Relentless Snow Slams East Coast

Government offices close early, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio warns citizens to stay inside.
3:00 | 01/21/14

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Transcript for Relentless Snow Slams East Coast
This is a special room. I'm -- -- new York and as ABC news digital special report when it comes of the polar vortex the sequel. Could actually worsen the original snow more than a foot of it in fact is mounting across the midwest and up the eastern seaboard. And next up the deep freeze ABC's come -- Bradley has the latest on. -- -- it is a double punch brutally cold air and heavy snow. It started in the midwest and now it's the northeast turned. He could keep snowing here in New York. All night. It's back. Relentless snow and frigid temperatures spreading today across the midwest and East Coast. White -- conditions from New York to Pennsylvania. Illinois to Indiana. An -- was coming that I didn't really think that it was going to be this much and just looking out the windows is a complete -- out some cities are bracing for more than a foot of snow with the heaviest accumulations tonight around dinnertime this is easily going to be the biggest snowstorm of the season. For cities like Washington DC Richmond always -- -- Virginia Beach -- blowing snow overnight travel is going to be very difficult. Today most of Washington DC was shut down government offices and schools closed. Philadelphia dismissed city workers early before the storm arrived and in New York the mayor issued this warning. We want New Yorkers to stay into the maximum extent possible this evening blowing snow and heavy winds are making driving conditions treacherous. But just -- -- Accident right there. A car. Ran into the Boston -- there's even a little bit so I had to sit down. After several crashes. A large stretch of I 65 near Indianapolis was ordered shut down for tomorrow morning's commute. Also tonight another massive polar plunge Chicago we'll see -- windshield of 22 degrees below zero. And in Minnesota wind -- nearly fifty below. Here in Central Park the snow is piling up that started early this morning in the temperature plunged. And and these conditions could last for a week. -- -- -- on clearly have not going to be going running tonight but what about those people that are trying to travel try to got a new -- APEC one East Coast. -- that's exactly right -- and we don't see too many joggers out here in Central Park tonight but it is a mess there have been. Thousands of cancellations. Across the country to -- just a mess at airports and roads are icy. Icy and slick. Very difficult traveling conditions but a lot of people stayed home with school being closed lot of businesses deciding not to open today so thankfully it's not really busy. Travel day. Before let you go get back inside the warmth of the studio that deep freeze that is coming and how long are we expected -- -- last. And it's going to be here for a while so we're going to get in three phases meteorologists say in this is just the beginning of it. We could see temperatures. And conditions actually -- like this until early next week it's going to be miserable for a -- and the ripple effect on the super ball just a couple weeks. There's lot of concern about that right the first time we've had an outdoor Super Bowl in awhile hubs so we'll see what the conditions bring in their a lot of contingency plans in place and of course New Jersey. Knows how to handle bad weather we'll see though if the fans can take it. Happened a test of the spirit right there ABC's Yvonne Bradley out in the elements -- Bob thank you so much appreciate that. I give the reporter here on as that storm is making its way up the East Coast from -- -- -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Government offices close early, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio warns citizens to stay inside.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"21615448","title":"Relentless Snow Slams East Coast","url":"/US/video/relentless-snow-slams-east-coast-21615448"}