The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 7, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:12 | 04/08/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 7, 2021
Today an expert on the use of force Sargent Jodi Steiger of the LAPD testifying Derrick Coleman used the deadly force against George Floyd and a time when no force was necessary. Prosecutors asking whether Floyd who posed a threat. Why I'm. Because its composition. Where he was handcuffed on the loose from the Iraq continue to resist. The defense has argued the crowd of bystanders were friends who I did not. Perceive them as being a threat most of it was their concern for us. Showbiz lawyers returning again and again until Floyd's drug use arguing his over you would addiction led to his death from. You've seen. It's sort of white substance forming around mr. Floyd's mouth. We can sustain your experience when someone who's possibly. I don't substances and current. Another disturbing police body cam video released as part of a lawsuit alleging racial profiling by the LAPD from in the video from 2019 officers looking for a suspect in a domestic violence call that's when they come across Canton costs and taking out his trash. Without any evidence the two officers and arrest him. The morning. Because I thought he could turn around the only problem is he's not the man they're looking for and in fact. The suspect there's supposed to be looking for it is why didn't. She's. Yeah. Boston Herald and Michelle runs out to intervene. She's also a resident from the rebels attorney says the arrests continued even after the woman who originally placed the 911 call me and told officers as they were arresting the wrong man. An autopsy report confirms what these grieving parents say happened to their son who during an alleged college hazing incidents medical examiner says twenty year old stone cold so died from fatal alcohol intoxication. But the family expressed outrage from the report also ruled the bowling state sophomore is death tax and channel his family and says Bowles was forced to drink during a fraternity ritual. The outcome is human ms. Lerner who. Earlier the family's vote with our will read. Can't describe the pain. And there is and he's my heart that's gone on March 4 the night of the tragedy. Stone telling his mother about a scheduled drinking ritual he felt forced to participate in I said wow. That sounds really seen it like you have to do and and he's sentenced as part in the original cast film I don't want him authorities say fraternity members encouraged pledges or drink entire bottles of alcohol on the. China he's letting the administration know that it would be best not to talk about any point one next year's Winter Olympics Communist Party Beijing is accused of committing genocide against people in northwest China and has been criticized for its laws and police crackdown in Hong Kong and. The Foreign Ministry spokesman Beijing has rejected the accusations. And warns of an unspecified robust Chinese response to any such boycott mobile. Our position 12022 Olympics. I had sex change we have not discussed and are not discussing any joint fight college allies and partners in the US Olympic Committee has sent in the fast it's opposed to boycott. Yeah famous. Zoo keeper Jack Hanna has been diagnosed with dementia that is not to be alzheimer's disease 74 year old has been. Serving as director hammered us we Columbus zoo and aquarium body Hannay is retiring from public life because of this diagnosis he was director of the zoo from 1978 to 1992. He was also a longtime contributor on Good Morning America and. It's a label here it's about forty to develop closer look at can jump in midair and being just a bird just like what you're only help yeah oh yeah. Daughter safe and her dad and advocated for improved wildlife habitats and focused on commending them in the community with the animals.

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