Ramadan acts of faith seen during COVID-19

Members of the Muslim community adjust traditions while helping the needy during their holy month.
5:21 | 05/09/20

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Transcript for Ramadan acts of faith seen during COVID-19
As you might suspect Muslims in the US are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan -- differently this year as a pandemic has disrupted time honored traditions and kept members of the community from gathering together. But as they continue their month of fasting and reflection many muscles are still finding a way to connect. In an age of social distancing and to give back to those in need ABC's marine shop has the story. For almost a quarter of the world's population this sacred month of Ramadan it looks dramatically different god tells knock on. That life is not meant to be easy it's meant to view test prayer space at this Los Angeles mocked. Now our Rome for packing food. This place is not. And as a result you know we've got to it at the Islamic center of Southern California volunteers like Omar Ricci are stepping up. To put behind the less fortunate. Here. Three and under green and Adrian under and that's but only 46. Coach of. Foremost plans to Robin on at the time to elevate their spirituality and patient and giving. See after fasting connecting them to people who often go without food. And it is during this month the Muslims believe that the crime was first revealed to the Prophet Mohammed. And it was designated. By god in the cry on that listen shop fast from sunrise. To sunset. But cold in nineteen has made the community aspect of Ramadan challenging. Either worshippers at a islam's holiest site in Saudi Arabia before Kobe nineteen hit. Compared to recently with a cop up close to travelers. And breaking a long day's fast with the community. Also gone. Sun sets at 734 so we're gonna go inside and get the table ready to break our fast volunteer aide Bob hot sun now only fits with close family can eat during the dinner known expire. This is learn wanted me. Alone fast are you leaving. But even though people have to celebrate apart technology is bringing those of faith together virtually. The Muslim Jewish organization new ground help prayers and finery east via FaceBook. It's is actually meaning people. When the world is telling us isolated and distanced ourselves from one enough and these Muslims broke their fast together through a program called remote if. Bart. Did you guys have had on his public years. Wouldn't sucks that that lessons from 35 countries signed up to celebrate virtually. Edie is permanent and found a found we have celebrating and making sure our other. Indiana congressman Andre Carson. One of three Muslim represented says his community and his own family had back to confront major life changes this Ramadan. Paris the other Muslims. It does mean a lot and I think it makes much more stressful. A tune into stretchers associated with all jobs. Lost loved ones lost cousin recently due to open. He says losing family during the quarantine bulk going to the challenges are asking have made him a better represented it. For me. It. It's it's it's it's really important to. You really think about the less fortunate. And it is it is highlighted it even more so during these times and kind of had a sense of gratitude. Even though so much has changed brother purpose of gratitude and it's getting back. Remains the focus these Muslims in Maryland are using the current crisis determine their mosque in to a Red Cross blood drive for the growing number of hospital patients this is the time. Were. Believe faith is needed it's it's when you know in some respects faith is easy to have when times are good. Is when times. That are difficult or bad that's when you when get the practice faith. Omar Ricci is group in LA now safely hand delivering food to some of the hardest hit by the krona virus and many others in need. As you. Maybe bright happy tears like calling me say Messina Robinson. We're all part of this one would do win it together Robinson says the best part of her delivery was the human interaction. That this right here and meeting Eric proving that even though some rough but I traditions are different during this pandemic. The acts of faithful let them they'll powerful. And screen shot joins us now outside the Islamic center in Los Angeles rain is certainly great to see those acts of charity there. The many religious institutions are certainly feeling the strain of cobain's nineteen Howard mosques stealing financially with the pandemic. Yep that's right Lindsay many Moscow overspend their holy month helping each other but this must get selfish they are struggling. To this pandemic goes on for more than a year. They may not survive easily eat raised an entire quarter the ears by raising in just one month. And the end of Ramadan is still not two weeks away. Powell many Muslims celebrate in this age of social distancing. Utility still many mustn't be celebrating these beach in pursing gathering these big festivities of course it this year and that is not gonna happen at least not in this seeing wait. Heavy rainstorm may have people six feet apart adding this prayer rug six feet apart. That he really challenging is they're trying to get creative ways or integrate it helped create back together listening ringing Sean thanks so much room for.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"Members of the Muslim community adjust traditions while helping the needy during their holy month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70589623","title":"Ramadan acts of faith seen during COVID-19","url":"/US/video/ramadan-acts-faith-covid-19-70589623"}