Rural New York Residents Recover After Deadly Tornado

Homes in Smithfield, N.Y., are battered during the destructive storm.
7:59 | 07/09/14

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Transcript for Rural New York Residents Recover After Deadly Tornado
A child -- summer camp in Maryland and four more people in upstate New York all killed in a violent wave of storms racing up the eastern seaboard. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York we will take you live -- -- about two hours north of New York City in just a moment. First though here is ABC's Marcy Gonzales with the latest. Strong winds bringing severe damage and still a little shaky from it was -- mean. Very numbing in upstate New York four people were killed including a woman and her infant daughter when an EF two tornado hit Smith field. Rescue teams working through the night searching the rubble of destroyed homes for survivors. It looks like literally a bomb went off -- house and you -- see. Devastation everywhere outside of New York City there were downed trees and power outages but the damage was much less severe. Farther south though there were more deadly storms. A child was killed and eight others hurt at a summer camp in Maryland you know running for cover -- sixty miles per hour winds -- -- Down on top of them. Something like this is never happened and on the street. It was a freak storm -- me mom and some close calls also in Maryland. We just heard this huge crash sixteen year old Caroline Hanrahan had just gotten out of her bed -- -- slammed through the roof. I came -- think what would happen that shoots -- The truth on her bed in Pennsylvania and Ohio this damage left behind after four reported tornadoes touched down. I saw the tree falls. And -- I I didn't know what to think today expected to be much quieter although parts of the plains and the Carolinas are watching for the possibility. Of more severe weather. Hopefully today everybody pays close attention fulfills weather radios -- -- Gonzales ABC news New York. We are joined live now from Smithfield and up. Date New York by ABC's deal -- -- -- as you've been on the Groundhog Day GO give us -- give us an idea what's going on. Well Michelle we know now that it was a DF to so that is a pretty strong tornado and certainly when you see this damage this devastation. You know it was strong because these homes here are just level we're talking about for people who lost their lives. And it just beyond these trucks over here there's another home that was leveled and that is where a mother and daughter. Both lost their lives during that storm we -- touring this area with the local sheriff. Who showed us that our house was literally picked up from its foundation and then tossed into the air some 200 yards away. And landed on another house and take a look at that extreme. -- this year so many of these people felt like. They had no warning no warning from one we understand a couple of neighbors who say it was a -- downpour. All of a sudden everything turned black. Seles for about a minute -- more than two and then -- clarity and that he looked around the area he saw things this limo. Said he saw part of -- trailer commander's house to stand in front doors and that's among the worst -- what we have we had a house and the other side of the road was picked up by the strong winds carried across the street approximately 81250. Yards. And then and the house across the road. That subject in housing and -- killed Columbia hospital and nobody is home this is the house. That originally. Was right there -- lifted up you can see some of the screens there on that whole. And just carried right over onto another house I've never seen anything he ever say they like and guess that's got to be a good 152 barriers. I mean what's going through your mind the sheriff of this town. It's it's devastating -- and then just lost for words of these people feel so bad for America unit holders. Older neighborhoods just of this terrible. And so many of these people now left to pick up the pieces and born. That loss of life -- now we should tell you even though a lot of these people didn't feel -- like there was enough warning. The National Weather Service warnings were -- they -- in fact there were out there for hours of the weather was not good but a lot of them just didn't know because perhaps they didn't have that feature disabled on -- Or that feature enabled on their phones that that allows those tornado warnings to come through or didn't have a weather radio. Some here told us that they saw it on the news that there was -- storm moving through but they didn't expect it to hit here because obviously in New York. -- you're not talking about any sirens like you see in the midwest Michelle. -- exactly right and certainly it's not out of the realm of possibilities -- have storms but certainly more rare GO give us an idea. Where is Smithfield right now they've had a lot of power issues and you -- -- behind you is are more help on the way. More help is on the way we're told in the National Weather Service was coming out here to see exactly what happened but we know. That earlier this morning more than 45000. Homes here. We're still without power this is a pretty small areas you know when the tornado hits it's gonna hit a small area of the devastation is is awful but it is a small area because I just want to show you if we -- -- here for second. This house is completely fine it is standing. Those cars are fine so -- this is not a huge area but again it's it's it looks like that tornado just. I guess. Went through some of those homes and and left other standing. GO we also -- New York State governor Andrew Cuomo getting a look today what -- -- have to say. -- he is obviously a getting help for this area right away he and he was going to some of the people. -- who were affected by the storm and and we saw him hugging those people here. Did to give them some sort of comfort because so many have lost not only friends -- -- And of this course this violent storm affecting also down to the mid Atlantic in Maryland area we heard from the executive director of the river valley ranch summer camp. He was asked earlier about that storm that killed one of the young campers. About 7 PM. A group about a 114 of our campers were. In an open air pavilion doing a service. And one of the staff members noticed that the sky was starting to get dark -- immediately enacted our protocols for getting the children to aid six building. About a 150 yards away. -- and in the process of doing that the storm came upon them rapidly and quickly and violently. Without any notice and and unfortunately that's what happened. And -- one last question looking ahead more storm warnings in effect you are on the ground could we see more dangerous situations tonight. -- right now what we know that several states had to have those tornado warnings so. I'm not clear right now -- -- talk to -- the about that. But. That particular situation in Marilyn. Where those those hundred kids we're told that there was also a warning there and placed -- Jersey was telling us today hours earlier there was that warning but -- that that little four year old boy -- losing his life before. GOP -- as live from Smithfield New York thank you and more from GO coming up soon on world news with Diane Sawyer. You can keep up with this story and real time by downloading the ABC news that happened starring this story. For exclusive updates on the go for now. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24494848,"title":"Rural New York Residents Recover After Deadly Tornado","duration":"7:59","description":"Homes in Smithfield, N.Y., are battered during the destructive storm.","url":"/US/video/rural-york-residents-recover-deadly-tornado-24494848","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}