Rare bird making a splash in New York City

A Mandarin duck reappears in New York City's Central Park
1:43 | 11/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rare bird making a splash in New York City
I haven't heard there's another creature making news right now. Right here in New York City it's a ducked a Mandarin dogs so I wanna go to TGO Holmes is out there in Central Park TJ. Yes folks have been coming to Central Park cameras in hand trying to and duck. A lot of dogs in some departments one doubt in particular that everybody has an interest did and why we'll take a look at that thing is gorgeous. It is a rare Mandarin duck is what it's call it has its multicolored. Whether that looks like that's sleeve on it acts of emerald green at some re having but just just when you look at what it showed up about a month ago. Here in new York at at the pond so it became a social media sensation at that point so people. Started coming here really by the hundreds they were lining the pond try to get us out of this thing. And so it became kind of our collective pet their for a little while but law the whole last weekend. It disappear nobody could find the duck there was concern maybe it left which would have been fine but also was concerned Avic. It was eaten. But then just yesterday it showed up again and we can all breathe. A collective sigh of relief so the question still how the world thing get here in the first place its native to East Asia. The vice thing and it made the trip her on its own so it's possible that it was someone's pet so it's it's a domestic animals are wild animal. We don't necessarily know how it's going to. React I was going to be paved but no one thinks it's actually going to migrants who might be hope this is here in New York. So might have escaped as the might just letting go but either way everybody is appreciating it so far this morning people are out with their cameras I do see them but not a sighting of the dot if you feel up its own point. Today but our pet is backed him.

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{"duration":"1:43","description":"A Mandarin duck reappears in New York City's Central Park ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59088064","title":"Rare bird making a splash in New York City","url":"/US/video/rare-bird-making-splash-york-city-59088064"}