Sen. Jeanne Shaheen: Biden came into summit ‘from a position of strength’

New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen responds to President Joe Biden’s handling of the high-stakes summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and the U.S. response to cyberattacks.
6:33 | 06/17/21

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Transcript for Sen. Jeanne Shaheen: Biden came into summit ‘from a position of strength’
Our reaction to today's summit I'm joined now by democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee thank you so much senator for joining us. You release a statement after the summit praising president Biden presenting quote a strong message. That his administration will not turn a blind eye to prudence is belligerence but do you think anything. Substantial came out of their meeting today that changes the US Russia dynamic in any meaningful way. I think anybody has gotten ever we were gonna see a major change in the dynamic. Was not. There are realistic about what expectations. Have been going and this is a first time face to face meeting I think what's very important that the president do this meeting and he came into this summit. With strong support from our NATO allies from the EU community or Britain. And who came in whisked. Just Russia and that. Possibility. At maybe Russia working with China at some point in the future so I think the president came and from a position of strength. I think it was important to have this one on one meeting for hands. What Latimer who know what we are concerned about in the United States and be aggressive tendencies Adam. Russia. And I do think it was important first to agree that we're gonna put tar. Ambassadors and embassy personnel back in the United States and Russia and then it's important we can't. Begin to improve communication network must we have got us diplomats and lice. You mention debt concerns that the US has and what of the major threats coming from Russia has of course and the fiber and ransom where tax. President biting hinting at the retaliatory capability that the US has. But given the number of attacks that are happening and so offing. Even the president should've laid out more specifics about possible US retaliation to get Russia to stop these attacks. Coming from within their borders immediately. Well I think it was important for the president share let let America know that we have that capability. To. Inflict. Serious harm and to Russian infrastructure. And we saw in 2016 Russia's meddling in our actions and 2018. I did it saint thank and we shut down. Gearbox. Immediately. And without any warnings out. I think we. Russia should be clear on our capabilities. And if they continue to and it appeared and we clearly need to be more aggressive on our response. And when you say be more aggressive and our response if they continue with cyber attacks. Do you think that military options should be on the table does this change the rules of engagement. Well that's something that we need to discuss and a number of engineers but certainly what should be on the table is a cyber response. And I do you think we have those capabilities. And the president also raise the issue of human rights and imprisonment of opposition leader electing a volley he implied that prudent. Will moderate his actions to avoid hurting as global standing but your fellow senator Lindsey Graham. Criticize that on Twitter saying that couldn't. Could care less about how the world's views his efforts. To silent dissident at home and abroad again quite frankly. I think he enjoys the reputation of being someone you don't want to crops that's what senator Lindsey Graham said so is president Biden missed calculating. I'm a well won't change Putin's behavior on suppressing his political opposition. But the president also raised the two Americans who are being held unjustly and Russian jails former military and we need to speak out very loud about that and about Russia's other human rights violations and I don't expect. 01 time encounter to make a change in Russia's behavior but I do expect continued. Pressure from the United States in the international community. And all of the international warm that are available. We have to wrecking nice that. Diplomacy. Is not 001 time only event to me. Given our diplomacy we've got to be consistent with our message got to be persist sent. And we don't give Matt and the United States that on the world stage taking its prop. Proper role in the international community at one of the things continue to speak out about this violation of human right and that's in Ballard rivers. Or Russia or anywhere in the world and it's important brass to do that and you engage and motivate international unity. And president Biden also said that it would take six months to a year to see if the US and Russia quote. Have a strategic dialogue that matters shouldn't prudent. Be given that amounted time to show whether he will change his approach toward the US and what you've called his malign behavior on the world stage six months to a year. Do you think that he should be given that much time. I don't think. Recruit is gonna change his behavior at all. I think what we need to do this to. What he responds to our. It's a strong response from the United States steps out of bounds and we got to show him. Over the next six months to a year to three years how long it takes that we are not except. The behavior that we've seen out of Russia and the last ears. And save you and ask you about the ongoing talks on infrastructure gear part of a group of bipartisan senate moderates that have agreed on the framework of the deal with that group now expanding to twenty senators total. But do you see the White House signing onto this approach and can you really keep on board more progressive Democrats. To support this more modest infrastructure. Package. While we're still talking to the White House I'm about. Issues that that they have trying to. Get more information from the White House about some of their concerns and I think we continue to expand this portrait this package and I don't see it as the won an outlay package to address infrastructure. I'm it's the traditional definition of infrastructure at that we thank out but I also believe there's a lot of support our white. President Biden as policy and always planned that recognizes that. Investing in people is important has investing in roads and bridges and buildings and that we need to devote. Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire senator thank you so much for joining us tonight we appreciate your.

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen responds to President Joe Biden’s handling of the high-stakes summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and the U.S. response to cyberattacks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78327366","title":"Sen. Jeanne Shaheen: Biden came into summit ‘from a position of strength’","url":"/US/video/sen-jeanne-shaheen-biden-summit-position-strength-78327366"}