Sandy Hook Victims: Noah Pozner's Funeral

The 6-year-old, the youngest victim, and schoolmate Jack pinto were the first to be laid to rest.
1:47 | 12/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sandy Hook Victims: Noah Pozner's Funeral
The first of the funerals for the 26 innocent victims gunned down at sandy hook elementary school began today. -- -- Posner was the youngest victim just last month he celebrated his six birthday. Along with his twin sister Ariel she was in a different classroom and survived the attack. Six year old school mate Jack Pinto was also laid to rest -- obituary says he quote died December 14 2012. And sandy hook elementary school in the company of his many friends officials say the scene of the massacre and gunmen Adam lenses home are still active crime scenes. Today vans pulled up to the school to transport some of the furniture to a temporary school for the kids seven miles away. Hundreds of workers are prepping the unused building to open so that sandy -- children can resume classes. Schools are working very closely all the faculty. Parents try to be respectful. Try to -- -- one normalcy again after tragedies -- -- investigators are still searching for clues behind what motivated -- first killed his mother at her home. Before going on a murderous Rampage at the elementary school. Police have removed computers and videos from the home. We did the season. Significant evidence at the residence we are analyzing. The school massacre has reignited the contentious debate about gun control and gun rights. During a memorial service Sunday night for the victims that President Obama vowed to help and the recent string of mass murders. -- -- -- And to -- we must change. Today state police revealed that two adult survive the school massacre they were shot in the lower body. TJ Winick ABC news Newtown Connecticut.

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{"id":18001229,"title":"Sandy Hook Victims: Noah Pozner's Funeral ","duration":"1:47","description":"The 6-year-old, the youngest victim, and schoolmate Jack pinto were the first to be laid to rest.","url":"/US/video/sandy-hook-victims-noah-pozners-funeral-18001229","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}