Rep. Clyburn: GOP needs to ‘get in touch with reality’ on election results

Rep. Jim Clyburn reflects on his key endorsement that helped propel Joe Biden to the 2020 nomination, discusses diversity in Biden’s cabinet and what the inauguration will look like
7:32 | 12/16/20

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Transcript for Rep. Clyburn: GOP needs to ‘get in touch with reality’ on election results
You people have had a greater impact on politics in twirling Tony than our next guest democratic congressman James Cliburn of South Carolina. He's been called the kingmaker for Joseph Biden's 20/20 campaign with Klein prince critical endorsement in the South Carolina primary. Helping to propelled by an into the democratic nomination and in just a few short weeks. Into the White House congressman Cliburn thanks so much for joining us tonight. Yeah it. You famously helped turn around the African American vote for biting last February days before this South Carolina primary with the words quote we know Joseph but more importantly Joseph knows us. Did you ever imagine. That those words would potentially have the impact that they did in changing the trajectory of the presidential race and ultimately the direction of this country. No I did not broad Hugo. My weight wise. Spoke to me. A bouncer through June. Luis before she passed away. And rather. Entries for a disease it's midnight and our best chances. And then. Is. Cuba. As unknown. And that's me. And those who some and since most people. Solved I'm there. Another thing. Left we're in the room service. Images and gentlemen and she said to me I needed to speak to the community the community. Needs. For me. About Juba. And so. I was surprised it is enough to rid he would implement them back. Boehner isn't Austin's saloon in there divine intervention. Yesterday president elect Biden reach that crucial milestone with the Electoral College certifying his win but. What's your take now on the more than 60% of the house GOP members who signed onto that failed Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn the results of the election. What does that mean. For how Washington we'll function in the months ahead especially if these members or president trump supporters continue to cast doubt on Biden's victory. Local. These. Men and women. We really didn't agree this is a great country. It is not always been rich meals mom leaders. But it isn't just been gone in the world today. And we ought not do anything. Two brand did it and the displaying. One this future of this country. And so oh. That we'll put this behind them come together. Sukhumi indeed news imagine it notably his old because children grandchildren. It is just amazing to me. She would pass. The hottest organs one. To install. And I regret. And absolutely. It just don't do. And his whole you feel alone candidate. Isn't. Don't see and I hope that is an anomaly. Or lose your job. And you say you hope obviously different from you believe. Do you think that will be the outcome or here's hoping for the best outcome. I'm just voted for the Telecom. These are. Few Indians and the real nuisance and that didn't. And you've certainly been outspoken in recent weeks calling for more racial diversity in the upper ranks of the Biden cabinet we've seen that with some of the latest nominations but we've also seen many appointments are individuals who served in the Obama administration. And few progressive voices has a by nineteen done enough to bring the parties full diversity including ideological diversity into this cabinet. Who else would you like to see via part of his team. Today. They're people who just as archery. These are denominated. Florida senator chuck Dixon. And just about as progressing. As he can be. I also. That. She's address problems. Opponents in this administration. This is made progress in an accomplice in. From the moment I just meant there it is human being good and decent and this is just positions as well you know. On the secretary's insistence that a terrorist. A lot of wrong bare chest. Inside government. And Hennessy. The president there as well. Song of course. Major negotiations of course are also happening on Capitol Hill right now over additional economic relief and response of the pandemic there seems to Obey and some progress but then some sticking points still remain. So are their deal breakers for you how are stayed in and local later direct checks to Americans a must have in the final legislation or could Democrats. Back smaller package for now. Nothing to Democrats. Again gizmo back this is not because. They didn't CHE. Is well. We news all of us don't and his friend. So reverend doing. Well mark you do it before a six months. And Nicholas although practiced by management but just being only drums and that is on the creativity. And need to take place because we gotta get direct hero. Two people. Who need to get through the next few months and in a written Surette. And lastly of course are also chair of president elect Biden's inaugural committee. We of course will be seeing a very different kind of ceremony this year Jude and Kobe. Just give us kind of a sneak peek sense if you will what the inauguration might look like in and how you pull it off in the middle look pandemic. Yeah. Does not listen as well Joseph Biden there's always. I'm and this isn't easy. So we're gonna live now what do you think the American people want to beat them in for yeah ordinance we. A socially. It is a scene. Do these additional few steps. Yeah. Being all of which in the evenings and did not I'm not really good we usually. And virtually object to those people who move and that's happened this. With just certain well production. Is going to be something like that so affected people move yet. Something million and Dennis it and yeah follow. To get legitimate need to flew over to determine ultimately do and then. A celebration. About. Yeah that's us and gotten economy. It is a little bit because the businesses. Joseph. Thank you so much for your time not an honor to talk to you congressman Cliburn appreciate having you coming on the show to limits.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"Rep. Jim Clyburn reflects on his key endorsement that helped propel Joe Biden to the 2020 nomination, discusses diversity in Biden’s cabinet and what the inauguration will look like","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74749876","title":"Rep. Clyburn: GOP needs to ‘get in touch with reality’ on election results","url":"/US/video/rep-clyburn-gop-touch-reality-election-results-74749876"}