Riders Face Potential New Jersey Transit Strike

More than 100,000 customers could be impacted if negotiators fail to reach an agreement with unions representing New Jersey Transit workers.
1:56 | 03/11/16

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Transcript for Riders Face Potential New Jersey Transit Strike
Now to the latest efforts to prevent a new Jersey transit strike with 32 hours from a deadline that could result in major headaches for commuters trying to get to work. More than a 100000 people use new Jersey transit to get to New York City every day and without a deal they'll be looking for another way income Monday. So reduced talks stand right now policies of our endgame market is in new York and he begins our coverage and Jack. And Liz Eyewitness News has learned your team transit negotiators came to the table this morning with a new offer on health benefits. Intended to move these talks forward. But both sides I'm told remain far apart perhaps millions of dollars apart on the issue of wages of course as Dave said without an agreement. The union has threatened they'll walk off the Joplin Sunday morning shutting down the third largest commuter railroad in America behind metro north. And the LI RR the other is also disagreement on the duration or the term of the contract list will it be for six years seven years or as I learned to debate even longer. Complicating matters is the fact Jersey transit is here in the hotel negotiating a deal with eleven unions at once. Contract. We'll cover all of those unions union negotiators did not take questions from reporters as they arrived here this morning. What new Jersey transit lead negotiator made a point to step before the cameras. He turned up they. This is the debt is at the date should have. This is when they should BS settled here is in my opinion no reason for settlement not to be reached today. Everything that we have to talk about we have talked through we know exactly what the differences are between us. On those differences have been calibrated it was some fair degree of precision there's not disagreement about that. And so it's now time to close those differences and reach an agreement with the threat of strike both pop for the heads of our customers on and move on.

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{"id":37589608,"title":"Riders Face Potential New Jersey Transit Strike","duration":"1:56","description":"More than 100,000 customers could be impacted if negotiators fail to reach an agreement with unions representing New Jersey Transit workers.","url":"/US/video/riders-face-potential-jersey-transit-strike-37589608","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}