Sentencing for female jogger killer delayed

A New York judge postponed the sentencing for a man convicted in the August 2016 killing and sexual abuse of Karina Vetrano as she jogged near her home in Howard Beach, Queens.
2:40 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Sentencing for female jogger killer delayed
Hearing will be held Monday to discuss the claims of juror misconduct yet the decision prompting protests outside the courthouse when the news was revealed. Eyewitnesses report and. At Davis surprising development no question about it outside queens criminal court where yes the judge has just agreed. To postpone the sentencing of channel Lewis and Ed as you said allegations. Of juror misconduct. Now what the allegations are specifically. Is not clear. But both sides agreed that there should be a public hearing in order to sort those allegations. Out. Well the decision electrified lewis' supporters they left the courthouse chanting. Yet chance to tie the real killer and shame on the DA they marched around the courthouse with lewis' mother feed a Lewis. Lewis issued a call was convicted in his second trial. After just a few hours of deliberations. Guilty said the jurors in the strangulation murder and sexual abuse occurring of the Toronto in the summer of 2016. That was his legal team has insisted the confessions were coerced and that the DNA evidence was on reliable. The jury Foreman told Eyewitness News that conviction was in his words a slam dunk for the prosecution. But the judge has ordered a hearing to address allegations of jury misconduct after the defense today asked him to set aside the verdict. Here's that mrs. Lewis and her supporters had to say just a short time ago. My son Chen added awaits these you know thanked Australia had gone I want for my son. What I want from my funny it's just if that's far it's a nano doesn't know. What happened today it was that the lay. Of justice and not letting them go all day saying the jury that questioning their behavior. So that'll be a hearing on Monday to determining whether the sentence should be put all now. All whether the conviction should be thrown out because of the behavior of the jury. They'll do that on Monday we say he's should be liberated small Monday. What was a loud but peaceful protest here no incidents no arrests again to recap the sexy channel Lewis. Has been postponed the hearing will take place Monday as you heard a moment ago to address those allegations prosecutor. By the way in open court told the judge that they investigated those allegations. Thoroughly and that they are in his words unfounded. But they agree that in quote the interest of justice. The hearing will take place on Monday the sentencing. Is tentatively scheduled now for Tuesday plodding Q gardens queens and.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"A New York judge postponed the sentencing for a man convicted in the August 2016 killing and sexual abuse of Karina Vetrano as she jogged near her home in Howard Beach, Queens.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62463434","title":"Sentencing for female jogger killer delayed","url":"/US/video/sentencing-female-jogger-killer-delayed-62463434"}