt the Arab. Tickets are twenty albums and that's when he. To be young to condemn black. After being so moved by Nina Simone rendition. To be young gifted and black. And that showed again the connection and relation between minutes and moan another. Individual who use her voice camps were changed into usable questionnaire has attacked as an equal right. And civil right and then every what occurred on that. Or if you will weigh in and calibrated mean that by naming her album master added I'm looking pictures if you look going to be the next iteration of that. I might get it beckon a compromise under a day after day has this unique and powerful voice such as and it retail prank or an inch. Don't argue they have been using marriage as a source at and change. And the intriguing for good editing and narrative songs are good and so I'm going to be curious so watch this next group. Rupert generation. Our local vocalist. Who. Recognize responsibility. That they are just cut officers regardless I'll the other platform I think two days. Artists are becoming more where there are Mormon and willing to use it for good. That has been created through social media had been crede drew the attention they get on television entity airwaves. And lasting basis going to be a reminder that you do have a responsibility. With your voice in which your guest and your platform. Advocates for change about it what that changes by the Accenture it would work for feminist movement. Whether that changes that OG&E GQ I like it here whether that changes were after American community or whatever to engage. I didn't Q are you represent how do you use your voice or that and I think we're gonna learn so much more because this could sit mention. She at this such an incredible at this ROKR. And body of work have to look at to listen to you that you mentioned to report that visual just something about the power of visual riot and that's you scroll that B roll leopard dresses. Out it but we also to see her in knees. Positions in space superpower right when your on the Capitol Hill changing or. Present a commenting ever present and and when you are. Speaking at the White House you know that provide a TBS when you're seeing epic Kennedys senator you'd you'd see her and this isn't bases in the new here next. To mark the river her change you can't help but be moved into recognized that and low and that she was able to yield. They not act just so what can I do that well. And I think that is going to be something that we're gonna unpacked in the days and months and then hopefully years to come out this great record. Her music are gonna live audit timeless. It's classic. Right that it chi big do you is going to live on an error so I think that's on the topic and it take away that exceed and will be watching Boris who who has next. And I just want to reiterate here a have a statement from the recording academy. About Aretha Franklin's passing. And just to reiterate like I said her incredible. Success and we've obviously been speaking about how much further. Her influence really goes in have been pushing for change in helping people. Realize who they are any motion it's tied with her music but she also during her six decade career. Earned 44. Grammy nominations she had eighteen. Grammy Awards and she was recognized by the recording academy. On several occasions for her remarkable accomplishments as an artist and as a philanthropist. And she was given the recording academy Grammy legend award in 1991 the lifetime achievement award in 1994. And the 2008 music cares person of the year. So that statement there from Neil port now the president of the recording academy says the her distinctive sound her unforgettable recordings and giving spirit. We'll continue to be celebrated worldwide. Aretha will be dearly missed and our thoughts go out to her loved ones during this difficult time I want to bring in Gail Mitchell. Right now she's a senior editor at Billboard Magazine has also joining us scale thanks for being here and just had he can back off of what Mike was saying there. That Aretha Franklin. Not only with the power of her voice and her music also often found ourselves in places that exhibited. Power talk to us about that connection between her music and what was happening in the country politically. Recent board very. Engaging magnetic I'm there's so many you know I think is that you can you bet. Q there's a war crime and that and I think that really began when you look back at her life her father was a major influence and he would pay. A key. Person. In the upper right moment I don't know how many people can can go back in their lives like a rethink and remember that how many people are probably the very well her minister. There in Detroit and a lot of the movers and shakers of the civil rights movement and in the musical movement. At that time. Machine growing up she can go out there than they'd be sitting at her house with her dad talking about different thing. He was buried in the forefront in terms of recording his Harmon. And not putting that out on record and and going out and speaking. And about the movement and about I got all in all that so she had that bedrock at the beginning so naturally it was. A natural lump. Connection for her cute cute came up wins for Martin Luther King an end and doctor Margaret picking another two. Work with her and hurt and she spread the word I her I heard the prior. Gentlemen speak about the you know how you pay tribute to Nina Simone -- be young gifted and black I mean. I'm machine. King get connected. A period I grew up in and Nam. We get turmoil could have been you know anything in addition to what was going on in terms of civil right he's the whole seven of them women and respect. And things like thing and getting women to. To galvanize and then. And and and look at. How they were being treated and let them how they wanted to be treated and having it a minute no longer sitting back and not saying anything and that they can that is well. So calm. And I recall. Everybody are about her kicking the door in which would. The album I never loved a woman. I love love the man on both sides. The way I loved you and and that particular album which had respect and Oliver's brick and I'm not only her but. And I was growing up I remember her first album from Colombia and you can get hurt from the command of her reward them when they he's going to be injecting it can get the Ripa. We've been ray Bryant trio on Colombia. And note I'm still resonate. Today and yet don't have an artist like the Ripa. It will be interesting to see who got neck because when you look who who can go on it quite you know at the last minute sudden and for Palmer wrote me. On the Randi you get everything right everything arrived at fox high. She did it take over bridge over troubled water in the development despite many are on this yet made an error. Paler grayer. Young gifted and black only known that class and then amazing race and I'm hoping that maybe one of the next thing that we didn't come. He out of her legacy is that long anticipated documentary. And I think that while book. Be something for everyone in their country and in the music industry to to look at indeed a captain Manning she let them basically every genre. Yeah yeah yeah and I think everyone will hope for May be warm and intimate look to and want to know. More about her as he said once Aretha Franklin sang us on she owned it belonged to her no matter who may have saying it four who may have signed it first scale. Thank you for joining us today and again I'm alone I mean cops you've been watching ABC news live with us we are. Mourning the death. Aretha Franklin the queen of soul 76 years old also honoring her life and her legacy and her in packed. On American music and global music she is a voice. Recognized all over the world and our coverage of Aretha Franklin's death continues we're going to join hour Detroit affiliate W -- IC. As they cover the death of their hometown hero but before we go to them. Let's listen to Aretha Franklin a performing at president Obama's first inauguration in 2009.

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