Rhode Island Student Disappears on Drive Home

Matthew Royer, 21, never arrived at his Pennsylvania home after leaving the University of Rhode Island.
1:40 | 05/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rhode Island Student Disappears on Drive Home
We've narrowed it down. 300 some miles we narrowed -- down to forty. For -- -- -- forty miles from our house and and we can't find them from here this text message to Matt Reuters mother Thursday night around six is the last one she received from him. Her -- Stanley says a gas station stop in Rhode Island Josie left around 6:30 PM. State police tell the Reuters -- -- office cellphone tower places in near Allentown -- to AM Friday. A surveillance camera from this writings and also no -- captured Breuer just after 2 AM he used his debit card to make a purchase. He thought it would order a Poland spring -- at think they gas station. He he opened it up and sit in his car in the parking lot and then he headed south on route 100. That was just 35 miles from his parents' home Roy -- never showed to work -- get back golf course it's 6:30 AM. By Friday afternoon his mom contacted police -- check of his cellphone shows it stopped working around noon Saturday. According to his family he normally takes 95 to the Tappan Zee Bridge. To 78 -- takes a route 100. When he makes the five to six hour ride he was last seat wearing a beige -- adventures hat. A green golf shirt off white shorts and flip flops his silver 2008 Chevy cobalt has the license plate. GC -- 9059. You -- -- for better sun. Room. -- is not like him gotten it if he was not going to come home he would not have told me he was on his way incumbent home he would he would come home. And -- couldn't.

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{"id":19216885,"title":"Rhode Island Student Disappears on Drive Home","duration":"1:40","description":"Matthew Royer, 21, never arrived at his Pennsylvania home after leaving the University of Rhode Island.","url":"/US/video/rhode-island-student-disappears-drive-home-19216885","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}