Restaurants brace for cold weather

ABC News’ Erielle Reshef reports on how restaurants are scrambling to adapt solutions for indoor dining ahead of winter, as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on.
7:01 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for Restaurants brace for cold weather
Millions will certainly be watching tonight's debate a reminder our coverage kicks off right here on ABC news mind after this show. But switching gears now is still live in a cold weather location that's had tough Kobe restrictions on indoor dining like here in new York at some point you may have wondered. What's gonna happen when it gets cold outside it's one thing to limit indoor dining it's another to eat outside in frigid temperatures. Our aerial rash F so I don't. According to -- September economic impact report more than 32000. Restaurants have closed their doors since the pandemic began 61%. Of them. Permanently. That's in addition to the more than 6000 bars that have also closed. John Kennedy from the National Restaurant Association fears without the help of the federal government many more won't make it through the winter. This pandemic represents the biggest challenge they've never seen we're moving into the fall in winter they're not a lot of options that are available. Right now roughly 100000. Restaurants are closed and that's based on summer weather patterns. There is an action from congress if it wins or comes as we think it's going to what that its strength and severity. Lot of folks are not Gilbert kill their house is a lot of restaurants are gonna close for good. The warm summer months and the option of outdoor dining help sustain tens of thousands of restaurants. But even as indoor dining slowly makes a comeback with limited capacity and spots across the country many restaurants are saying it's just not enough. For most restaurants in order to make a profit they need applicable howls. Every day of the week in you have something approaching under percent capacity. Just to make five or 6% profit margin and seek their doors opened for the month. Sooner 125% to 50% even seven. That takes a huge bite out of an industry that is barely scraping by even on a good today. Some states like Florida which surpassed 700000. Kobe cases since the start of the pandemic. Moving forward with fully reopening restaurants. What that mean for their restaurants is that there will not be limitations. From this the state of Florida doctors cautioning about the potential impact of dining indoors at close proximity. We know our. For a very study is that. Just EO or who is listed transmission bring your walking exercising. And an outside environment it's just better graduation of each less risks for a transition how informed person person. Indoor gardening is not cheap for a lot of people to be in this place is often very poorly ventilated ceases. We chose the ingredients your recipe for a three yell of our transmission. Other places like New York had been more have a tent about reopening. Just last week New York City announcing a return for indoor dining since the pandemic too cold. Opening soon at 25%. Capacity and making outdoor dining permanent. In the meantime the city's roughly 25000. Restaurants have been speaking outside the box or bubble. Just stay afloat. Light cast they do so lay on the upper west side of Manhattan providing diners with their own plastic pods to keep cozy and distanced no matter the weather. People love it to win it rents is protected when it's cold it's windy. So it's a good greenhouse effect has revoked. But aren't these pods really safer than indoor dining. These posture to surrender receiver because they're just enclosing. The people Leonard Garment together so it. It increases the risk of transmission. Between here we didn't. Party by its sugar juice is still the transition in my seat ignores where and how multiple people are needed to get her. They're not you know are we seeing any need to be cleaned there's a lot of work needs to. I maintain. But they're likely incrementally. I see for a vote you know if you are researched you know around easy artists. In Chicago where restrictions were also just lifted to 25%. Indoor capacity restaurant owners have struggled. Julie is due is the co owner of bar Roma and says her business has been hit hard. Linda 25%. Capacity of a sheeting that actually it's very get not Berkshire but it's still not. Enough for two to court everything. Were still trading at all we end a wide moat. Chicago city officials taking matters into their own hands launching a worldwide contest seeking creative solutions to make dining more appealing during the brutal Chicago winter. Ideas from restaurant workers designers architects and every day citizens supported. Chicago received more than 600 submissions from thirteen countries in just a matter of days. But some Chicago restaurant owners say most of the ideas are simply not. Feasible it Paulson literally 101000 dollars to rent one of those good news for seven or eight people. And that doesn't include heating doesn't include shares of the core. Chicago and I just don't say how or solution for. It's not going to be enjoyable. Vengeful she oh. Really hope in the government will send to Iran or he just you know help us to go sort of reach her. Either they say the only way to save their businesses is to increase indoor dining capacity. This is a category five hurricane mixed in with a ten point oh earthquake and we don't know when it's gonna and it. Every day I'm talking to operators. Who are terrified. They're gonna have to shut their doors that are gonna have to lay out staff that they view as families and their asking me what should we do to get the attention of people in Washington right now. But medical experts maintain it might still be safest still layer up and dine outside. Outdoor dining is safer than endurance he stayed outside his arms our whole range actually layers Brodeur why did but also. Where your ass and bring your hands sanitized their. That combination is still need to see us should aerial rash FA BC news New York.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"ABC News’ Erielle Reshef reports on how restaurants are scrambling to adapt solutions for indoor dining ahead of winter, as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73325910","title":"Restaurants brace for cold weather","url":"/US/video/restaurants-brace-cold-weather-73325910"}