School shooting in Colorado leaves 1 dead, 8 injured

Two suspects are in custody after the deadly shooting at a Denver-area school.
3:54 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for School shooting in Colorado leaves 1 dead, 8 injured
Highland ranch Colorado. Eight of the students were injured one of the students actually died. The name of the victim is can injured ST oh he was a student there at the stem school. The two suspects. Are in custody so this comes just a week after a deadly shooting at the University of North Carolina Charlotte it's. And at a synagogue in the California so mad gunman is on the ground there with more. A Kimberly we just interviewed the sheriff here at the substation which is less than half a mile away from the school itself and that's why. Officers here in sheriff's deputies were able to get to the school within just a couple of minutes now this is what the share basically told us just before two. PM yesterday pretty much after the lunch hour. Calls start coming in. Active shooter at the highlands ranch stand school again right down the quarter and this is almost twenty years to the day. After column line and at first it's very confusing city share because. They had to for descriptions of what. The suspects were wearing eventually figured out it was two shooters. Both of them students at this school and pretty much as soon is officers arrived at the scene. They had to break down one of the doors because it was on lockdown they had to get through it to get in and it just so happened at the door that they chose was the door. Beyond which was one of the shooters into the quickly apprehended where the shooter who had already been. Subdued. Are apparently first buying students in the school and then by. Be. Hired security guard in the school as well. They got one of the shooters and they found another shooter apparently the shooters tack different parts of the school. About one of them is an eighteen year old male Devin Erickson the other is it you know are born. Female identifies as mail now one of those shooters we believe it's the male eighteen year old Devin Erickson will hear in court later today. A went into one of the classrooms and that's where most of the damage was done in total of nine people were shot. One of them was killed one of the people who was shot was. The student in when those classrooms who rose up and try to fight off that shooter apparently other students were also involved in trying to. At least disrupt the shooting. But that is where a number of them were hurt. We now know the identity. The deceased student. Another eighteen year old was just going to graduate from this high school. Three days time so obviously huge tragedy for this community but there been councilors hired. By the school district to help kids all over the community. In case they need more counts. That males can appear in court. He be charged as an adult later this afternoon. They're basically holding charges all the rest charges. Place holders until the DA will assess the case to figure out what he could charge the suspects with an authorities are still trying to determine. How to charge that juvenile whether as a juvenile. Or an adult on that suspect he's still currently being evaluated at an area hospital. We'll know more about that later but obviously this is a community that is still. Try to pick up the pieces from this latest shooting attack that is just rocked this area one other thing of interest. The car Kimberly that will that the elder student drove it apparently had a a spray painted sign that we've seen on it. Now the law enforcement trying to figure out if he student himself the suspect spray painted something that said F society. Work that was done. By others to his car there working on that and more importantly in addition to that there working and trying to figure out a motive. Why the students would do this and what was possibly behind Kimberly. Thank you Matt absolutely devastating especially since it's happening regularly now.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Two suspects are in custody after the deadly shooting at a Denver-area school. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62909177","title":"School shooting in Colorado leaves 1 dead, 8 injured ","url":"/US/video/school-shooting-colorado-leaves-dead-injured-62909177"}