Sen. Menendez: ‘Our democracy prevails’ with a ‘peaceful transfer of power’

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), the incoming chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, looks ahead to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration and confirming the new administration’s Cabinet.
5:12 | 01/20/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Menendez: ‘Our democracy prevails’ with a ‘peaceful transfer of power’
By this time tomorrow night Democrats will be in control of the senate for the first time since 2015. It's now as the incoming chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee he New Jersey senator Bob Menendez thank you so much for your time tonight senator. You know many Washington residents may not recognize their city tonight TV is heavily fortified capital with armed forces everywhere. How concerned are you about safety at tomorrow's inauguration especially given the potential. Insider threats. All I believe that extraordinary precautions have been taken place. Oh. Trust that. All of the law enforcement entities had to by the Secret Service. Had done all the bedding her that is necessary and we will have what I hope will be a peaceful. Day and an example to the world that despite everything that's happened here. And the insurrection that took place at the capitol. That our democracy prevails our institutions withheld and there will be peaceful transfer of power tomorrow and from the eyes of. We're not aided here Republican colleagues in the senate as you know voted to overturn the results of the election hours after the mob stormed the US capitol president elect Joseph Biden has talked about the need for unity going forward how balance that with what many in your own party say is the need for accountability. Both for those members as well as a president. Well I I I'm not sure that there irreconcilable in terms of having accountability what form that accountability chases the the question but I do think that the effort to put the nation together is. Incredibly important it's one of the most important thing is that president elect Biden will have to do much in order to be able to deal with our co big challenge in terms of hell issues to deal with the a fall out of the economic consequences of the Kobe challenged to meet. Our. Issues of our economy. As well as meeting the challenges in the world but I must say I just spent says several hours says sitting at the nomination the is secretary of state Tony -- him and I saw are generally speaking eight a different attitude and what I expected at his hearing I think part that's due because of he's a great. You know nominee for secretary of state part of wrist and I hope is that our Republican colleagues had turned the page. Now president like Biden will be the first president in decades and not have any of his cabinet nominees confirmed on day one. And late today Republican Josh holly said that he will block a vote tomorrow on Biden's pick to be the Department of Homeland Security. In contrast president comes DHS nominee was confirmed on the first day of his presidency. How do you thing that it'll take to get cabinet positions confirmed by the senate especially those that are critical for national security. Welcome and they should be done tomorrow or today after a the worst. You know the b.'s national security positions of secretary of state this secretary of Homeland Security the Department of Defense the secretary of the treasury. Big clay critical roles in terms of our national security and to delay them without good cause. At the end of the day is to undermine in my view. The risk. That is further perpetuated in terms of the national security of the United States transitions in general. Are dangerous times for our nation even when there are done under the best of circumstances. That's when adversaries wanna if they wish is arm wanna test and see what they can do self I would just search my colleagues I I I know I know senator Polly was assisting their you know pumping his fists with the protesters who who who came into the capital. And was a mob. I think he should worry more about having a Homeland Security secretary that can make sure we deal with so white supremacists. And others who acted that way in or in a riotous away. Vs being concerned about. Mr. Meyer Marcus is you know border protection issues. And as you mentioned just a moment ago your committee of course conducted its first hearing today for Biden's nominee for secretary of state Tony blinking this came as outgoing secretary of state Mike Pompeo tweet it a parting message part of which said. Multi cultural a zone is not who America is. Now as he incoming chair of the foreign relations committee curious to get your reaction to that statement from the outgoing secretary of state. Well I'm I'm not surprised. By a mr. Tom tales this statement. I'm not surprised. Because that's the way he acted as a secretary of state both at home and abroad and are obviously he doesn't know the great wealth. Of talent should that exists in the diversity of the nation I guess that he believes that someone like me. Shouldn't be able to rise in the the chairman of the senate foreign relations. Senator Bob Menendez are thanks you again the incoming chair of the foreign relations committee. Appreciate your time tonight.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), the incoming chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, looks ahead to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration and confirming the new administration’s Cabinet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75358641","title":"Sen. Menendez: ‘Our democracy prevails’ with a ‘peaceful transfer of power’","url":"/US/video/sen-menendez-democracy-prevails-peaceful-transfer-power-75358641"}