The Rundown: Top headlines today: Sept. 24, 2020

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:31 | 09/25/20

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: Sept. 24, 2020
From the. Will. The demonstration is continuing Louisville, Kentucky following the grand jury indictment that resulted in the notice or just sit directly linked to from the embryonic Taylor's dad. Dozens of people arrested overnight public safety. Work for racial equity and justice can and must coexist. To Louisville officer is shot during the violence from the major Aubrey Gregory treated for a gunshot wound to the hip and was released from the hospital and opera surrounding desert roads is underwent surgery after being shot in the abdomen he's recovering this suspect Lorenzo Johnson now facing multiple charges including two counts of first degree assault. Police declining to say whether he was a protest. Virus cases are on the right isn't this going to sneeze at TC forecasting in the country could reach up to 226000. Deaths in my mid October and another wave a first time jobless claims at 870000. Americans Don Warren when it benefits last week. Slightly up from the we will have more. United will be the first airline to offer Kobe in 19 tax meat warm morning sounds like they'll be rapid tests with results back in fifteen minutes to know that everybody takes one is negative right now only on flights from San Francisco and Hawaii and concerns that the White House is increasingly injecting politics into the pandemic response the army today announced its going to conduct his own review of any magazine. Frankly aren't going to trust them and the federal government's opinion and I wouldn't recommend to New York purple based on the federal government's appeal. President Johnson niece is suing him and his siblings alleging fraud and conspiracy theory trump sent the president and his sister and their labor rather moving Easter out of tens of millions of dollars she was zoned as a teenager after the death of her father Fred trump junior will. He swindled her the lawsuit says they conspired with her trust -- maneuvered to steal her money and lied to her about it. The accusations mirror those in Mary trounced bestselling book published this summer and we'll White House has rejected her account of the lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages. Satisfying a sweet tooth while you're waiting on line at the grocery store is going to be a lot tougher at least in one city. The City Council in Berkeley California has voted to ban foods high in sugar and salt from the checkout lines. And replace them with healthier snacks. The ban is not to be the first in the country. Actor Harrison Ford cleared for takeoff from the FAA completing its investigation. And after Ford mistakenly crossed a runway act California's Hawthorne airport in April while another plane was on it. He could be heard up apologizing to the tower. But I later learned from the robbery and I don't need a short quote torpedo it cannot. Exactly. Terribly hurt. The 78 year old has reportedly completed the remedial runway incursion training course this is not the actor's first flying incidentally the unions when he fifteen Ford suffered an engine failure just seconds after taking off from a Santa Monica airport. Not so pleasurable task for police a condom confiscation. And Vietnam. 345000. Of them scenes and not new. Use these bags are wrapped up condoms have been reportedly used before. The woman detained in the operations said she would boil them appreciate them to dry clean hands are re wrapped or it's unclear how many were soul oh.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73226856","title":"The Rundown: Top headlines today: Sept. 24, 2020","url":"/US/video/rundown-top-headlines-today-sept-24-2020-73226856"}