Residents try salvaging belongings in wake of wildfires

Although many families were left with their homes destroyed by the fires, some have returned to retrieve their valuables.
5:07 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Residents try salvaging belongings in wake of wildfires
You guys. They're doing better. You can believe that bomb. And there's these two. Another very little cup couple that things are crosses. And it's. And learned that those those those little things that you find a day that a Telus you are your dad David Carey and yet it's my parents house. The Bill Clinton ninety's. After a career overseas and that government. And came back his retirement home built this. And that cure for that is 35 years. Three generations. Because as regards as my daughter and actually for generations have been in the coming here and cancel school. You bet I can I can't imagine what what what what the emotions must be like for you and your family and you're glad that your parents. Potential okay. Home. How how do you. Take this all men and and excellence but of something real simple foam through. It's just material stuff that's what matters. And stay focused on. What we have. And I think rebuilding for the future. And yet things and I agree the reality is a case of house. Occupancy my brother lives nearby there house made it through that last night. You know and that's look at you think about stink from about other everybody affected by it and not only here bus fire that just all around. He really had nothing to complain. It's pile of crap and. Yeah we're still we're still very fortunate. Enough. Sincere. And and and even into a lot of people alone across the country. And anything overseas. Are praying for you got. And and really. Believe we ought to make it through this. What what does that that what does that mean to you. Now at a time like this know it's funny it's it's just you don't see it. Further away but to see it here the family have how supposed to burnt down they've been in about a year. I've known about them I've talked to many parents Don Meehan and never met him just memory now it came up and me shared condolences and and soon can tell it's very emotional from as well so does having. Knowing that there's a community behind me in the number of people that you know. That either we're very closely to related to us by family friends or ancillary just somebody have to work with whatever amount of people reach out. It's phenomenal insists that swept that's what we're supposed to do instantly they can't. And because this really. That it didn't come out of nowhere but we knew about the boot the potential. But the Syria has not seen something like this it is in a long long time gotten you know it's funny I was talking in my life about. You know fires that hadn't been here since 90% never heard a fire like this than I know one fire that happened further out. Some years ago and that was known that was. And then literally like. Minute later in the news is on and and fire chief is saying. In the areas and work in the area for thirty years and he's never seen it like this don't you know case in point. That was surreal scene seeing all this smoke and fire burning foothills of the length in the number of people affected. Welcome and they as a business it would take to most of the time is there anything I personally analysts say right now you know that you think is important. Just remember what's important. And it's in the that is dumped her organs. So you that are appreciate you famine which no. Matter what it is. Thanks David thank you gentlemen thank you very much appreciate your time just the very best he. Com and so this is as one of the of the many families. Here. Beginning that process. Of we buildings. But is you just heard David say for them this is a reminder. All of this is a reminder of what of what. They believe is important and it's not anything material. It's that family. It's the the people you love and the good experiences in the in those memories that you share together even in times like this. With a so much devastation around. That they still have hope. And I think that is the message that is the feeling that's I've experienced here. In Ventura county as these fires continue to burn. Across Southern California the people here appreciate your prayers and we appreciate you following Keep it right here for the very latest as other story continues to bow.

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{"id":51633752,"title":"Residents try salvaging belongings in wake of wildfires","duration":"5:07","description":"Although many families were left with their homes destroyed by the fires, some have returned to retrieve their valuables. ","url":"/US/video/residents-salvaging-belongings-wake-wildfires-51633752","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}