Senate votes down objections to certifying Arizona electors

The Senate voted down the objection, 93-6.
12:54 | 01/07/21

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Transcript for Senate votes down objections to certifying Arizona electors
Battenfeld. For and then get objections theaters on electors. This is Murray. Mr. full. Mr. Peters. Mr. Portman. Mr. Reid. Mr. rich. Mr. Romney. It's risen. Mr. rounds. Mr. rubio. Mr. Sanders. Mr. sounds. Mr. shots. Hearing the no votes that means they are she and her challenge. Mr. Scott a Florida. Mr. Scott a South Carolina. Recession aim. Mr. Shelby. This set amount. Ms. Smith. Ms. Stabenow. Mr. Sullivan. Mr. tester. Mr. noon. Mr. Tillis. Mr. Kim me. This is not going to be close. Mr. Coverville. Mr. van Holland. Mr. Warner. Ms. Warren. Mr. Waite house. Mr. Wecker. Mr. Wyden. Mr. young. Making the telling one of the questions coming out of this we'll be. After what appears to be a resounding no vote on the Arizona challenges. We'll be objectors go through with the challenges to the state of Georgia. To sit in Pennsylvania perhaps other states. Course the house we'll have to vote as well. Independent body. Making independent decisions. My pants vice president is president of the senate following. Direction guidance from senate parliamentarians there. Even through the mass you'd hear the senators making there. Which is clear. Very Bruce is a say we've gotten used to on the senate floor all those masks. It is are still a remarkable sight and still and a good reminder that you know just having all of them gathered today. Still is a huge risk of course you see them. All in their mass attempting to maintain some kind of distance that's really. Near impossible when your all huddled in the chamber like this. George to your question about how long this is gonna go on saying no we did get. A little bit of a hint from senator holly earlier in the evening when he was voicing his objections defending. His decision to object to the results but he said he was going to voice his objections now. And not later perhaps a sign that this may be a shorter process and what we had envisioned. Earlier in the day but Georgia have to go back to those remarks that we heard from senator Lindsey Graham it is astounding. To hear senator Graham who had become the president's. Fiercest. Defender his closest ally. On the hill effectively break up with president trump there you heard him say that he that he and try but a hell of a journey that he hated it being this way. But think count me out a dust. Isn't enough Lindsey Graham one of the most astounding 180 diet seen in our hot political world and rather trump presidency backing. President trump after being a fierce at critic and skeptic of his. And then to hear Lindsey Graham come out and say attention the American had to hearing from him. The president trump lost and the dollar and the Joseph Biden was going to be the next president. And do underscore the shift was probably just six days ago that Lindsey Graham. Before the president it was calling the secretary of state of Georgia. Paragraph and burger to complain about the county in the state of Georgia as well so this is something that he's come to in the final hours of the book of the trump. Presidency right here. The so merry Josh holly were also saying of course he was the first person to come out and say he would file objections the fact that he appears to mean. Be backtracking a least a bit significant. It is significant now he's not backtracking from from his desire to object to these results and he did launch a fierce defense of why he believes this is necessary. You know saying that this is the appropriate he felt venue for these concerns to be voiced that the amid that Americans who believe. In these. False theories that that the election was somehow rigged. Do you have you know need to be hurt and he feels that this process is the best way for that debate to play out. But the fact that he was saying that he's not gonna try and drag out this process. Is significant and is a sign of the kind of pressure that Republicans in congress are under right now. And of course a comes as we have seen a growing number of his colleagues who had joined him in objecting to these results have now changed course over just the last hour or so. After what we saw today. After the storming of the capital recognizing the consequences. Of this fight and saying that that they simply were going to recognize reality instead. That Joseph Biden is going to be the next president that they weren't going to drag out this process. In fact we don't know what's holding up the final announcement here. Of the votes but we're told there were only six eyes. Only six is in favor this objection of course and Mary I mean I have numbers exactly right there that appears to be less than half. Of the original number of senators who said they would object. He went thirteen Republican senators who said they were going to object and that seems to track with what we've seen over error over the last. Hours so is about you know a handful of Republican senators have come out and said they're going to be dropping. They're objections here but just a remarkable. Shift a remarkable. Change in events and I cannot say enough and stress enough. That it is just astounding that this is what it took that it took this storming of the capital that it took this insurrection. As you have heard Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell call it a for Republican. On this oh yeah that's reality the days or nine. The secretary will notify the house of the action of the senate. Informing that body that the senate is now ready to proceed to joint session. With further counting of the elect oral vote. For president and vice president. Majority later missed from. So colleges where we are. We have a few more speakers now. As we wait for the house to finish their debate and vote. Expect thousand finish voting on Arizona between 1130. At midnight. Unanimous consent of the senate be in a period of morning business with the following senators have been Spitzer and broke the club minutes each. Senators on Wednesday along the hours ago. Even if this is the only objection is heard from senator Mitch McConnell right there that. House will not finish their vote on these Arizona. Objections challenges and toddlers all their are. But Jon Karl we just saw a resounding vote there in the senate. 93 to six. Ten bringing down these objections defections. Among Republicans in the senate from president trump. Now also being met from pitched by defections inside the White House. Actually are and what the sense I'm getting Georgia watching this. Listening particularly towards of Lindsey Graham up were also conversations. We is close advisors and allies of the president tonight. I I think or watching tonight is the end of the trump era. All that talk that trump would leave the White House and mounts have come back can become the kingmaker. Of the Republican Party from his perch and moral law go. Seems to be well should be a fantasy. In the UC. Some of the most stalwart defenders of the president. Publicly and even more privately. Horrified with what happened today and more importantly how the president contributed to what happened today and the way he dealt with it. As the course of events unfolded there was also a very interesting moment I believe we have the tape. From earlier in this debate Kelly left floor. Who loss sure or senate race in Georgia yesterday. She when the president came to the rally on Monday. Announced that she would be objecting to the elect oral votes for Biden in these contested states. And it today she reversed and she came to the floor of the senate and she gave a speech. Explaining why she was reversing. Her decision and should be dropping her objections when her speech was over George. There was applause and looked right there cook. The vice president. Mike Pence credit was among those applauding Kelly Loeffler saying that she would no longer. Be objective. To the electoral votes I think that was a another key moment. After after her defeat as you said yesterday no question. About that there has been a lot of talk about president from continuing this political activities he's raised an awful lot of money. On it in the days since. The election clearly John I think you're actually right this is the responsible political class tonight to what they saw from the president. We will. The his bass. Out in the country have the same reaction I guess is the big question. It's a big question look I've spent god knows countless. Time. At trump rallies over the last four and a half nearly five years. Out you know while he was campaigning while he was president. Spent a lot of time with trump supporters. I don't think that the people that were here in Washington today and storms that capitol building. Represented. The majority of the kind of rank and file. People that supported Donald Trump or or or even a high percentage of the 74 million people who voted for him in this campaign will say. We'll see we'll see where this goes but it. My my sense is that the political costs. Was clearly revolted by what they saw today. But so I I I imagine that there were say healthy contingent. People who've gone around wearing make America rep great again hats for the last five years who were also horrified but what they saw unfold today. And and I III don't think that Donald Trump. Is leaving the White House in a way did it connotes strength. The the leader of a move minutes. It seems more like somebody who lost somebody that was unwilling to accept that loss and somebody who compounded that loss in his final days in office.

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