Santa's Helper Shot With Pellet Gun, Grinch Saves Day

Man in Santa Claus suit shot in back while delivering toys, Grinch volunteer aids in toy giveaway.
3:00 | 12/24/13

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Transcript for Santa's Helper Shot With Pellet Gun, Grinch Saves Day
This is a special room. I'm Dan -- -- new -- this ABC news digital special report first. Grandma got run over by a reindeer and now Santo was just shot. No it is not the beginning of a joke in fact one of Santa's helpers in Washington DC it will not be having a very holly jolly Christmas who shot in the back by a pellet gun. -- take -- -- the hospital. We have WJ LA's Chris frankly in Washington DC with more on how the grinch ended up saving Christmas. And -- -- -- who's getting on the naughty list this year Chris I heard about the story shaking my head the entire time. Everybody is down it's almost unbelievable we do know is this is an express ticket to the top of the naughty list for shore. Serious police figure out. Who is responsible. Now. This is an annual toy giveaway in in this neighborhood in DC it's been going on for 22 years. This Santa's helper dressed as Santa not the actual -- -- -- wanna make that clear the actual San -- is busy being tracked by NORAD. This Santa's helper has been dressed as Santa has led this toy giveaway for the last seven years he was talking to our photojournalist. When all this happened and now this entire community is wondering. Who would shoot the man in the red suit. Yeah. -- -- The video is as shocking as city's disturbing. The Santa leading the annual gift giveaway in the Berry farms community of -- -- Washington is shot in the back with a pellet gun. Witnesses heard two shots that police believe came from a second story window. Paramedics were already on scene for the gift giveaway and quickly treated the man dressed as Santa who stayed in a remarkable man festive mood. -- -- He wanted to continue with the gift giveaway but medics said no. So this Santa ended up writing a DC ambulance to the hospital not a sleigh this year the gift giveaway continued with the -- leading the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I used -- into the hospital Dan because they needed to pluck out the pellet from his back he's going to be okay. Will be out of the hospital today that's the very good news the toy giveaway continued about 600 families benefit. From that. And who would have thought the grinch would have been the one to save Christmas and step up and spearhead this giveaway after this really. In an eye out and have the words this. Hi there are no words you're having -- -- toss that mean -- there's unlikely alliance of right the day before Christmas for the -- -- Take to get back to this -- police have any idea where the shots are coming from and he just seemed like walking on the middle of the street. He was walking don't know -- street and all of the homes here are there they're sort of like. Duplex tri -- -- two story homes that are connected together row homes if you will. They believe the shots came from a second floor window in one of the homes. No one has come forward and said they saw who was responsible our video was not pointed in the right direction to see whoever. The -- gunman was the police did review our video so at this point. They're still looking for the person responsible course certainly -- on the the naughty list for sure probably for the forever. Yeah I would I would have to -- that try -- -- -- lifetime description of that. You do you see that thing is it that. Santa is obviously has a smile he's keeping a lighthearted sense about this whole thing and you can actually has senior video that the police have a bit of Islamic -- as well because it's just so. -- usual for this happened that day before Christmas. Know what at this point -- no idea and the investigation. -- now we did it do a little bit investigating on our own here is I pulled the grinch aside because if you're thinking about. Who might go after a Santa Claus you would think the -- try to end -- The grange here denies any involvement whatsoever and we have multiple witnesses that corroborate. That -- was not involved with this incident. And you have a bit of -- have an interview that she spoke immigrants -- wanna -- some of that weekend. OG normally steal Christmas. This year decided to give. My heart group retired. He didn't shoot Santa a -- -- through it and move in on is his action. My time in the Marine Corps. Marine Corps that the so -- about said doing this today what's it what's it like -- Brighton and writing Christmas for these families. That's exactly what we're trying to do -- -- states the community oriented company who's who's been given back to see where they started three years. And this is just an opportunity. To break -- up for Christmas bird that might not have -- otherwise. Unbelievable I mean it -- immediately and that it shows a great team spear right there obviously. Absolutely you know and and that the folks behind this this they work on it for months it's a moving company interstate moving. They've been doing it for 22 years. And their real concern today was that -- this incident with Santa's helper would overshadow the 600 kids. Who really it will have a brighter Christmas because of these efforts the toys part of a Toys for Tots drive to really it's one of those feel good things -- people look forward to hear every year. And to have this happen is just mind boggling. It really is mind boggling if there is to be the silver -- you come away from this is that the grinch actually has -- goods a good spirit a good helping art. And obviously raises awareness this great after that happens every single year. And I'm sure you've got a lot of smiles at Santa's helper himself still wanted to be out there on the trail. He did Santa's helper did not want to leave and finally paramedics and we got to take yet we got to take that a hospital south riding an ambulance not a sleigh this year but he says he'll be back next year. I don't know if -- and help -- will be Kevlar. But he's planning to come back. We are happy to hear -- that he is our right and obviously many happy holidays to you Chris bank we've done WJ LA and Washington DC we appreciate your time again that story. Of course complete recap right here -- -- -- an excuse me -- For now I'm Dan Cutler in York with this. ABC news -- special report.

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{"id":21326592,"title":"Santa's Helper Shot With Pellet Gun, Grinch Saves Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Man in Santa Claus suit shot in back while delivering toys, Grinch volunteer aids in toy giveaway.","url":"/US/video/santas-helper-shot-pellet-gun-grinch-saves-day-21326592","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}