Santa Barbara Killer's Former Roommate: 'We Failed'

Chris Rugg says he had a "pretty bad feeling" about Elliot Rodger.
4:27 | 05/29/14

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Transcript for Santa Barbara Killer's Former Roommate: 'We Failed'
-- is pretty -- on when we're having conversations. It felt that he will it's mostly just trying to get to the end of the conversations. I understand it -- I'm not -- -- -- people Chris muted so. Just. -- -- -- after a couple questions then moved my things and we invited hand. To a few things me and -- other maximum news go out there is not gone historians say were going into the -- and Barack Lawler on not to if you want to come. And he. He really got things they offer and I'm not interested. An afternoon before halftime media to stop I don't think he left his -- Basically -- -- and so. Some some weekends he would cooperate -- matter -- for the weekend but. Most news in -- -- almost all the time better way into. Corner. You learned. Upon -- this really about phone calls upon his room wasn't particularly some fruits can carry a lot of it and it was. I think there is that I wasn't entirely sure -- this through but. Q talked about things aren't going well in school and -- things as for a breaking out this office those -- calls but there're there're a lot of them and say god. Armed anger and longer and -- -- here is junk for a lot of -- later airlines. And the topic matter was there is a lot of just frustration. From for how. -- it's not having a good time at school. Known seems to want to hang out with him. And to stop where -- serious and then the phone calls but it is here he. Talked about how. You go out and -- -- girls hanging out of the guys and he couldn't understand what exactly they are attracted to and how he returned to the same thing -- and never seem to work out I had seen a lot of you know the news for other schools shootings and things that they always -- -- that you. What -- produce thousands and -- now I say you know you look at the signs that the people. I want their life before they do us and they -- describe you know complete their clearances who just you know Stan Herman but there -- some sort of paralyzing issue and that's that's exactly what was happening -- he never looked -- room. And I -- these cheap phone calls about -- About things that seriously troubled him. So I had. Pretty. Bad feeling about Elliott. At that time on Friday and I am I had turned back down in San Diego for the weekend. And I heard about the -- -- on my computer and -- and I just thought to myself you know my -- school students terrible thing. I'm so grateful that I wasn't and now there's going to happen. And then the next day when -- got back on to face but they're talking about how he had videos. I didn't know -- as of this time so I was curious note that the video on one and I saw. His face and his name. Found Barnett you know -- -- mean that it was there was Elliott who had done all this. My first feeling was while he he actually did it. And the moment after I felt that. I realized FIAE. I'm not surprised that doesn't something unit -- -- and YA. And an outstanding and -- might be. Easy as a positive coping mechanism or whatever might be -- interior right Elliott off it's. You know tourists that are in he is always going to do -- Prime. I think that for situations like -- that's. A community's. Responsibility. To. Help these people before. Before something like this happens and now it's -- I guess we've failed by -- -- -- if we take from us and move forward. Hopefully we can. Identify -- is -- people before. Anything happens in the future.

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{"id":23917990,"title":"Santa Barbara Killer's Former Roommate: 'We Failed'","duration":"4:27","description":"Chris Rugg says he had a \"pretty bad feeling\" about Elliot Rodger.","url":"/US/video/santa-barbara-killers-roommate-says-we-failed-him-23917990","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}