The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 7, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:58 | 05/08/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 7, 2021
From from the. Well. We're denying the four officers involved in the death of George Floyd could possibly face up to a maximum sentence of life in federal prison for the three count indictment charges that former Minneapolis police officers Derek Shelton told pounds. Yeah. You're right to life. You're now we're on our constitutional power even in the we don't know who work for us. This is a relatively rare. Our federal government charged police officers to show Menem also facing a separate federal charge and an unrelated case from 2017. Involving a fourteen year old boy. The latest jobs numbers nowhere close to the one million new jobs economists had predicted just 260. Million pounds in April. We knew this would be a sprint. It's the American and president reminding Americans just how huge an attack kids we're still digging in power development and economic collapse. On the left side of some small business owners like Steve black and Brandon collapsed co owners have raised in the south Charleston, South Carolina it was Abraham jobs available to. But no containers. We're trying to belly dancing. You're just certain. Yeah raping and mutilating you know us. Here weddings Disney has yeah we don't. I don't. Fire CD manufacturing today we're calling 226000. In its combination detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Over concerns they may not alert you alarm fire. Different devices were sold from saint 2019. Hundreds of September 20/20. No incidents or injuries have been reported. CEO and appellate time in his first interview since that major recall of more than 126000. Trend we have we did make a mistake by not engaging with the consumer products safety commission. In a more productive dialogue earlier in the process after the surgeon reported injuries. And that's definitely trial and happy had a chance to speak to win any of the families of the child's diet or an old murder. I asked my team and hood but. Day about family and at the time wasn't ready to speak they appreciated my outreach where there anything that you electricity of those families now. I absolutely wrong in our power goes out today and any child turns. Massive Chinese rocket is falling under control and we tore her. And the Department of Defense is now on high alert all called the place where and remove them the army knew that but that's not given Little Rock didn't weighing 23 tons almost a hundred feet tall and could land anywhere from the U west to Europe and China even into New Zealand space debris falls off and no we usually small or doesn't fall on the planet but this piece from a SpaceX rocket fell in someone's yard just last month. Welcome to the longest could breach in the world. Portugal's New London stretching nearly 17100. Feet to it is magnificent you can ask your protected national park is a process folds. Put all its nonchalant as fire. We'll call from noon until early fumble twelve bucks for the people. I 1693. Feet and 85 times the nine and American football field. The river by Eva thundering reliable. Businesses are suspended more than 170. Feet and he had no move away from Sony and powerful people line. And welcome 350 people a day well you're accompanied by night. Her no.

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