The Rundown: Top headlines today: August 3, 2020

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:09 | 08/04/20

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: August 3, 2020
And removing millions of East Coast residents are watching he said he is which is expected to make landfall on the Carolinas tonight is a hurricane in New York City and they're putting up mile long barrier and low lying areas to keep the water out. Piracy cases and deaths on the rise in several hundred feet I. Florida avoiding a direct hit love points to close an outdoor testing site because it he faces wind and the Carolinas might not be as well. Shelters will screen people for a virus and yeah. Calling nineteen pandemic rages on Americans are split over whether students should be sent back to the classroom. I think it's been that well sir back. Soulful how. An ad like this. This evening news get back to where she gave him first learning today in cities across the country protesters demonstrated on all sides of the issue hands on easing children into this significantly in the new development without in person learning what they're saying it's not worth risking their health remember I'm part that's meant to Weston. Department children to fall back and the rebuilding of positive rates are climbing 125 states and California alone now has more than. Half a million cases. Talks on corona virus economic relief from resume when lawmakers have yet to strike a deal long tens of millions of out of work Americans are facing difficult decisions and we are out here. We're struggling we're moving down the Chad. I was still have our differences as negotiations grind along slowly and time is a luxury many struggling Americans just don't have been an eviction protections have expired according to data collected by the US Census Bureau more than 23 million Americans according they have slight or no confidence and their ability to make this month's rent. Thousands of people. Been evacuated from their homes east of Los Angeles where the apple fire is growing today it's an assault on the flames from the ground and the air this is a first big wildfire housing evacuations during CoBiz nineteen. That means precautions being taken to shelters and in a large fire camps to keep firefighters from spreading in California's gold mid nineteen numbers overall that. Whole mountainside is covering live plus heavy fuels. Couple good VS. That's unacceptable at certain parts even for a grocers it's hard for them to maneuvering catch. That's such defense. Late today authorities said they believe the malfunctioning car exhaust from cost the fire. Lord & Taylor is now the latest department store chains to file for bankruptcy protection the corona virus outbreak accelerating the potential demise of Jane's already teetering on its website the country's oldest department stores says it's looking for a buyer and hopes to restructure its 630 million dollars in debt and you're gonna like ordinary. I guarantee it was so many working from home I'm liking the way you look doesn't mean wearing a suit in the parent company of Men's Wearhouse and Joseph A bank also filing for bankruptcy protection from claiming to still operate while reducing its locations. All.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72156828","title":"The Rundown: Top headlines today: August 3, 2020","url":"/US/video/rundown-top-headlines-today-august-2020-72156828"}