Sandy Hook Shooting: 'The View' on What Can Be Done

Chris Cuomo and the hosts of "The View" discuss the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.
8:09 | 12/17/12

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Transcript for Sandy Hook Shooting: 'The View' on What Can Be Done
AmeriCares he's -- -- is still in shock from Friday sickening tragedy that left -- -- seven people dead twenty children. How -- that's not SA BC news chief legal correspondent Chris Cuomo who has just returned from Newtown Connecticut. And Sadler has come to these kind of events before. So we -- and then nothing changes. It's nothing changes and we feel powerless I don't believe that's true in every one of these questions every one of these since Columbine. We see -- formula. There's someone who's arranged who's become isolated they find the tools they need often assault rifles. And then. They go out and what they see as glory which is hurting his many people as possibly as young as possible. This time -- I think the reason that this situation is resonating isn't just because some of us have kids were that age it's that what was attacked as what we want to protect the most -- And it was done in a way that we believe could be prevented -- and that's a tough combination so what do we know now that. About this here's what we know. We want this not to happen again -- -- for that it's it's literally -- and we can do that. You should have -- armed security in schools I don't like the idea I don't want my kids to be afraid when they go to school. But when in the places that have done that this doesn't happen. They have have have happened on Hamas police -- -- home -- and I was what do we have here the school was locked Barbara. This man used how can he really did he get it cannon. Basically right so he blew up the -- clear glass window he got his. The national -- have security I think he's for gun yeah flat look who who cares what I say I'm telling you this in every one of these situations the only time to stop before there is a massacre -- there's someone in place to stop it with you know that -- of course. We know that. And I know look we don't like the instructions of brutality we want to be better than that I get it but if you want to protect these situations from happening. That's how you do -- if you look at 9/11 the lesson of it was we have to do better airports we changed the protocols -- any of us find it inconvenient but we haven't had another attack like that have. Give -- and we have to think about it cannon armed security guards at malls and in theaters everywhere. -- -- Look it is a big ordeal paranoid about a -- you have to have the conversation. You're not -- about this if you want to know why this happens it's not just because of the -- Okay it would be nice if there were no guns would be nice there are a lot of things it's not going to happen. Not in America so it could happen. You know it seems as though these perks. He's not jobs they kill themselves as soon as the first responders arrived maybe they should have a way to inform first responders it within the school -- say. I don't know some way to pick up a hotline and say -- and company -- and then we'll shoot themselves before they get a chance to shoot everybody else wouldn't think of that. I think that I kinda have to understand what you're saying and I think that we do not -- -- I think -- I think -- instruction is this why why does he why do they kill themselves to sick. I don't want to over I don't does that then I wanna face bears like -- joy they are sick. Of our health minded person doesn't do something like this start there I don't engage in the details of why this guy did what he did. Because it's not instructive of anything right. This is madness you're dealing with madness that they kill themselves because the deranged he had on a vest even though he's going into a kid's school. Because he thinks he's getting ready for bad doctor Michael well -- here he'll talk to about all that stuff -- goes into the psychosis. I'm saying we have to leave him aside years -- relevant yet and we think about how to stop these things going -- -- of -- elements to deal with what happened. Specifically about Adam land says case makes you. Or me should make us more aware about these situations -- -- know about him that we can actually use an extract to say okay this -- need to happen. -- -- a lot about this guy is he's just like the others he was known to be troubled. He'd -- couldn't get the right treatment he isolated himself. They couldn't find anything to do for him. I don't with guns he had all -- -- a gun enthusiasts -- she I don't like millions of other people. Dedication is not -- not since she has all of these guns on the house. While Percival just because you have. Yeah. Just because -- look I don't like condemning somebody who's not here anymore to defend themselves I don't know the facts of the situation I don't know how he got the weapons maybe you do but I do know this. We cannot assume what this woman knew about her kids. It's very easy for people to come out announcer I saw it coming. He was are what are you didn't say anything -- you didn't go to anybody did you -- that was really done right so let's not presume what was known now because it's can be let's say it. -- we know she is gone it is terrible. She had weapons -- does make -- a bad person. He got his hands on them that makes him very dangerous because he's mad he's saying rest and then we have this. -- okay -- I know you saying his arranged. What other motive do you think that he had to go and enslavement of adults and children it's a pressing question we have to know because we have to make sense because otherwise it hurts too much I -- it. I guess I'm of a little different mind because I've been so many of these situations. What are we gonna find out about the kids when this happened I said here's over the find out he's mentally ill people know -- people saw it coming he had access to these weapons any had a beef. And he saw this this is the biggest -- this is the biggest reason I came on the show today otherwise than senior which is always Clinton. There's an elephant in the room. Ladies and gentlemen. We have a culture of violence this doesn't happen in other countries and it's not because -- the weapons. People in this culture believes albeit crazy people that they believe the way to go out with glory. To kill. Because I will be respected I would be demand like Cho said -- Virginia Tech. And -- wrong but what we do about that. It's suffused in our culture. It benefits people like me I got into school because it would run fast enough people down what -- -- Benefits aren't what what -- -- through violence is all around us any parent knows. You're in this constant battle -- really wanted I don't know if it's really good he really be a hint with a weapon and killing as many people as possible that really what he should be that -- struggle. -- -- -- -- I am I don't think it's I think it says and here's why I think it OK my opinions are meaningless everything I say is because what I have observed if you look at other countries they have lots of mentally ill people they have weapons. You know we're not we're not cave men and America. -- what you mean cherish and video games won't raise -- hand there is something about our culture that breeds a tendency to believe that violence is glorified. And we see it that television coverage that we give every time. It could be it could be -- it it is a lot of things at him but look this is this is the hope the hope -- this. Things do not have to stay the way they are hopefully god forbid we will never see something like this again but we are now Paris. Who gets weapons and how is a legitimate conversation there's no real proof the gun laws change gun crime but it's a good conversation. Conversation about who we are and what -- enforcing the values of the people and our kids around. Don't -- becomes part of your -- people who -- values but how we treat the mentally -- -- it used to be enacted in 1971 and every 100 people in the United States was in an asylum we didn't like we change in laws. Now within 72 hours of putting somebody into incarceration you have to prove that they -- danger to themselves or somebody else it's very high standard nine out of ten times -- released and you have a situation where you have someone was on monitored and. It has its access to an automatic rifle that may or may not -- it's not only that they crazy they can get has gotten drives me nots what. What we're saying is that just just not one thing it's if it is a culture of violence. I don't know how you change an entire culture. But the president said change something has to be done we can and not Whitman now we have to beef whether whether it's whether it's guns. A warm weather gets more attention to does not mental problems whether it's a different seeing what you didn't have whatever it is it's -- -- a subject we knew we hope that. We can do better Barbara and the way you do that is doing it everywhere you possibly can we want to honor those who are -- we -- -- honor these families. That's how you do that's of interest and.

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{"id":17998859,"title":"Sandy Hook Shooting: 'The View' on What Can Be Done","duration":"8:09","description":"Chris Cuomo and the hosts of \"The View\" discuss the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.","url":"/US/video/sand-hook-shooting-change-culture-violence-stop-shootings-17998859","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}