Go Behind the Scenes of the US Botanic Garden Production Facility

ABC News' Freda Kashi tours one of the largest greenhouses in the world to see some rare and exotic plants.
19:16 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for Go Behind the Scenes of the US Botanic Garden Production Facility
Right now. Yeah this is the behind the scenes. Three all the plant magic comes uptown conservatory. Laid out there. Cannot get a little history of the divine. To the United States and we're almost two. We originally founded by congress. We've been moving to the public and 1850. Continuously. So a long history showing future business plans and really ambitious. And so we have a lot of places that don't. Today some desert and right after its parent plans. Economic plan. So we have a production facility about fifteen minutes downtown so army threw three trucks that capital. Right now we're about fifteen minutes away doubtless bus. And a production facility and its pick. Read your dream night. Plan. Expect great things here 55000. Man. Yes sir general collection of plants ten video around 65000. Clearly with Justin went conservatory uptown we canceled all of those in any given time so a lot of Berkeley and plans are going to be here for the maintain. Down here at the production facility and this is also where a group seasonal plants and now we're entering the holiday season when a lot of people are thinking about things like that is. That's where we from what's been going Wednesday is that and one of the bays here. This whole facility is about two acres just under class. It's the largest support greenhouse republic guard in the entire United States. So you're gonna steal thousands of plants here right now we're standing in whenever rework it. And a Mexican interviews are curator of plants bill McLaughlin I'm gonna come on a takeover. Because bill is really our plant knowledge person and it turned over to him with the its review. And a little bit about our country where. As a rescue center for vehicles ladies. Endangered species of plants and animals. We didn't plan. Let's get confiscated about the right. And border protection victim realizing the problems they get. CA. Right here in San. Once they get good effects. Well president this Asian ladies of the or did was well collected in Indonesia and looks to me like a Mercedes number that it came in through port of Los Angeles. So there's a Fish and Wildlife Service number that is of the plant that we have our an excessive number. That indicates that it's in our database. Had we have to keep each one of these other plants forever that we deal with the ladies very. And that is that economic news. Spires and it's very people. Yet we every every. That we. Isn't hard in the days it's. Referred to present all those plants on the Lawler really small individual plan. Because I think that. Separated. Piece of this. Everything you. We're gonna go back Allen. Get to the main order if house. Yes he had. Or 80% of the 35 to. 300 different. People. Water a I'm really putting a big job. Very specialized job. Never letting media some. Yeah. Iron. Me. Yeah. Don't have actual flowers that were potted plant that you have little currency. Right. World. Very. Spectacular. They hybrids there's at least a 100000 hybrids. Some of the species that are really delicate. This guys. I mean that's those are full size flowers on an innocent it's in full bloom anything that's exactly. Difficult. It is. Yeah apparently dainty being born again at that. Bookstore. Friends you know praying wondering. Why it's. Yeah. I'm OK. Well let me. Client. In some cases of their disease they will be disclosed. And then you that makes me think about savings programs and think everything I every time. And that's one of the methods of dealing with the together the economic. I'm here. A disability earned hybrids cost to make sure they're not part of the marketplace an important driving demand. With the residents. The living thing we feel differently. We want to take care its that we possibly can we house them. 'cause we hold onto the river. Economic. Viability of the medicines expired medicine to the same thing the spurs. Should be. Others. There are seen the end yeah. Right now. It's the mean all pain. Today and right how many days. Not only now have thirty. Seventeen distinct zones. Temperatures yes they're very aids and we'll see this informal let it really. It's days. Yeah. Years. I. Exactly so we have all these different temperature zones because every greenhouses a difference. Or. How much light moments humidity. And what it's temperatures and winds are and that enables us huge variety of plans. So these guys like get super bright zone and daylight just responding to see it through the mind. And again here here's a half we have lots of plants that tend to be a long live. Salute to propagate themselves in nature and collectibles so once again we have plans in this house and also part of that this Wallace. These people handy barrel practice because the reds mines. Also think it should not to strain. Mary snow. The rule attacked is touch there is slowly at. And you'll see that that one means business answer really stood I had seen him. So let's think about these little pact there you have maybe 1520 years old. That's the perfect landscape size people don't want to wait that long these were probably confiscated being driven across the border from Mexico into California. So they're being sold by the side of the road illegally. But that's probably car and driven over the line someone has the popular front Paula we have a seizure. And that's latest evidence of the ten. Do you have done that and it's well and looks. Completely different and less time. Right right so we'll save cap that's opulence is term. Surveillance power plants that look like pac and have spines. Or not and pat Dyer actually a specific plan families and their only from the Americans. That you know there's lots of second and plants that are now. Much gentler to. Us easy to handle beautiful flowers. The contrast cities is amazing. And wonderful wonderful house that's a given right and. They're beautiful feeling like I'm you know continues until next week. They aren't actually some of these are used this appeared to make a living holiday reasons such there are wonderful because they'll stay. For statehood for many many weeks without much care. Government that this is an active area. I'll actually got. Big difference. You're gonna come from the drive into a wall of humidity. The properties. He offered compensation scheme alternately. Plans are being rooted they're cutting this and so we bring them into the house that's very warm. There's keep running through these tips Mexico pretty hot to the touch. Yet there. Yeah that's keeping it keeps the soil warm what's really hurt this past earnings were we were terminating Steve season to jump yup Mike and hold. Let us not so happy that we make MSNBC men and get them to really. On the life. This'll be happens spraying. Here's I'll expelling. Earth is. Yeah. For good reason. So we have. Plans for a Mediterranean city exhibited here and medicinal plants the very bright sunny house. Things like this Rosemary That's Hollywood you're smelling. Literally being moved by the man is picking up. Lancer right on the surface in the slightest touch. Feel like an aroma. Yeah. The typical Mediterranean live from every day's an amendment by the touchdown for all that advances the olive Spears'. Very. We did a little trial here. Amazing and it was. As the earliest treatment for malaria that hugely important. And a lot of the colonial powers of point nine plans. From South America to their different islands production. They're three species of fly night news make. Why people think you might know that if you've ever had tonic while. Your beverage her tonic and it's not Henderson. At the flavoring. The roof line in the 27. And we're not. Property. On the Atlantis long as we got so that people and enjoy seeing them. When they write them a few good or conservatory almost any given day opening games by these wonderful discovery cars. Where you learn about things places or chocolate for citrus. Celebs at his numbers crops. Cut the movement of people see the most amazing thing for people. That we try to and that fans and people together every day tenant. One of the easiest ways. It's really surprising number of people that come through and the tree is a. What happened. Again and we get the wonderful. This is. Living in citrus flowers. I am. These busier than all the normal greenhouse. Writing them down Manchester disallowed because they're getting his. We're not going back to the drawing board reading. Number please. The investment the plan that we haven't nearly. This famous resident here. Everyone lines up to get away. We bring. Marie. You can be spending. They get a there are several smaller sorry we. They give me your heart. About good morning. Starting around. That lead has been making energy for the big 400. The ground or about. We'll make movies like that for several years and are Beasley there. 1015 feet tall and just as life sentences one big league. Iron. Yes isn't it. That's when. That's the great thing about. Again we're lover. After his Norman. We'll just disappear underground. And we'll wait that we may be waiting period knives or six. Here for to make a little. And we start guessing. And in the flower. There aren't much better when carrying out I went into the. Like. We just have only one we're power plants that we have to wait. We have five or ten years we need to blue helmet got several of these coming up case commendable. We got what every year but never. We'll definitely always lose this industry has to do well. Get the information out there. Experience. Not only the visible. Paul. Again. Right now. Colonel.

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{"duration":"19:16","description":"ABC News' Freda Kashi tours one of the largest greenhouses in the world to see some rare and exotic plants.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43876556","title":"Go Behind the Scenes of the US Botanic Garden Production Facility","url":"/US/video/scenes-us-botanic-garden-production-facility-43876556"}