Schumer says Trump trial will be fair but quick

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the Senate will focus on impeachment, COVID-19 relief and presidential Cabinet nominations in the next few weeks.
5:03 | 01/24/21

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Transcript for Schumer says Trump trial will be fair but quick
So we're here today. To announce here that the in the next three weeks. We will be doing three things all of which are very much needed in the senate. They're the three essential items on our plate. The trial of president from now that the house has impeached him. Bold strong Covert relief. And approving. The president's cabinet desperately needed at a time like this. The senate must and will do all three and advanced all we descended must advance sold three. In the next few weeks and we will. And we will. The stakes are too hard to delay any. So let me discuss each 11. Our impeachment. On the impeachment to the president. House managers. Will come to leave the articles of impeachment. At 7 PM on Monday that's January 25. Then. On the 26 members will be sworn in. To sit for the trial Chris remembered the senators are jurors that houses like the prosecutor and the senate is like jurors. After that both the house managers and the president's defense. Will spare have a period of time to draft their legal briefs. As they did in all the previous impeachment trials and during that period the senate is able to do other things in the two biggest things we will do. Our approve. A number of the presidents of its key appointments. And advance. The Covert relief bill. Any bold and strong way that helps new York and helps the country. That's what we will do. During that TARP. In terms of impeachment look everyone wants to put this awful chapter in American history behind us. But sweeping it under the rug will not bring healing the only way to bring healing. Is to actually have real accountability. Which this trial for us and so we would move forward with the trial. It will be fair but it will be moved. At a relatively fast pace. When we talk about Covert. The president with a good deal of input. From we Democrats in the senate has put together a bold strong planned for Covert relief. One point nine. Trillion dollars includes many of the things we need. We all know how desperately we need vaccines across America and he has a plan to do that and greatly accelerate. The number of people who can be vaccinated. We need state and local relief here in new York and in many other states. So that bus drivers in sanitation workers and nurses and firefighters and so many others. Will not be laid off many many states including ours are hurting budget wise and need that relief. We need more help for transit. We were able to get the MBTA the money it needed to continue. Operating at present levels. But they're going to need more money we need money to help the unemployed. There are many many unemployed people. And people need checks in their pockets. And we will increase the overall amount people get to 2000 dollars a person that would be 4000 for a couple 8000 for a family of war. All of that must get done quickly. We hope our Republican friends will see the need work with us but if not we will get it done. There are other means that we can use. Including reconciliation. That we will aide enable us to do this. And finally on nominations. Last week we confirmed two of the most important of the president's nominees. Secretary of defense Lloyd Austin the first African American to ever have to position and art Director of National Intelligence. Scheduled to be voted on Monday night is Janet Yellen. And she will be I believe firm she came out of committee 26 to nothing I'm proud to say she's a Brooklyn right. A graduate of Fort Hamilton high school the rival of my high school Madison school. But there are other positions that we must fill. Secretary of state. Department of Homeland Security. Secretary of transportation secretary of health and human services. Wits all of the domestic. Threats. With all of the foreign threats and with the crisis where we desperately need. Vaccines and other ways of fighting the crisis we need these cabinet officials approved quickly and again we hope our Republican friends will join us.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the Senate will focus on impeachment, COVID-19 relief and presidential Cabinet nominations in the next few weeks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75458331","title":"Schumer says Trump trial will be fair but quick","url":"/US/video/schumer-trump-trial-fair-quick-75458331"}