The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 14, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:15 | 04/15/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 14, 2021
Tonight announced former officer who killed Donta bright and charged with second degree manslaughter days after. Traffic stop. According to the Washington County attorney's office Kim potter fired one round into flights left side with her Glock nine millimeter handgun after yelling taser taser taser. You can seem utilities are on her belt in this photo. The office adding the statement certain occupations carried maintenance responsibility. And none more so than a sworn police officer today the white family's lawyer questioning how potter in Brooklyn center police veteran who appeared to have mix substitute I was getting very Arthur actually got charged. Bernie Madoff the mastermind behind the world's largest Ponzi scheme has died in. Made up died of natural causes at a federal prison medical center in North Carolina he was eighty years old. Bernie Madoff had been in a wheelchair and on dialysis before he died in prison and a broken man his attorney said Madoff and lost two sons while in prison one to cancer the other two suicide and defense attorney Brandon samples homeless Madoff carry tremendous guilt from its perception there's always Santa Claus I inherited that. Its class for this audience. That there was no way perhaps even get a. As investors included retirees and celebrities like director Steven Spielberg and actor Kevin Bacon and major league baseball league pitcher sandy -- fax. Today one of Vietnam's victim said she never felt that Madoff had any remorse. I think I felt like anything else the sadness. And age. Fraud which impacted. Over 60000 people news. Dead trees will never come out on paper Madoff victims lost 65 billion dollars so much of that money never existed about fourteen billion has been recovered. For some victims the losses a ruinous. A US army sergeant in South Carolina has been charged with third degree assault after intense confrontation in his gated neighborhood. You are walkway. On this video going higher raw showing army sergeant Jonathan Amylin shoving a young black man walking in his neighborhood. Threatening him and telling him to go away now. The man tells him he lives nearby and the woman who shot the video says when police arrived think he'd pound and a citation for malicious injury to property for allegedly slapping the young man has gone out of his hand and cracking. Officials at Fort Jackson where and when this stations say they're looking at the incidents as well. First Lady doctor Jill Biden underwent a medical procedures and a president Biden going winner. To an outpatient center this morning the White House calling it common medical procedure saying she is fine now resuming. Normal schedule. I'm get a reaction from bachelor nation following start golden under woods' emotional reveals a Robin Roberts and he is gang I'm still a simple and everybody mass quantities hand. So the same old. My friends and my family eight. I just happen it's. Be able to share with people now all of I am proud of no I am proud. When things about old. Being labeled a virgin bachelor. That I fully was a virgin before that and I can never hear anybody can answer why customers. And the truth is was a virgin brush areas I was gay. I didn't know how to handle it when you're not living your whole self. You're always but not necessarily armed guards but there's a happiness. Through it how did you manage baton I didn't manage it well I put myself in really bad situations. On purpose until my Sullivan these situations. So I can try to force myself to be straight. I still wouldn't say thank you for Michigan back survey we got there in a roundabout way of flight finally am I am healthy but I am healthy and happy because of moments like. That post Chris Harrison raised the 29 year old saying he's proud and happy fourth among the chorus of show a lot of voicing their support Demi Burnett who came out as queer and we didn't. Welcome to the community brother.

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