Roger Waters Performs With Wounded Vets

Musicorps founder Arthur Bloom explains the benefit of music in recovery of wounded veterans.
3:00 | 11/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Roger Waters Performs With Wounded Vets
-- -- From the moment this band came to the stage for -- stand up for heroes -- benefit for my foundation that helps veterans. Emotions were obvious. Right. -- -- Not only because of their voices and guitars but also because of who they are. How they survived losing their limbs in this. Tim Donnelly was on patrol in Afghanistan on February ninth 2000 wells struck by an improvised explosive device -- double amputee. Who want this done. -- -- -- The man who brought them here. This famous musician Roger Waters. Started the group Pink Floyd in the 1960s. And on its current two -- he has become a huge supporter of the injured veteran. So where did. This group come from. It was here and Walter Reed. -- this accomplished pianist Arthur bloom train injured like I loved to play again to take them away from the turmoil depression and board -- three. For one of the things. That learned was that they largely have appointments in the mornings. Or afternoons. Are largely empty so for many of them is day after day for what can be years. Nothing to do in the afternoon. So he has used his piano as therapy inside the walls of Walter Reed. His project known as music core. We try to figure out. What people's backgrounds are there circumstances -- musical interest and that whenever they wanted -- you we try to move heaven and earth to make that happen. -- -- Injured. Everything if you -- blown up in every sense of the word. And we're trying to do with not just -- mean and do my job but. To -- you leave -- inject a sense of excellence and working non musical material that's challenging and adoptive and -- -- that over time he -- real progress. And that's. -- sir Arthur and the musicians who worked with and don't only teach the injured servicemen and women play an instrument. So -- can extends my reach a little bit. It's. Six -- -- look at. He helps them feel -- His hands so they came together and still pretty surprised -- -- complain. As well as I can't we just one hand and expanding. By doing this Arthur helps pull them out of their shell which was the case for will cook. -- one -- the youngest ones really injured and in the war here eighteen. -- eighteen and seven months and they lost her leg halfway addition -- Before musical -- I didn't really have anything to do it didn't really want to do anything. You pick up a guitar and started working he literally could not -- -- All that hard work landed will in the same room with Roger Waters rehearsing for his on State Street -- He played ten hours sometimes and sometimes more actually even be an but I wanted to sleep. When they took the stage for public view. Arthur bloom was right there with them. The man who has helped hundreds of veterans just like the. Back. Injured service member is able to get their life and everybody around it's often been suffering through the injury. Variable. Improve as well. -- this night. Performance was streamed live on you. Enabling hundreds of thousands of stand in support of these heroes. I room. Bob Woodruff ABC news.

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{"id":17760828,"title":"Roger Waters Performs With Wounded Vets ","duration":"3:00","description":"Musicorps founder Arthur Bloom explains the benefit of music in recovery of wounded veterans.","url":"/US/video/roger-waters-performs-wounded-vets-17760828","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}