First responders continue to tackle massive wildfires in Southern California

ABC News' Marcus Moore is on U.S. Highway 101 in Ventura County, where firefighters battle to contain wildfires and save homes from being destroyed.
3:00 | 12/07/17

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Transcript for First responders continue to tackle massive wildfires in Southern California
Marcus Moore with ABC news here in Ventura California where we have been following the Thomas fire as it burns here in Southern California right now standing along the one O one freeway that as you can see just behind me here there are flames and it is Rory. Alongside the highway and you see the fire crews there that have been trying to put some water on those planes. All of this interstate. How it which is you never and I know as a major artery here in in Southern California. For much of the morning it's been close. But they have reopened this freeway because it is such an important part of moving up people and also moving equipment that they have opened it up. And we see that traffic moving through now. As those planes continue to burn we have been here all morning and there are moments where you see the flames there along the side that's the that's the southbound side about the interstate. And right now that is burning really good but there are moments where the flames. They just flare up. And wouldn't office the dry brush that it hits but it's something that that that in intensifies those planes and is really impressive it's an incredible thing to say. And in the midst of all of that here on the northbound side. Look on the heels there. That fire is burning it's been burning all morning it's been burning for the past several days as the Thomas fire continues to spread. And it's the things story over there. Moments for the flames on his high and then they'll run into that fuel and the the flames of this flare up in the tower over you. And it's very distinct sound you can hear the crackling. And when you get really close to the front of the flames it has its own environment and you can hear just though the ferocity of those lanes and it's it's incredible. And you get a real sense of how hot this fire is. And I want it to the sake of the sweat a little bit. C to see where we are we generally don't do. Live shots and reports on the side of an interstate because just not safe. To do. If we don't have this this amount of space but as you can see. We've got a good since Peter so away from the that the interstate and so that's how we're able to a get these pictures to you. And up in a safe way because we do want to be safe. This is certainly a a developing situation we have to be careful about the fires it continues to spread. Because the way the winds can change and we've seen the wind changed and we've also seen what this fire has done look at this. Actually already been sports. You can see this heel here we are. Just a few models. South of lock and she'd what you've been following are reporting you know the best a community it's a beach community. Of about 300 people or so and it's been in the midst of a mandatory evacuation because of these planes. That have been working their way closer to that that community and while we were there this morning and the players are getting very close and they let's go that was the back this way when it enriches locked. But there are getting very close and fire crews are in the process. Protecting the property it was there and that's an important distinction I think the making the situation. That those crews are protecting the property are not necessarily putting water off on the plans. And until look at that. See how that's flaring back up. Just a moment ago they weren't that intense. Tom and that's what it is saying all morning and that's also what. Makes these fires sold so unpredictable and then you consider that you have traffic now driving the longest this main interstate. And it can be quite the distraction and also I hazard. At fact we were out here the high yesterday as the fires are burning of people were looking at the fires they were driving. And then we saw crash happened so that's one of the reasons why they close the interstate overnight because of that concern. Look at this these are they've actually been able to knock down those layers that we were looking at just a moment ago. What should get on the for a little slaves they're gone. It's all these crows have been knocking out those hot spots and that's really what they've been doing what we've seen from the ground because keep in mind. This is the fire that has been burning since Monday night kids started out what just about fifty acres. Exploded. To some 101000 acres then 20000 in the thirty and today. 90000. Acres and they continues to spread the conditions have been right. For the situation to. Will be out of control in a sense and sell those crews. Have been working in the system battled the blaze but more importantly at least this morning here this part of Ventura county. They've been trying to prevent it from. Damaging the buildings they haven't been necessarily. Fighting the fire itself putting water on the actual playing so much want to give you a sense of what we have seen in terms of how firefighters are out battling this. And those plans are continuing. And what we've bush started this morning. That's about twenty minutes ago. The wind seemed to be going to the south. They've now that since changed directions and everything is going this way now and that includes the smoke. Going into our rise from the fire before and outs is to be going that way. And you know that's kind of what we've been dealing with here and ever changing situation. And have back to lock into that community at this just of the north were a lot of these calls will be passing by. They. We're able to save eight Holmes there. Again it's a small communities about 300 people are so. It's an eight blocks very small town but the homes of very close together. And they were able to save a homes from from burning that's according to the out. Ventura county fire department there was one building that did go up in flames and it was up. A home that had been previously. Vacant from a landslide that happened there you may were called that was deadly a number of people died during that so here we are again. The community and lock the scene the county of the of Ventura here in Southern California dealing with mother nature and hand out the effects. And we are continuing the singles firefighters to put those up hot spots down. And all in terms of the conditions we see that that's that's flying into the air. That's the condition those look at this as those firefighters are working again. And those of the conditions that they say makes it dangerous or people who may be driving. About on the highway and again it would appear. That they have opened up the one O one freeway as these planes continue to burn here but they're not as close to the freeway they were before. And again it was seen that the winds of that change directions so. It's a dynamic situation and we're continuing to to follow it just a couple more notes for you we've met so many people. We'll have been in the midst of this leaving their homes not sure what they would returned to. Obviously seeing these images on television and on social media and certainly hopeful that there their homes on the livelihoods will be okay. And for many people their homes have been spared. And that is encouraging news for them but at the same time there's so many people. Their homes have fallen victim to these very flames and their lives will be changed in a big way but one of the things I've I've. I've noticed in the sense that I really get from people here. Is that they have hope. And they are determines. To recover from this. But again it's not over yet. We still have perhaps another day of dry. Conditions low humidity strong wins and these fires that are burning here so. The hope is that we can get through these next couple of days and there'll be alone. And crews will be able to get control of these fires that have been burning here in Southern California many of them. Was zero containment out of control the Thomas why they were able to get to about 5% containment for time. Based on the latest update that I got. But it's still very much a fire that's. Doing what it wants to do and they fire departments here are doing what they can to mitigate any damage and keep it from destroying any more homes. 121000 structures have been. Threatened by these fires. Here in Ventura county and in Southern California. And that includes instructions father south into Los Angeles county. Four time there were four fires burning. The Thomas I hear this is the biggest one but there are there's the Al rye fire and also the creek fire that's been burning here in this region so. A lot going on here and there's a lot still to develop and we're gonna stay on on top of it all but the one O one freeway here and enduring downing. Normal lives around nine south of when Gina is back open. But it is slow going for number of people as these fires continued to burn. Get it right here at ABC for the very latest as the situation develops markets more for ABC news.

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{"id":51647815,"title":"First responders continue to tackle massive wildfires in Southern California","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Marcus Moore is on U.S. Highway 101 in Ventura County, where firefighters battle to contain wildfires and save homes from being destroyed.","url":"/US/video/responders-continue-tackle-massive-wildfires-southern-california-51647815","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}