Sarah Palin: ‘Women face so much more scrutiny’

The 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee weighs in on Joe Biden’s VP search and how female candidates are viewed in presidential politics.
9:14 | 08/06/20

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Transcript for Sarah Palin: ‘Women face so much more scrutiny’
And speaking of VP picks we're joined tonight by its Arab Pailin only the second woman ever in the US nominated as a vice presidential candidate and also former governor of Alaska. Thanks so much for your time for joining us tonight governor. So Max. So first up what do you think of Joseph Biden's commitment to picking a female running mate. Now I personally I want to see a key now premiere in one of whom were women in office but I geek. She just couldn't open an eagle eye. Boudin some demographic certainly gender and I. I think again Rick. It's important job you want the field old record he most. I'm capable the most and CD burst and regardless of gender and just. We're down to quickly. Now you course ran with the late Senator John McCain back in 2008 did you feel that as a woman you face more intense scrutiny and describe what that process was like. Britain and yes women face so much more scrutiny. You know any a lot of its it was. A lot about looks you know that this totality in bulging. Serbian public opposites is ridiculous techniques. Where is even today eat. I'm aren't under that kind of microscope. So I'm these women and mothers and are. Scrutinized also much more so then a nail you need it. And when he comes to family. And children. So why and how he can do this children. Ages ten weeks. And others and not to war in. My daughter needs daughter was pregnant you don't do we. Typical family issues going on us. So much about the role out of your piece I was pretty screwed up. Because people weren't able to know why students who are less experienced what I stood port what I could act it. The rollout of the camp he. Wayne along with media letting it be more about. Personality he and at just a personal aspects of who I was instead of what I represented. I think we just it's been nearly gone through more than men and knowing what you know now would you do it all over again. Yeah. A lot earlier though I would hot bath. Against those who really that he and so lets you wanna get back into the political arena OK I just want to get a sense political party aside as a member of this elite group of women. What advice would you have for the woman who Joseph Biden ultimately picks. Woman has really got to be East Aurora and EO. When it comes to those trying to shape and mold and Melvin tell them what size eight. Personally it. It's they're in the right reasons they eat to speak out and make sure that can't eat any jurors who. Poor I'm. Not a reason to business we're down. And try to she. Candidates it. He believe would connect. When candidate herself knows that's not quite right. Candidate had better be strong and stay and after what she knows is right. And cities that you'd like to get back into politics what kind of ballot might we see your name on. Yeah. I don't know I don't know yeah. And act. I certainly learned a lot to inspire. And that it. More connectivity with the American people who what did they expect from their governments. Have banned certainly learned a lot. Politics are you so much. The political arena is so much of the shenanigans and corruption. He wore padded me never to clean things. Said there again a record number of Republican women running for congress is here's some call it the year of the woman for the GOP. Why is that. Well. It was also deep here and the one in the acting between twelve and reports. We say it whenever there are more. Candidates in. I. I personally I want to work with office. Morton and that I want to do more good people in our. Regardless of gender should I don't know at C. You can sleep eat and she started toward that education. And racing and we and quirky. Career and bill at the time perhaps years ago women didn't work. Need to kill that they couldn't do both or all. And they can through Janet she's. Women and today we are seeing on their shoulders and I think we meet today to see. When they're capable what you do. Would you say that the Republican Party has changed drastically since you are actually running for vice president. The party because an. You know we have court is strong it's all his colleagues and sits. Out of town. And work yes. And expectation or reward for more. Freedom. And America was built upon. Make up the court. Filthy. Asks poor people and how many points certainly changed and Nikki me ready. The Republican. Tickets. He. Liberals to eat there you're too important to you here on MSNBC. There. Supposed to eat those common it's considered an issue he's their dignity. Its importance in the Republican Party so. The personality to watch it's she stole the last decade but goats more Steve in his strongholds in your room we haven't sheets. Let's turn now to corona virus for a moment you were once governor you have the unique perspective an understanding of protecting your citizens on both health and economic fronts. The federal government has largely left it up to the states do you think that the trump administration's response has been adequate. Need to be consistent. And our respective states writes yes and so want and governments involved she it's sticky issue it's a local issue cut so. Eat. Or our record this is to be Iran decisions. However where the federal government though. NB. Eat it just didn't sport public safety. You know. Her core her safety or aren't so the car and your whole lot of happy except to protect our rights as well. The crew in the issue of sex you or. Certainly well under. The purview right Ed public safety so what the federal government's involvement and that is necessary. Did lesson or. Politicians and bureaucrats to its three week if you're still the governor of Alaska would you mandate that your citizens Wear masks. And it no no I am not an. I didn't and freedom loving and now heads no I want to make sure people are not common sense and and bird you're Bellamy. And me. So I wouldn't sample and I don't know I would not handy though it acted under yeah. I'm knee and EDT. TP. Trips and some people. Leadership by example. And privileged. Ask you for a moment to pull out your crystal ball here how long do you think until we have our first female president. I hope it's not too long I passion. I just I'm excited for that personally you know end. I don't know I don't know I think you're good public its. They're cool with it I guarantee you doesn't end here and their every introductory news of the we're ridding. Little car we're not a gender or outraged or religion or didn't. Fix the demographics. In front. Eat the best person in the well. It so. And here is written but wouldn't president. Governor Palin we thank you so much for your time appreciate it. So much for ninety.

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{"duration":"9:14","description":"The 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee weighs in on Joe Biden’s VP search and how female candidates are viewed in presidential politics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72201555","title":"Sarah Palin: ‘Women face so much more scrutiny’","url":"/US/video/sarah-palin-women-face-scrutiny-72201555"}