Sandra Bland Jail Death Investigation

Activists demand answers at news conference in Texas.
24:28 | 07/31/15

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Transcript for Sandra Bland Jail Death Investigation
Developing now B Sandra bland jail death investigation a special committee of attorney sent up to get to the bottom of plans death. Watching these videos taken after her arrest collecting evidence conducting interviews bland died three days after being arrested in this heated traffic stop. Officials say she committed suicide in her jail cell hanging herself with a trash back. But some say many questions still surround her death. Hi everyone I'm Caroline Costello in New York right now activists are gathered outside of the Waller county sheriff's department. The new order national human rights organization says they still have questions about the case let's listen. My name is Gerald rose prism new order NASA human rights organization. Down here for two reasons one reason that I'm still not good bit not just me. But the whole world still has questions. About the situation hadn't happened to senator bland. The video did I think we shoot the grizzlies about it really alerts me because now we have a did Waldman. Well we feel that this officer was out of line we still don't know the rear reason why she went to jail. Her license rules Babbitt her insurance was valid. Why they should end up in this facility. The letter remind you has been five black women. Five black women has died in the custody of pulleys. Of the jail across this country we are very concerned about this another reason to Omar research about doubt that this share. Paul was in trouble before because of racial issues when he was the chief of police on the outside looking in that in our security we have a concern about that. Also. We don't know this is a serious allegation on all of this right and up what the person them audit did autopsy might be married to someone if that's true this topic answers. So we hope that it's not true. I did had a chance to meet would miss Sanders. And I'm not here to. So a publicity stunt I'm here because when I do this I want to meet with so one. So why demanded to meet with some more inside his jail a couple minutes before the scheduled press conference so one did decide to come out. And I didn't understand why I've been a systematic plot is more they did say there's no room ten it. The shares not a right I didn't believe that you know because it did not hide nothing even unofficial meeting you need to meet with us. As she did come out so I to I'll come in there and meet with us she's that are not high nothing. But they are still some concerns. In the central blank case. And we're not more nowhere. We did reach out to the fan we haven't heard back from the film quite sure everybody across this country has reached out to this family. But this is a nationwide problem that's going on now a C without black. Women involvement with the police department. And we just want and concerns on this concern about that we're not going nowhere it's just the fact that it into it hit Texas. It hit the state of Georgia hit the State of New York just across this country but resting place and it is she was suicidal before. What she will put on suicide watch that's another thing that need to be acts those two day I know they just release. Out of video that. It was they roll over that was she took the mustache it was already did I did have a chance. The video that I have questions or that as whale. Even understand it was a local media. Pet ate a ridge new video ended that video it might be some Eddie and so if you cover up some you need to come correct because the real. Thing is gonna come on you can you kerrobert you can hide no more and justice percent to blame. Are you mentioned he's got a particular Washington. What I think is the not regarding the other needs but. Maybe he's running down. What she could not answer why. She what did Jesse said that she assaulted officer we all seen a video that's not true. Okay he didn't give official committees that man can you please put out a cigarette dot seen it. He started in aggress with her farce. And it if he heard that. I thinks it was up to you with the grass so agitated hers and a volley nothing period we don't know that. She admitted. I see admitted they would not talk to cheaply project she's they do it will just rolls they are bad apples but I'm not everywhere with a bad apple on this force. Don't. There she told me day. And tickle please tell me that it. This Sanders. That's correct yes but says that Heather said that's correct. I was not leave they just come down here to be a front you all I wanted to come down here meat was sold one. And so one came up a couple of minutes of fortune that club but I'm Gordon Beck isn't there what should depart because I have some business in question need to yes I'll leave your request. The the plastic bag it we all seen. She's so called committed suicide I wanna see that cannot hide that we see it now knows certain things you can't say because the investigation. But up next a hard core questions. Or. I I'm. Why not here. I. Because this is what I do on last week dollars in Columbus, Ohio you can school Willis with a 55 year old black female. Was beaten by I read because she was a legacy to pick to Dallas restore it may be here put toward a half hours. I was in Columbus I got that business shut down you could Fukuda. He knows I'm not here I know how to strategize I want to be a mediator because people are upset with not about it organization. We also will be started checking here and we feed homeless people like great at Hosea Williams is to build. Into the schools that would concern about a whole issues as whales rest. You know but this need to be addressed and this too many questions that are unanswered. Here as well. He as the senate you know there were some problems and looking into. How near route one handle. You maintain that the arrest has nothing to do with what happened. It's are in jail. Talking about things. I'm start. The officer involved in making the arrest is actually the catalysts to the events that led up to where we are right now. Correct there are these are two completely separate things and we understand. And in regards to talking to miss Sanders about bad apples yes she agreed. All cops are not good we have a lot of good cops in the community and we need that we need our police force we need good people. That will never change. But what we need to do as a community to start calling out to our leaders to start to weed out these bad apples. We need to get down to the root of the problem and get these bad officers off the street. Unfortunately a life was lost and that was an the life of another black woman this does not just hit the black community. Across the country this has happened to whites it has happened to black it's happened to Latinos it's happened that Asians we all need to come together if we all come together. And stand strong together. We can get to the rule of the problems we are the people and we need to take bet that authority to ourselves. It. I mean. Okay. Like. If we we were caught on outside investigators who investigates home. This it we don't you know just what he knows a lot also been indicted across this country you know from Ohio just it would happen assistant head. You know enough that's enough that all these automatic died in a rest until it is a pattern is born old. But I have to say I do want to thank this centers were meeting with an unofficial. This is what she do on this day. That's what happened that officer has been disciplined. Wouldn't be here today. And we don't want that happening but like I write these it's happening to everyone but is seeing that night of course it is going home without him there right. We don't know we don't know we we really don't know I hope she was demoted in here if you had that's true. Somebody got this got sick this this hat this have to address. Hope that in. If what if we start asking if we start talking about what people think they were doing nothing more then fueling the fire and adding speculation. Yeah yeah. Yes he much. I do suspect foul play. That's why don't hear this to fact that we don't know what happened but when it comes. Our security it was being goal and order across this current committee or see light source bank got the social media. My dad say five years old he's this time. The stuff distilled one of the social media started to exit polls done. You know is to Graham missed them like this oldest of the continued goal is to Baghdad's. That she was murdered. That's it took away it. Well I'll tell you this much. Some of it some other. It's coming out like the levels of CAC in her system. Far hurt to have had those high levels. She would have had to console the amount of sixteen marijuana cigarettes within that three day period I don't think snoop dog smoked sixty Joyce in a big. Brownie she had eaten a full badge and a half of a brownies I mean there's. There's questions around what happened thumb. Based on the levels she would have had to have consumed. Marijuana within these walls. Read it comes from what happened why wasn't she on suicide watch if there was concern. All these questions should have been addressed immediately within the prison system if you have someone who has solicit suicidal they are immediately put on suicide watch you're not left alone. Where's the trash bag come from you do not have trash bags or anything else in a sale with a prisoner who you that just doesn't happen. So. I'll I'll start my name is Rodney Evans and. Rodney Evans and just put a record he's going to be model contact person here. In Houston in this area so we miss you going to be option ignoble chapter rewarded here in Houston. And this is what we do you know enough is enough. We just concerned that is a good question. Would it is to get distressed. Requests. So we'll wall ordinary shares on the wall and they get. Com. What they referred to as independent. Investigations. Going on and they claim that those questions are being ask okay are you aware that. Greenland. But has been thinking about politely to form of those. I think they're really looking into this is what because all of the media. This born or this is the wrong time to be hiding something that's why I feel that we come down here. To meet with these bolts and if you're not hiding thing on unofficial business. This is the questions. That we want X I'm quite sure you came and saw the because that investigation but he did it ain't me. You know even the white juries upset after ridiculousness that led to the community upset. You know everyone is upset even talking to all those years that I've talked to. Dead bolt looked like me just as light as the white officers they Villa was brought in or cameras say that whatever I noticed. You know was was wouldn't wait we upset. Not used race car you never see black officers. Treat a white suspect like that if you see that. We wouldn't be here and I wish office's account for that could you call a press conference that's all he's not NA not going to do that. You know I do understand it just fact that. It is sad that this young lady was blown away. Let's get another job grad who graduate from college. And she was supposed to be activist I don't think she was targeted I never heard us accurately and deceive her her videos was that the bad this case volume black windows. So about a community. Eight. We'll based the outcome and I had show unity on. I know there's a young man this very involved here because I'm not organization come to table wreckage who does Obama of those while level organization. I do have jobs and other city but we're going to welcome. I hope they would welcome here and in Houston. And tried to work together that I could say right now if you are afraid if you look at my track record. I'm more I just became a grand. And I'm looking out for my grandson on oneself fighting for this you know we got to get people registered to vote that's another major problem going. If you're not. Voting your part of the problem. Well actually what do go back to Atlanta. You know and get back to my supporters. On the young lady is it me down here and honestly it is who's who lived in Michigan right now. I don't know you by the to have their pay is just that when all of that's come out. You know but if it come out that she was murdered that's not good Dan. A whole who's next that was what I can really who's next that every day. You know we get over Trey bombarded Jordan Davis unveils. Nodded his hapless Cincinnati would his mix. We can't take it. You can't take it normal I'd go home he has I am regularly this that was going on in our community. And what we need to do as far as getting the answers. Once we get the answers we need to see this through to completion. Once it gets to completion then we need to start to call on the community to get together. And start to put people in office that are going to work together to fight against these types of things. We need policies change we need procedures changed. Everything needs to be completely transparent. So it doesn't stop here this is just beginning we need to take it farther and we need to get to be root cause because unless we get to the root cause. You're never going to solve the problem article has put the bad at all but we have to stop putting band aids on things like this and once again. You know it's sad that it was another black woman but this is this does not just a big black people this affects all of us. Backpack for a second day they are there have been local organization and other organizations come here what's the the same of the caller on here. Sorry. So many I guess independent of that same thing in it. What happens then plant do we run the risk. Potentially. Body would ultimately the median going. The Mort it better this is a unity movement and I'm glad that everyone is addressing this issue at me it affected every war. This is not just a local issue this is a national issue did it affected every war. I'm not from here but we're not seeing that this is big in any organization. I have a daughter earnestly for you though that could have been hurt. That was on our way to a job interview but whatever got you know so we can't. This is not the territory think it's all come to a limit. It was his about it they've abdicated just in case I don't know if you heard about has been nationwide they come it's in my backyard to address this column that's me. We're joining forces so I'm glad that everyone is acting the same question. Then again it is that we nagging right Nancy gonna see more people. It bid could see X cobalt. Are you going to be a part of protest from I don't and about day. About a settlement on the Bob did I don't just protest I like to get answers it is side these people and once we do will land a checkered here we wanna open door policy. With this ship so something dual gold down. We want to be all that talk about is another reason why we died open up open door policy with the share. Do. Right now I don't know I'm not familiar with this situation with this county. But on outside looking in this track record this a lot of work to do. In the state of Texas also in this county because of what I've been researching or this year. In your knees and state investigation. Your time here and all. Area general what's next for you. Well actually was next this to get this man get to work here give familiar with the politician is here. Do to get familiar with the with the local. Home school officials didn't go into the school moves because I have to admit I know we hear the center. But how old Julio Mexico all the land I'm sorry I'm exit on our young people. Put down the pistols. Pick up the council's because another victim dies. Another mother cries and that is that mrs. while we're community is just the fact that this center Blair situation. It makes me sit two years because. We don't know how this young lady was gonna be in the future she was excited. Start a new job. You know her family back in Chicago I know it's not he's in no we did another. Now it's black women not black males not as black women now and believe me my cell phone is cool enough for black women want to come down here. To be a part of this. Press covers because now it's affecting them as females now. I'm Gerald rose president of new order national human rights organization. GE LB. Last name is rose RO SE. I mean I'm here. Like. The first of all what is. That. It when everything is done and from my understanding. Director of DPS Derrick director shop. Is very concerned about this and looking into it. When they get the fix when we get undisputed facts if she did commit suicide. Then we ES public have to acknowledges that she was in fact troubled. And the events led up to her death. What we need to do is start to address. The issues that goal along with the catalyst start it was she got pulled over she would she ask 14 times why am I being arrested she was never given an answer. Everything that escalated from there the officer had the chance to. You know we never know what someone is going to when their minds so what you do. Has an effect on other people. So what we need to do number one what they're talking about now in Austin is changing how they review people and their mental status when they come into the system. So that we can put something in place to protect people even if it's found themselves. I'm sorry but. I know everybody is just as I didn't do it. But the reality of it is he went up in jail for reason there are legitimately some people who go to jail. And they're innocent. Which is a flawed system and you know people have been working for a long time to try to fix it. But what we need to do is have protections in place for the people who are here and if there's any concern about Mintz whole. Status. You know that needs to be known upfront after the fact is too late. You know all the people that started talking about was she was saying what she was doing all the clothes with air but if that's the case and no action was taken that's a severe daily. And that's when it has to be addressed. But what we need to do was get into the school's number one and start to teach our kids just like. In our community and let's not the only one you know when you when we have to talk I remember when I had to talk with Mike with my son. You know in our community that talk isn't about the birds and the bees the talk is about how to handle yourself in a police situation. Because we want our sons come home every day I want to get to the point where our children are educated. And when we have that talk let it be about the birds and of these let it be about that was going on get people involved in the community. Help each other route we need to be raised these lines and help each other around it takes a village to raise a child. And if you look around our villages are mixed. We don't just have all black neighborhoods all white neighborhoods all Asian we doing some places but the majority ethnic. Mixed we're all community and we all have to work together. And I'm glad he said it reminded that human rights organizations so we put everyone this is not nor radical this hour agenda. Because I had help they white female was so called haunted Joni Cobb County I was the first one this stuff done. You know thought that when that job would have unfortunately is going on too much and Howard purely as you have the tax. You know what we did so this up there but the police don't. And put pressure on these can't be covered up and we all know that. But we're gonna go back in here because I'm not coming I just do this because this and things up put out come back to Q what would come back it. The other question. Yet connect gonna get it. And we have been listening to activists outside the Waller county jail in Texas. Demanding answers in the death of Sandra bland a woman who died inside that jail three days. After being arrested she was pulled over for an alleged traffic violation then accused of assaulting an officer during that stop. And brought into custody we want to bring in ABC's crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett now for a little bit more on this story Brad. One of the activists there demanding to see physical evidence like the plastic bag that Sandra plant allegedly used to hang herself. How realistic is it that we will see that happen any time soon. I don't think it will happen and mean. You can't really start showing evidence to every CITIC Group or organization. As well intended as they are. Because it is evidenced in the case. Until the prosecutor dean's. That there is no crime had occurred here that this is perhaps a suicide. So I don't see that happening. Read one headline coming out reported by the Associated Press. That the head of Texas police saying that the trooper was justified in pulling over plan can you weigh in on this and you know via. The arrest itself. Well. Pulling her over being justified the do that is one thing. Behavior after that occurred isn't out there. Yes does he have the right if you don't uses a don't know the words violating any traffic law. Does he have a right to stop you he deaths. So he pulled your lover goes to this question and answer thing that he is doing initially with her that's all appropriate. It's when he went sideways and he lost his temper. And then demanded she get out the car and called tastier things that you know we've talked about a number of times so yes the short answer is. He had a right to do it is behavior beyond a certain point is really in question. Okay ABC's crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett thank you once again. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading ABC news out and storing this story for exclusive updates on the go I'm Caroline Costello in New York.

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