Sen. Martha McSally reveals she was raped by superior officer in the Air Force

The Air Force said they were aware of McSally's comments, but did not provide further details to ABC News.
5:14 | 03/06/19

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Transcript for Sen. Martha McSally reveals she was raped by superior officer in the Air Force
I'm going back to that story we told you about just a little while ago this stunning admission. By Republican senator Martha mix Sally of Arizona that she herself had been sexually assaulted by a superior. When she was in the united states air force Martha make Sally we should note was the first female fighter pilot to serve in the US military. Elect a sheriff you know here's the moment from her testimony talking about her experience. So. Like Q I am also a military sexual assault survivor. But unlike so many brave survivors. I didn't report being sexually assault. Like so many women and men I didn't trust the system at the time. I blame myself. As it seemed confused. And I thought I was strong but so powerless. The perpetrators abuse their position of power in profound ways. And in one case I was preyed upon and then raped by a superior officer. I stays silent for many years by later in my career. As a military grapple with scandals and they are wholly inadequate responses. I felt the need to let some people now I too was a survivor. I was horrified at how my attempt to share generally my experiences where Handel. I almost separated from air force at eighteen years. Or my despair. Like many victims. I felt the system was reaping me all over again. Just quite compelling and emotional testimony from Martha mix Sally for more on this want to bring in our pentagon reporter Louis Martinez Louie. What's the Pentagon I know this is just happened but what's the Pentagon Hussein about her testimony in her her allegations she didn't name did the officer right. That's right and it's when it clarify one thing she was the first female part of fighter pilot in combat. Not the first you know fighter pilot. We contacted the air force wants we've heard that her compelling testimony. The air force told us that they were aware. Her comments but there they were looking into it I'm as we gathered from what she told us there in those and it was essentially her opening statement. She said that she never reported she never stepped forward with it the way countless others have in the military who were victims of sexual assault. On this is an issue that depending on takes very seriously. They really want that consistent Ford. Because they want them to be have the care that is available to them both in eight medical way and also it is psychological way. As well as in prosecutorial assistants. Because they want to see the perpetrators of these acts to face justice they want accountability for these individuals. And so that pending on taking it very seriously but again let's remember they eight are always measuring the incidence of sexual assault year by year. And the numbers that seemed to be increasing. Just alone in them this year alone we are expecting the report to come out in a couple of live by the end of the spring. And what we know we and we kept parameters to go by there is a sexual assault report in the military service academies. I'm there was a 50% spike in the incidents there however there was not an increase in the number of victims stepping forward I'm from last year's report we know that there was a 10% increase in the number of reports so. It the incidence of sexual assault seemed to be dealing is seem to be going up and yet it's it's despite all the best efforts here at the turning. Blue Martinez force at the Pentagon thanks so much for that Louis and one also bring into the conversation our correspondent Stephanie Ramos a member of the military Stephanie. I struck for some than Lewis said there that. You know sort of in Algiers encouraging more women to come forward here's Martha make Sally sort of setting an example on a very. Big stage in a very bright spotlight to come out like that can you give us a sense from your experience and where you know. How the military has been sort of responding to this influx in in in allegations how what sort of programs and they have in place now. Absolutely DeVon so this is certainly going to be something that resonates with. Every branch of the military both active and reserve we know that for the last several years the Department of Defense has tried to implement these. Programs. And and designated certain individuals to to be that person to take in the reports from women and for men. As Lee mentioned this is something that they continue to work on. And that for instance in the army and at my particular reserve unit we've got a shark representative which stands for a sexual harassment assault response. Prevention team so they got that one person there that they unit as a whole Knowles if anything happens to them that they need to talk to someone. They can go and talk to that person so. Across all of that military branches at these programs are put in place so. Victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment can come forward. And they can fix the problem but as senator Max Allen said this has been going on for quite some time in the military has a long way to go DeVon. They sure do but great to see more women coming forward Stephanie Ramos force in New York thank you.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"The Air Force said they were aware of McSally's comments, but did not provide further details to ABC News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61516948","title":"Sen. Martha McSally reveals she was raped by superior officer in the Air Force","url":"/US/video/sen-martha-mcsally-reveals-raped-superior-officer-air-61516948"}